As pragya and purab started to go out…abhi stood up from his seat..

Hey why are you too leaving..asked sir..

Actually you told them to get out..they are my friends so i cant leave them iam also leaving…all laughs at his reply..

Shutup and goes out…trio leaves .

Pu;abhi..what have you done yaar..

Ab;nothing much yaar..that class is too boring so i thought to escape from that..and you too escape from him na and look at pragya..

Pu;its because of this chashmish abhi..she is too nervous today dont knew what happen..pragya look at abhi..

Ab; dont take tension..i will manage her..i forgot to tell you..actually bulbul have told me to tell you that meet her urgently
.as you asked her about going some important place…

Pu;oh god yaar..i forget about it..k thanks abhi..iam leaving…they hugs each other and purab leaves..when abhi turn to see pragya ..he sees her moving fast..abhi runs and stops her by holding her dupatta..

Pragya turns and look at him..

Ab;hey chashmish where are you leaving so fast..look how brillantly i make purab to leave us alone so that we can talk but you..

Pr;abhi..leave me i want to go..

Ab;to where chashmish..the person whom you serached all this while is standing beside you..then where are you going telling so he pulls her dupatta which make pragya to falls on him..

They both are now so close..pragya raise her head which on abhis chest and look at him..they share an eyelock..

Ab;why are you trying to hide from me..are you still have the doubt about my love..

Pragya indicates no..

Ab;then ???

Pragya have nothing to answer..abhi moves his hands over her hairs and parts her hairs and smiles..

Pragya look at this so you still fill your hairline and hide it from everyone…abhi moves his hand through her hand and check the side zip of her bag and find a chain…so you keep this chain too…
Then why chashmish…why you hide yourself from me..its you who identify me na..

Pr;because i dont want to force you for anything…i knew its our situation make you to fill my hairline and tie this chain around my neck..we did that without our will so only i hide…when i came to knew its you and you search for me i feel happy ..then an unknown fear engulf me that if you are wishing to see to tell sorrry and forget that happened between us thats why i reamined silent…

Pragya is talking all this while looking down..abhi raise her head towards him..and says…then now just hear that i search you because i miss you from the day i dropped you back to home..i started to love the moments which i spend with you..and i started to love you…

Pragya look at him …haa..i love you chashmish..may be the situation make us to get married..and we did it without our will..but marraige is a what  condition we did that is not a matter for it..i wish to keep that promise and take you into my life..will you accept me as your betterhalf…

Pragya havent give any response what she did is just hug him …abhi too hugs her back..when they both break their hug…they get shocked to the core…purbul is standing there with uttershock…

Bul;di..whats all both get married ..when ?? How..?? How you both knew each other?? Is this your love for stranger…

Pu:abhi..whats this your chashmish…when you tell what happened then why you hide such a big thing from us abhi…pragya whats all this..

Ab;purab look i will..

Pu;no abhi..dont say anything to me..

Pr;bulbul..look we..

Bul;no di..purbul leaves from there angrly..abhigya follows them..

Abhigya stops purbul by holding their hands and make them sit under a tree..

Ab;look purab and bulbul..we have did this from you thats truth..but its because of our situation..and we both have promised each other that will forget what happened between us and wont say it to anyone..

Pr;yes..bulbul..i dont want to make you and maa at tension thats why i hide all this..

Pu;then tell us remaining story and what happened…

Ab;that..and look at pragya..

Fb shows..

As abhi and pragya eloped from place ..they both are followed by goons..abhi and pragya hide someplace..

Ab;chashmish ..i think we cant escape by sitting here..look there is a lorry …without their attention we must somehow reach there..abhi sees her body shivering..abhi holds pragyas hand..

Ab;look dont get nervous..this spiderman is there na so nothing will happen i will make you reach home safely..just believe me..

Abhi and pragya somehow manages and enters the lorry..they both hide under a sheet which inside the lorry to cover sacks of rice..abhigya are too close to each other..and get lost in their eyes…

Ab,look we can get down when the lorry stops and i will make you reach home…

Pragya nods..time flies..because of tiredness pragya falls in sleep by placing her head on abhis lap and abhi too slept by placing his head over her head. .

Pragya gets up when sunrays started to disturb her sleep and felt her head heavy and sees abhi who is sleeping with superman mask..

She tries to move his mask..he wakes up from sleep …

Abhi and pragya getsup from and jumps down and get shocked…

Episode ends..

Nb;from this part the story will have some imaginary part…

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