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Pyar to hona hi tha2 Part3
Kumud:I know that you are a gentle man and you can never be a cheap Boss.
Saras was relieved.
K:I was aware of your feelings for me.
He was surprised.
K:But our class is different.I am a middle class girl.But you…
S:That does’nt matter Kumud.In love,only love matters.Tell me do you love me or not?
She kept quiet.
S:Kumud,but i feel that I can see love in your eyes.
Kumud tried to go out.
She turned back.
S:I will wait for your reply.
She walked out silently.Saras was tensed.

Khushi entered her room happily.She saw Kumud sitting on the bed.
K:Hi Kumud…you know…my skit practice has started.I am having so much of fun now.
Khushi saw Kumud not responding.
K:What happened Kumud?What are you thinking?
Kum:Khushi,I am in a dilemma.
K:Tell me what your problem is.
Kumud told her about Saras’ confession.
Kum:One side our family.The other side Saras Sir.I am confused.
K:Kumud,I know that you love him deeply.So you should go ahead.
Kum:But Khushi…
K:Otherwise you will regret later.
Kum:Are you sure?
K:Yes Kumud.Go confess your feelings.
Kumud smiled.

Kabir who is Guptas’ neighbour came.
Shashi:Hi Kabir…come come…How is your shop going?
Kabir:Nice Kaka.
Khushi:Hey Kabir,what’s up?
Kabir:Going well.
Garima:How is your dadi?
Kabir:She is fine Kaki.
Kumud:Kabir,what do you like to have?Tea or lime juice?
Kabir just smiled.
Garima smiled:Kusum….Kabir has come.
Kusum:I am coming.
Kusum came with lime juice.
Kabir was surprised:Lime juice?So fast?
Kus:When you entered the compound itself Kumud didi had told me your arruval.And your favourite is lime juice.Then how can i not make for you?

Kabir smiled.
Kumari:That also the lime juice prepared by Kusum.
Everyone smiled.Kabir was shy.
Sashi:After all Kabir is Kusum’s only friend.He is the only guy who treats her normal.
All became dull.
Anushka:Have your lime juice Kabir.Kusum is waiting for you to drink it.
He smiled.
He took lime juice from Kusum and started drinking.
Kabir:As usual…very nice juice.
Kusum smiled.
Kabir:No one can beat Kusum in making lime juice.
Kusum smiled.Kabir was lost in her beautiful smile.He could’nt take his eyes off her.

After the office hour all left the office.Kumud waited under the tree for Saras.Saras who came out of the office was surprised to see her there.
S:Kumud,you have not gone yet?
K:No.I was waiting for you.
S:For me?Why?
K:Don’t you want to hear my reply?
She was shy.Saras smiled with surprise:Kumud!
K:I too love you Sir.

Kuch na kahein, bas chup rahein

Khamoshiyan hi keh jaaye

Unexpectedly flowers fell upon them from the tree.
They smiled.

Tham jaaye, yeh jahaan

Aur pal bhi, theher jaaye

S:Even the nature is celebrating our love.
She smiled.

Rahein na kuch bhi darmiyaan

Mitey yeh saari duriyaan

K:Now I am going.
Saras looked at her deeply:Is it necessary to go now itself?

K:Yes Sir.My parents may be waiting for me.
S:Now we are lovers.No need of call me Sir.Call me Saras.
She smiled.
S:Call me Saras.I am waiting to hear it from you.
She was shy:Saras..

Milke bhi hain adhuri si,

Yeh daastaan…

S:That’s it.
She ran away.He looked at her run smiling.

Arnav Khushi were practicing the skit.
K:I wonder why you joined this drama school with this wooden face.Pathetic.There is no love in your eyes during the romantic scene.Acting is not your cup of tea.
Arnav got angry and held her shoulders tight.
Arn:How dare you say that I am a bad actor?Acting is my passion.

K:If it was your passion you would have emoted well.No time is left.Tomorrow is our skit performance.I don’t think anyone will like our skit.I will also have to face criticism because of you.
Arn:Tomorrow I will show you who I am and what kind of an actor I am Khushi.
Arnav left her and walked off angrily.
K:So rough he is.

The next day…All were ready with their skits.
The principal announced:The best pairs will be selected to do drama and those who present the best drama will be sent for the drama fest.
Khushi murmered:Finished.My dream to do drama is scattered as I am sure that our skit will be poor.
Arnav stared at her.
Arnav and Khushi entered the stage.Khushi was presenting a girl who sells flowers and Arnav is a boy who falls for the flower girl.
Khushi was surprised to see Arnav changing into the character.Khushi slipped and Arnav held her by her waist.Unknowingly they shared a passionate eye lock.

Rabba ve….

They both came back to senses.They enacted the love confession scene where Arnav held the flower girl’s hand.Khushi could feel love in his eyes.

Everyone clapped their hands seeing their performance.
Their teacher announced:The first pair who are going to present the drama is Arnav and Khushi.
Khushi jumped with joy.
The teacher:Khushi’s screen play was flawless and Arnav is a great actor.
Khushi looked at Arnav with a smile.
K:I am sorry Arnav for the remarks I made yesterday.You surprised me with your superb performance.
Arn:You said there was no love in my eyes.Today could you see love in my eyes?
She blushed.
Arn:Let us get ready for the drama.We need to really work hard to get into the drama fest.

Credit to: Jasmine Rahul

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