Pyar to hona hi tha2 Arshi Samud FF Part 7


Pyar to hona hi tha2 Part 7

3 months have passed.
Saras was still in coma and Kumud was in trauma.But her family was more worried about her as her image was spoiled in society.Guman had spread the fact that Kumud eloped with her boy friend and had to return home.Inorder to get rid of it they decided to get kumud married.But no one was willing to marry Kumud after knowing the eloping issue.Finally to their surprise they got a good proposal.
The marriage broker:I am saying the truth Sashiji.The guy has no problem with Kumud’s past.
Sashi and Garima were happy.
Broker:But he has one problem.He is lame footed.And he is a widower with a small son.
They were shocked.
Garima:Lame foot?Also a widower?Not good for Kumud.
Sashi:Garima,do you think any perfect man will marry Kumud?No perfect man will want to marry Kumud.
Garima became sad.
Sashi:We are not bothered about the guy’s small physical defect as any moment we all can have this problem due to an accident.He is widower.But that’s fate.But his character should be good.That’s a must.
Broker:He is very nice.Though he is rich he is very down to earth.
Sashi:I want to meet him.

Sashi met the guy.
He:I am Rudra Kapoor.
He touched Sashi’s feet.
S:God bless you beta.Beta…I want to know if you are really interested in marrying my daughter Kumud after knowing her past.

R:Yes uncle.I enquired about Kumud.It was not a hasty decision.I heard a very good opinion about her character though the recent issue harmed her reputation.But what is her fault?She just loved a man.But destiny separated them.And I am a widower.This is not my first relationship.Then how can I demand that my wife should not have had any past relationship?And Kumud is healthier than me.I am not physically fit for which no girl is interested in marrying me.
Sashi smiled:You are great.Only the people with good heart can accept his own defects positively.

Sashi decided to proceed with this proposal while Kumud refused to.
S:You have already given us a lot of pain.Please don’t give us more pain.Please…
Garima:If you again break our heart give us poison.We all will die together.
Kumud wept:Amma!Ok….I am ready for this wedding.
They were relieved while her sisters were sad.

Kumari felt like fainting.Danny noticed it and walked towards her:Kumari,are you ok?
Suddenly she fell down and lost control over body due to epileptic fit.Danny was shocked.Immediately he took a key from his pocket and kept it on her palm.Slowly her body stopped shaking.But she became unconscious.Danny carried her in his arms and took her to his guest house.He gazed at the sleeping Kumari.
D:You are so cute when you are in your sleep.When you are awake you are always angry.

She woke up and got shocked seeing him:Danny?Where did you bring me?
D:Relax.Don’t get scared.You had fits and had fainted.So I brought you here.I cannot let you lie unconscious on the ground.
Ku:Thanks for helping me.
D:No need of thanks.I knew that you are an epileptic patient.But these days you were normal.Then now..?
Kumari became dim:No peace of mind Danny.Lots of problems at home.I am worried for my sister Kumud.
D:Kumud Gupta?
D:I know everything.She got separated from the person she loved.Right?
Kumari was stunned: How did you know?
D:Because I am Saras’ youngest brother.
Kumari was shocked:Gumanji’s son?
She got irritated:I have seen you only as a lazy guy.But now I understood that you are the son of a wicked witch too.
D:Kumari!You are talking bad about my mother.
Ku:You mother is a witch only.
D:You are misunderstanding her.
Ku:No.All the problems are because of her.Now I can’t stay here anymore.
She walked off.Danny was upset:Why all are hating mom?Is there any truth to it?
He was confused.

Drama fest was nearing.But Arnav did not rehearse at all.
Their sir:How can you be so irresponsible Arnav?Your drama fest is nearing and you seem to have no energy.
Arn:Sorry Sir,because of some personal issues I am not able to concentrate.
Sir:Personal life and professional life are different.Because of you other team members are also suffering.
He left.Khushi felt sad for him.
Khushi ran towards him and embraced him:Don’t cry Arnav.I can’t see you in tears.Whatever the pain is we will share together.
Arn:When you are with me I can forget any pain Khushi.
She smiled being able to soothe him.

They broke the embrace.He smiled at him:Love you Khushi.

Suddenly she realized that it was only her imagination. K:Arnav…I understand.But what Sir said is also right.If you don’t show any interest this school’s reputation and our team members’ dreams will be shattered.Think about them too.

Arn:But I can’t Khushi.I can’t enjoy it when my brother is in coma.

Khushi became upset.
Arn:How is Kumud? K:Her marriage is fixed.
Arnav was shocked:What?She agreed.
K:She had to agree to stop our parents’ tears.
Arn:You used to support Saras and Kumud.Now are you supporting Kumud’s marriage?
K:She suffered a lot because of her relationship with Saras.If this marriage can heal her heart’s wounds let it do so.So I did’nt object thought my heart is still with Saras and Kumud.
Arn:You are right.If Saras was in his senses he would have wanted Kumud to be happy.Let her have a happy married life.After all there is no guarantee that Saras will even be alive.
Arnav burst into tears.
Arnav wiped his tears.
A:Who is he?
K:He is a widower with a small son.Lame footed also.
Arn:What?Getting her married to such a person?
K:Kumud does’nt care to whom she is marrying.She is just marrying him for our parents like a lifeless creature.So his defects are nothing for her.She did not even look at his photograph.
Arn:But why your parents chose a widower for her?
K:No one is willing to accept Kumud as for public she is a cheap girl who eloped with her boy friend.
Arnav felt sad.
K:But this guy…I mean Rudraji is willing to accept her.He respects her.This itself is a blessing.We hope so.
A:May be.

Kumud got married to Rudra.

She was numb.Rudra’s son Shiv jumped with joy:Papa and mumma’s wedding.
During the grahpravesh Shiv held Kumud’s hand.Rudra’s mother Indra got angry:Leave her hand.
Shiv:No,I am seeing mumma for the first time.I will not leave her.
Indra got irritated.The gloomy Kumud smiled slightly after a long time seeing Shiv’s innocence.
K:Let him hold my hand.
Indra:No,during the grah pravesh ceremony only the groom can hold the bride’s hand.

Indra snatched Shiv from Kumud leaving both Kumud and Shiv sad.After the ceremony Shiv said:Tonight onwards I will sleep with mumma.
Kumud smiled.
Indra:No way.
Shiv:Why you say so Dadi?

Kumud:Why maaji?
Indra:Did you forget that tonight is your first night?How can Shiv sleep with you?
Kumud realized that moment that tonight anything can happen to her.She became nervous.

She sat on the bed when Rudra entered the bedroom.He sat near her.She looked at his face shivering.She had’nt seen his face before as during the time of wedding his face was veiled.

Credit to: Jasmine Rahul

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  1. Please don’t split saras n kumud, Danny should know the truth about his mom…. please jas don’t don’t split samud….

  2. jasmine Rahul

    don’t be upset.i know that the current track is depressing,but samud r soul mates.they can’t be separated 4ever.

  3. update was nice……………….. feeling dear sorry for samud……….. kushi -arnav scenes were really nice…………………………..danny is really nice but he should know how bad his mother is………………………kumari -danny scenes were too good……………..danny saying that kumari is cute was wonderful………………..waiting to know about rudra…………..i mean is he good or bad………………..lets see and dear really sorry but i can’t join fb………..(age problem ) and regarding india forum…………….i have made an account there but don’t know how to use…………..i even tried to publish my ffs once but wasn’t successful , if you can help me that would be great………….and yaa you can put picture updates by sending your post through email……………………with the images (if you wanna do …)…………………… you…………………….and yaa eagerly waiting for next episode…………sorry for late comment…………..lve you…………….be happy………….

  4. jasmine Rahul

    Thanks a lot 4 ur comment.I always put pic updates on IF.What age problem do u have to join FB?
    What is username on IF?plz that i can buddy u.I will def help you to post ff there.Go to fanfictions forum.Click new topic.paste ur update there.In the box of subject folder write the title.then click post new topic to send it

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