Pyar ka dard hai- A different side of Pkdh epi 1


Hi guys! Here is the second episode of Pyar ka dard hai – A different side of PKDH.

Latika says to her mom “Mom I must become Adi’s wife somehow by hook or by crook” For it I will plan something. At Deewan mansion. Sheela says Chunumunu its all ours your bua has got it from your dad. Why are you joining with them? Rubel says Mom Adi is my brother and by the way bua was efficient than dad so she became chairman. And Adi is elder than me if he gets higher post I will be a happy that I could learn many things from Adi. From childhood you separated me from my brother and sister. Now I understood what is family and recalls how he hated Adi and one day for a drug case in which his roommates in college were culprits he was also arrested for staying in that room with them. And Adi and Avantika came to his recue. He says to Sheela Mom this is my family and everyone is my people. I don’t know when you and Dad will understand it. Ok leave me I have to get ready to go to Kullu. Anuj says you are also going? Rubel says Yes Dad after all Pankhuri is Hone vaale bhabhi (to be sister-in-law) so I need to see her. And so bye.

Sheela says Anuj why is he like this? We do it all for him but he still gets angry. Sheela thinks “My son now you will talk like this but one day I will make you the head then you will come and say Mom you are the best and sorry for misunderstanding you” Mausi comes to Adi’s room and sees him lying on the bed with his laptop open. She asks him what he was doing. Adi says Mausi I am searching for Pankhuri Gupta in but I couldn’t find her. I wonder how people are not in social network. But see Neha Gupta is there. Mausi says I heard that Pankhuri’s sister’s name is Neha. It maybe her. I will check. He checks and says. Mausi it’s her. See Neha from Kullu and her photo with Pankhuri. Yeah yaar she is Pankhuri’s sister.

Mausi says flight is at 7 am so sleep soon. Adi says Ok Mausi good night sweet dreams. Morning everyone gets ready to go Sheela tries to stop Rubel but he leaves with the others. On the way Rubel calls his sister Kaira and says “Kaira we are on the way to Kullu and if the marriage is final I will call you and you should come to the wedding. Kaira says sure and speaks to Adi saying I too saw her photo she is nice and I hope you will marry her. Adi says let’s see. In Kullu Kamini takes Pankhuri to parlor and grooms her. Now all reach in Kullu. Surprisingly Adi touches the feet of the elders in Gupta family. Dadaji welcomes all and asks them to sit. Pankhuri comes. Mausi says in Adi’s ears she is beautiful. Adi asks to talk with her alone. Though Govardhan gets angry they agree. Adi and Pankhuri sit out and talk. Adi asks her age proof. She is shocked. But they talk form sometime. Adi says I don’t have faith in god. Pankhuri asks “Why?”. Adi says I don’t know and what about you. She says I have faith in god. Adi says in childhood I have seen my mom and dad fight and even lost faith in marriage. Now they are together for my sake. What will happen if we fight in future and I get angry or disagree with you?.

Pankhuri thinks and says I will adjust with you. Adi says talking to you is very good. I feel happy. Neha and Mausi come to take them. Nanaji asks Adi what he felt. Adi says Nanu she is very good. You said that adjustment is very important for marriage. And I thought that I cannot adjust and what if my wife will also be like that. I asked Pankhuri how will she react when we fight or when I disagree with her. She said she will adjust. And also I found a connect with her. Talking to her was very good. When mom introduced Latika I felt inhibitions but Pankhuri is just like my friend. And so I will marry her. Nanaji and all become very happy. Rubel says I will inform them and come. Now Dadaji asks Pankhuri how she felt. Pankhuri says Dadaji he asked for my age proof. But he is very nice. Whatever is your decision will be my decision.Gupta family gets happy. Rubel comes there and knocks the door and says Guptaji Adi has said ok. Neha says here also ok. Diwakar says to Nanaji “Deewan sabh can we have the marriage after Neha’s it’s for some reasons. Avantika who is also there says Ok. Diwakar says actually Neha is a bit elder than Pankhuri and so..

Avantika says it’s ok Diwakarji. Dadaji says Pankhuri is going to come to Mumbai in two days. Avantika asks why? Dadaji says she has got an internship in Mumbai for 2 months when that gets over Neha will also get married then we’ll plan Aditya and Pankhuri’s marriage. Adi says wow then we will become friends and understand each other. Nanaji says let her stay in Deewan mansion. Dadaji says before marriage…. Avantika interferes and says it’s ok. It’s such a big city where will she live. Let her stay in our house. Preeti says I will have her in my room. Everyone agree and fix the engagement date. The next morning Adi comes to Gupta house and asks permission to go out with Pankhuri. Govardhan fights with him but Dadaji allows them to go.

Precap: Adi and Pankhuri go out to Friendship peak

Credit to: Priya

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