Pyar to hona hi tha2 Arshi Samud FF Part 9


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Pyar to hona hi tha2 Part 9
Kumud was continously taunted by Indra.She hid her pain from others and cried out secretly in her room.
Khushi rang up Kumud:Hi Kumud.How are you?Are you fine?
Kumud wiped her tears:Yes.
K:Saras has come out of coma.
Kumud was very happy:really?
K:Yes and he asked about you.
Kumud’s smile disappeared from her face.
K:And he was informed about your marriage with Rudra jeejaji.He has accepted reality painfully.
Kumud’s tears rolled down her cheeks.

The broker brought a proposal to the Gupta house.
He:His name is Vikrant Khanna.A successful business man.Nice character.He has only 3 sisters.He saw Anushka at the temple and is interested in her.
Anushka blushed thinking:But dream to marry a rich man is going to be true.
Sashi:I have heard about him.I am also having a good opinion about him as he does a lot of charity work.I am impressed.But he is middle aged.
Broker:He was busy with settling down his sisters.Because of his selfless nature only he did’nt get married on time.
Sashi:He must be at least 40 and Anushka is just in her early 20’s.
Anushka came:Sorry babuji for interrupting you all.I know I’m wrong in coming here and talking while elders are talking.But I can’t control myself.I don’t have any problem with age.
Garima:Are you sure?
Anu:Yes.I am not educated.Since I was bad in studies I did’nt even join college.No man from such a high class family will agree to marry an uneducated girl like me.So if Vikrantji is willing to marry me it’s beyond a dream for me.
Sashi:If you are ok with it,I have no objection.
Everyone smiled.
Kumari whispered in Anushka’s ears:I know why you are marrying him.You always dreamt of a luxurious life with a Prince.
Anu:Obviously.What is wrong in it?
Kumari:But money is not enough to have a happy married life.
Anu:That i will manage.You studious girl…concentrate on your studies and then get ready for my wedding.

Anushka’s mehendi function was going on.
The mehendi lady asked Kumud:What is your husband’s name?I will write his first letter on your palm.
Kumud’s face became dull.Rudra overheard it and came there.
R:No need of writing my name.This is not our wedding.So just a mehendi design is enough.

Rudra said in a low voice:I will never force you to register me in your heart.
Kumud became emotional.
Khushi made her write A on her palm secretly.
She thought painfully:Arnav can never be mine.But atleast on my palm let Arnav be mine.
Shiv praised Kumud:Mumma…your hand looks so beautiful now.
Kumud kissed him:Thank you beta.
Shiv tried to hug her.Immediately Indra said:Don’t hug her Shiv.Her mehendi will get spoiled.
Kum:This mehendi cannot prevent my son to hug me.
Kumud washed off her hand shocking Indra.Kumud hugged Shiv happily.Rudra smiled.Indra was irritated.

All the couples wee asked to dance on floor.Kumud danced with Rudra uncomfortably.

Namkeen si baat hai har nayi si baat mein
Teri khusbu chal rahi hai jo mere saath mein

R:Sorry Kumud.If I don’t dance with you others will know the truth of our relationship especially my mother.

Kum:It’s ok Rudraji.
While dancing with Rudra she could’nt believe her eyes.Saras in place of Rudra with her.

S:I told you I can’t live without you.
She smiled emotionally.

They danced together.
Halka halka rang bitay kal ka
Gehra gehra kal ho jaayega ho jaayega

The same time Saras was dreaming of dancing with Kumud.Suddenly he woke up from his sleep panting.
S:What a strange dream is this?I have never danced with Kumud

and it is a sin to dream like this about her now.
He shed tears.
S:I have even lost the right to see her in my dreams as she is someone else’s wife now.

Suddenly Saras saw his office magazine.He just went through the pages restlessly inorder to forget the dream.He saw the anniversary party pictures of their company in the magazine where he stood with Kumud and other staffs.
.Saras remembered how he fell in love with Kumud.
After a few days from Kumud joined his office they conducted a party to celebrate the company’s anniversary.All the employees came wearing western clothes.Among them Kumud looked like a beautiful innocent Majenda flower in her Majenda ghagra.

It did’nt take seconds for his eyes to fall on her as she looked unique.The others teased her for coming in ghagra for a such a party.But Saras felt that Kumud was the best among all.His eyes secretly adored her.His eyes were stuck upto her.

Saras:Kumud…you entered my heart easily.But you can’t go out of my heart easily though we got separated.Because your place in my heart is very high.

Kumud awoke from her imagination and realized that there was no Saras with her,it was Rudra who was dancing with her.Her face became dull.
She thought:The person with whom I was imagining to dance is completely detached from me..And here I am dreaming about him dancing with me.
She suppressed her pain.

Kabir went near Kusum:Shall we dance?
She smiled:Yes.But you have to make me dance as I can’t see anything.

He held her hand and started dancing.
Aadha ishq aadha hai adha ho jaayega
Kadmon se meelon ka vaada ho jaayega

Kabir:Don’t worry Kusum when I am with you.

She smiled:I know that I am safe in your hands.

He smiled.
Kus:Thank you so much Kabir.Because of you I really enjoyed the dance.
He smiled.
Vikrant Anushka danced romantically.
Aadha ishq aadha hai adha ho jaayega
Kadmon se meelon ka vaada ho jaayega

Khushi thought:If Arnav was there to dance with me it would have been so nice.
She imagined dancing with Arnav.
Aadha ishq aadha hai adha ho jaayega
Kadmon se meelon ka vaada ho jaayega

(Band Baaja Baaraat)

Vikrant Anushka got married.

When they reached his mansion Anushka was flattered.
Anushka was over excited.She thought:First time I am seeing such a big house.It’s a palace.And I can’t believe that I am the Queen of this palace.
Vikrant caressed her:You look gorgeous.When I saw you at first sight itself I fell for you.When I came to know that you are the daughter of a simple gentle man I decided that you will be perfect for me.
She blushed.

Arnav and Khushi were rehearsing.Arnav pretended to be unromantic.
The director guy:What is this Arnav?Be more romantic.The audience should feel that you are deeply in love with her.
Arn:How should I be romantic?
He pulled Khushi towards him looking at her eyes passionately and asked:Like this?
They shared a romantic eye lock.
Director:A little more romantic.
Unexpectedly Arnav pecked her cheek shocking her.

The director:Very romantic.You guys look like lovers.
Arnav looked at Khushi with a naughty smile.She bent her eyes downwards.

Arn:Was’nt I romantic Khushi?

She got irritated.
After the rehearsal she went after him.
K:Purposefully you kissed me.Right?
A:No,it was a part of the scene.
K:You were asked to be just romantic,not to kiss me.
A:For me romance is kissing you.You also longed that from me.Right?
K:No way.I hate being kissed by you.
Suddenly Arnav’s eyes fell on her mehendi palm and accidently he saw the letter A.
He smiled:Khushi,you wrote my name on your palm.That means you want me to be your life partner.Right?
Khushi was stunned.She thought:He found it.His eyes are so sharp.
K:It’s just A.Not your name.
A:Oh Khushi…don’t try to fool me.I know what you meant by A.Then why don’t you admit it?
Khushi was silent.
A:I will wait for the day you accept me.

K:Don’t waste time Arnav.That day will never come.
A:Ok.Then I will accept Lavanya.No problem.
Arnav went away smirking.Khushi got irritated:Again Lavanya…
Slowly Khushi was reminded of the kiss and caressed her cheek.She smiled brightly.

Sashi brought a man home.
Sashi:This is Shyam.Now onwards he will be our paying guest.
Garima smiled.
G:Your family?
Shyam:I am an orphan.
Garima felt sad for him:Don’t worry.Now onwards we are your family.
Shyam:Thank you so much.My luck.

Kumari,Khushi and Kusum came.
G:This is Shyam.Consider him as your brother.He will be staying with us.
They smiled.Kusum did namaste to him.

Shyam did that back.He did’nt realize that she was blind.
His eyes were fixed on Kusum.They introduced themselves.

Khushi asked Sashi:Babuji,why did you bring a stranger home?
S:We need finance as my shop is also not doing well.Though our son in laws are rich I don’t want us to be burden on them.So this paying guest will be a relief for us financially.
K:But a young man with girls..?
Garima:I also felt so.
S:Shyam is well mannered.That’s why i chose him over the other people who wanted to be our paying guest.He will never create problems for us.And I trust my daughters.
Khushi thought:Babuji has to be right.But why do I feel that Shyam is not innocent?
Shyam overheard what Sashi told Khushi.Shyam smiled in an evil manner:Let your faith give you peace of mind Sashiji.To be frank till I came here I had no bad intentions.But ever since i saw your daughter Kusum I have turned evil again.What to do?I am helpless.I never wanted to be dirty.But my fate is that wherever i reach a beautiful girl awaits me.How can i resist my temptation?

Credit to: Jasmine Rahul

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