Hello back with update..moving on to story…

Next day abhi came to college as 100 watt bulbul …

Pu:abhi..what happened ?? Why you are glowing this much…

Ab;nothing usual..

Pu;this smile and brightness is not as usual as there is something hidden in it…

Ab;hidden what yaar..

Pu;wow..cute band…i havent seen this in you..did this is new one..and started to take it off from hand..abhi pulls his hand..

Ab;ya its new..

Pu ; let me try it na…

Purab is trying to take off it from his hand..suddenly..

Pr;hey guys whats going on here..

Ab;nothing yaar..why are you so late today..

Pr;iam in my regular time its you who came early..


Pr;purab ..bulbul is waiting for you in her class..

Pu;why that devil wait for me..

Ab,hey dont call her like that..she is my sis..

Pu: k sir and leaves…

Ab;thanks alot chashmish..

Pr:for what ??

Ab;for helping me from escaping his clutch..

Pr;what happened 

Ab;he want this band and struggling to get that..

Pr,you can give him na..

Ab;no i cant..

Pr,why is this that much special..


Pr;ohoo..who gifted you this..

Ab;my chashmish..

Pr;ohoo you find your chashmish..

Ab:of course..i meet her yesterday and talks alot..

Pragya get tensed..what he meet her

Ab;do you want to see her..she is our college only..our juniour..


Ab;come with me i will make you meet her…abhi holds pragyas hand and moves forward..

Pr;(in mind ) how can it possible..his chashmish is me na..then who came in ..i will say him its not her..its me the real chashmish..first let me see the girl who play the game…

Ab;pragya you wait here..i will call her we both dont want to knew about this to others…

Pr;k ..abhi leaves..she is standing in library..her heart is beating fast…tears are coming filled in her eyes…

Abhi placed his hands on her shoulders …

Ab;chashmish this is my chashmish who call me as spiderman..pragya get shocked by the sight infront of her…

(Can you guys have any guess..crazy just try it…)

Pragya hugs abhi….( do you guys what to knew what abhi shown..k i will tell )

Abhi brings a big mirror in his hands and calls pragya to see his chashmish..pragya was shocked by it and hugs him..

Pragya is crying..while abhi is smiling..abhi break the hug and wipes her tears..

Ab;so is spidermans play..pragya beats at abhis chest..

Ab;hey chashmish its really paining yaar..and stops her hand..and pulls her close to him..

Pragya get nervousness by sudden closeness..abhu wrap his hands around her waist..

Ab;hey chashmish..what you thought you are too brilliant that i cant find knew you are really a bhudhus..who lives in dream world..


Ab;you itself..its only because i find you easily..

Pr;but how? I havent gave any clue na..

Abhi starts to laugh..pragya get anger and removes his grip and moves..abhi holds her wrist and pulls her close..

Ab;where are you leaving you want to knew how i find you ..

Pragya nods..

Fb shows..

Abhi who was sleeping wakes up sudden and started to think how to reach at chashmish..

Ab;i think chashmish can help me in that..if we both act so close and fall in love my chashmish who keep on watch me will get jealous and i can find her easily then..but first i want to meet her na..abhi look at watch and sees time 2 o clock..oh what to do…now its too late..but i wont get sleep na..k ..he get ready and reached at pragyas house..

Ab;i cant meet her directly..idea..abhi takes a ladder and reach at balcony…the room which is with balcony is pragyas..abhi sees her sleeping while Looking through window..he calls her with small voice..he just tried to open door..for his goo luck its already opened..he steps inside .

Ab,chashmish..chashmish and calls pragya..

Pr;spiderman …dont disturb me na..its only now i fall in sleep.

Ab;did i told you to wake tillnow..get up chashmish..

Pr;look abhi..dont disturb me yaar..its only now i fall in sleep because of thinking about you..why you came in my sleep too na..

Ab;what you are thinking about me..

Pr;hey cheater..dont play your trick na..dont you knew after meeting you i havent sleep well while thinking about godess of sleep wont come after that..only today na iam sleeping peacefully..then you came..

Abhi who was utter confused by all her talks..but pragya is still in her talks and blabbering something..

Pr;you are really a cheater havent told about whole day you spend with me about purab na..poor purab dont knew you are a cheater cock..iam waiting for tomorrow to see you in that band which i selected for please leave na ..i want to sleep..she covered herself in duvat..and sleeps  …

Abhi who was shocked and happy at same time..

Fb ends..

Pragya mouth wide open by the truth..

Pr;that means you are came to my home …my room

Abhi smriks..ofcourse sweet heart..abhi pulls her more closer and brushed his lips with hers..pragya was shocked..

Ab;this is my return gift for this band…and wipes her lips..and leaves…

After sometime…class get started..
Pragya enters class and sit beside purab..abhi smiles at her..

Pu;chashmihs where are you…??

Pr;here only..

Lectures are going on..but pragya cant concentrate as someone behind her is disturbing her by playing with his legs on her …

Purab sees pragyas nervousness and ask…chashmish are you k..

The lecture who sees this shouted at both to getout..purab happily leaves while abhi sits as sad..

Episode ends..

Guys this story is moving to end track…

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  1. Sema nice twist
    I hope you will give a beautiful ending

    1. HARITHA

      Ya..i too think its really tough task now to manage all

  2. awesome update haritha !
    waiting for your next update !

    1. HARITHA

      Thanks yaar

  3. What this is gonna end oh no I am sad but I understand your situation bye di

    1. HARITHA to update all stories its too hard

  4. Superb di.. Loved Abhigya scenes

  5. Saranya24

    Wow soo soo cute abhi darlu muuaahh love u dear?????

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