Pyar to hona hi tha2 Arshi Samud FF Part1


Rishikesh Singh Raizada roared:Arnavvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvv!
Arnav came.
R:Is it true that without my knowledge you took admission in the drama school?
R:How dare you?
Arn:I took admission without your knowledge as i knew that you won’t let me join there if I ask your permission.
R:Are you not ashamed of doing so?You belong to a reputed family.You are a successful business man too.
Arn:As a son I am looking after our family business with full sincerity.But now it’s time to pursue my passion ie So I decided to join the drama school.
R:I will not let you join the drama school.
Arn:Mr.Rishikesh Singh Raizada…I am not your obedient son Saraswati Chandra.You can’t dominate over me like you do with Saras.I am Arnav…Arnav Singh Raizada.I am just like you dad.I follow only my heart.I don’t listen to anyone else.So don’t you dare to become an obstacle on my way…if so,there will be no one worse than me.

Rishikesh was stunned.Guman tried to pacify Rishi:Rishi…don’t worry.Ignore him.He knows only to break your heart.He does’nt know to respect his father.
Arn:Don’t come between us.It’s a matter between a father and son.So stay away from it.
Guman was embarrassed.
Rishikesh got angry:Arnav!He is your mom.You can’t talk to her like this.
Arn:Mom?She is not my mom.She can never be my mom.Our mother is Saraswati Maa.Don’t forget that.
Arnav left from the room.Danny who saw this from back followed Arnav.
Guman complained to Rishi:See how he misbehaved.
R:What to do Guman?I can’t control him like I control Saras.

G:Saras obeys you.But does he love you?He also does’nt love you.He and Arnav are almost the same.
R:May be.But Saras is at least scared of me.But Arnav…no…he is a tiger.

Danny put his hand on Arnav’s shoulder.
D:Arnav bhaiyya…joining drama school?
D:Cool.I know dad and mom are against it.But you should go ahead with your dream.I am there with you.

Arnav smiled:Thank you bro.
They hug each other.

Saras was dictating official statements to his PA Kumud Sundari Gupta.Kumud was writing down what he was dictating.His smooth eyes were gazing at her.Her soft face….her plum like lips…her eyes adorned with kohl,the hair strands which were falling on her face….Kumud raised her eyelashes and looked at him.

Kuch na kahein, bas chup rahein
Khamoshiyan hi keh jaaye
Tham jaaye, yeh jahaan
Aur pal bhi, theher jaaye

She realized that his eyes were on her.She became insecure.
Saras came back to his senses.
S:So Miss.Kumud…I need all this to be typed soon.
K:Ok Sir.I will do that.
She left his cabin.He smiled.
While walking to the seat some stylish colleagues laughed at Kumud.
One:Look at behenji’s attire.It’s beyond traditional.Will anyone wear such clothes to a reputated office like this?
Another one:She is a typical small town girl.How can she have dress sense?
Kumud was really hurt by their comments.
Suddenly they heard Saras’ voice:Here one’s dress is not important,work is more important.And Kumud’s work is much better than anyone else’s work here.And I don’t find anything wrong in Kumud’s dressing.While you all forget Indian culture and dress like foreigners Kumud dresses according to our culture.That’s all.
They all were embarrassed.Kumud smiled.
S:And you all concentrate on the work instead of gossiping.
Saras got inside his cabin.
After finishing off the work Kumud went to his cabin and submitted her work copy.
S:Excellent Kumud.
K:Thank you Sir.
S:No need of thanking me as I just appreciated your work.
K:Sir…thanks for saving my reputation in front of others when they insulted me.

S:Whatever I said was from my heart Kumud.I really felt what i said.
She smiled.

Their eyes locked onto each other.

Kuch na kahein, bas chup rahein
Khamoshiyan hi keh jaaye
Tham jaaye, yeh jahaan
Aur pal bhi, theher jaaye

Arnav entered his drama school.He was excited as it was his first day there.He felt fragrance in the air.He wondered why.
A girl entered.She was struggling hard with her duppatta which was flying in the breeze.Her duppatta fell over her face.

He turned back.He did not know why..his eyes stuck up to her veiled face.

Rabbe ve….

The breeze took her duppatta again from her.Before he could see her face it fell on his face.

She:Hey Devi maiyya…
She turned back feeling uncomfortable facing him.

He removed the shawl from his face and went close to her.Her heart beat fast.
Arn:Hey…Your duppatta..
Slowly she turned back and took it from him.
Arnav got lost in her marble like shining face.

Rabbe ve….

She ran away.
He smiled.

Credit to: Jasmine Rahul

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