Pyar to hona hi tha2 Arshi Samud FF Part 6


Pyar to hona hi tha2 Part 6
Saras and kumud looked at each other emotionally.
They embraced each other.

Kuch na kahein, bas chup rahein
Khamoshiyan hi keh jaaye
Tham jaaye, yeh jahaan
Aur pal bhi, theher jaaye

Kum:I am scared Saras.
Her eyes were full of tears.he wiped her tears.

S:Don’t get scared Kumud.I have come to you and no one can separate us.
She smiled tearfully.

Rahein na kuch bhi darmiyaan
Mitey yeh saari duriyaan
Milke bhi hain adhuri si,
Yeh daastaan…
Holding each other’s hand they walked away.On the way Guman’s goons came and attacked Saras.They tried to hit Kumud’s head,but Saras came in front to save her and his head was hit and he became unconscious.He was carried away.
Kumud screamed:Saras!
Kumud was taken by them forcefully sealing her mouth.
Guman rang up Sashi.Sashi who was sleeping woke up and attended the call.
Gum:Your daughter Kumud tried to elope with Saras and so she is tasting the bitter result now.She is kidnapped.If you want her alive come and take her away.But if she comes again to Saras..beware..she will be killed.
Sashi was shattered.Sashi ran to Kumud’s room restlessly.Garima who woke up followed him.Sashi saw Khushi awake,but Kumud was not there.
Sashi:Where is Kumud?
Khushi shivered:Babuji…
Sashi’s tears flowed down:My own daughters fooled me.
Garima:What are you saying Sashiji?
Sashi:Kumud tried to elope with Saras.
Garima was shocked.
Khushi:Babuji….we did’nt do it intentionally.But Kumud can’t live without Saras.Let her be happy.
Sashi:Do you think by eloping with Saras she can live happily?No.Her life is spoiled.
Sashi told them about the phone call.They were shocked.Garima cried:My Kumud!
Anushka,Kumari and Kusum came.Knowing what happened they also started crying with Khushi,Sashi and Garima.
Khushi:Babuji…let us go and rescue Kumud.
Garima:I will also come.
Sashi:No need.I will go alone.
Khushi:No babuji.Don’t go alone to that unsafe area.
They both went to the place followed the address which was sent by Guman.Kumud was tied up to the chair.
Sashi and Khushi were upset seeing her condition.
Sashi:Kumud bitiya…
The goons rang up Guman.
Gum:Leave her.
They untied her.Kumud ran into Sashi’s arms:Babuji….
They cried.
They reached home.Garima,Kumari and Kusum hugged Kumud.
Garima:Why did you do this Kumud?
Kumud cried.
Kumud explained what happened with tears.They were shocked.

Khushi rang up Arnav:I want to meet you.
Arn:I can’t.My brother Saras in a critical stage.
K:I am calling to talk about that crime.Please come.

Arnav met Khushi.
K:Do you know how it happened while Saras and Kumud eloped?
Arn:Some goons attacked him.
K:Why did they attack him?
Arn:I don’t know.
K:Your mom Guman Singh Raizada had threatened that if Kumud does’nt leave Saras she will be killed.I am sure that she came to know of the eloping plan and sent those goons to murder Kumud.
But Saras became the victim.
Arnav.was shocked.

Saras was hospitalized.He was in coma.
Rishikesh cried:I don’t know who did this to my son.
Guman pretended to be sad:What is the point in discussing that.Getting back Saras’ life is more important.Doctors say that his life is at risk.
Rishi cried.Guman smiled in an evil manner.Arnav came shouting:Hey Guman….you only sent goons to attack Saras and Kumud.
Guman was shocked.
Rishi:What rubbish Arnav?How could you think like this about your mom?
Arn:I told you many times that she is not my mom and she only put Saras in this condition.
Guman pretended to cry:See what he is saying.
Arn:Don’t show your crocodile tears.
Rishi slapped Arnav:Never dare to accuse Guman of doing such a big crime.
Guman smirked.
Arn:Ok dad.But one day you will see her true colour.
Danny:Bhaiyya…mom can’t do that.
Arn:Danny,I can’t hurt you by exposing your mother to you.But unfortunately that’s the truth.
Danny became upset.

Kumud cried:No idea what happened to Saras.
Khushi:Saras is in coma.
They were shocked.Kumud was shattered:Coma?Noooooooooooo.I want to see Saras.
Garima:After what happened I can’t sent you there.
Kum:Please amma…I beg you.
Khushi:Please let Kumud see Saras.His condition is very bad.What if she may not be able to see him in future?
Kumud burst into tears.Sashi and Garima were silent.Khushi took kumud to the hospital.Seeing them Guman went near them.
Gum:Did’nt I tell you not to visit Saras?
Kumud requested:Please one last time.I beg you.
Guman thought:It’s almost sure that Saras will die.So if Kumud sees him what difference does it make?
Kum:Thanks a lot.
Kumud requested and she was sent to the ventilator.

Khushi saw Arnav crying.
K: Arnav!
He was surprised to see Khushi.
Arn:Khushi…my Saras.I can’t imagine losing Saras.
K:No Arnav…Saras will recover soon.
Arn:That Guman is walking happily and I am helpless.I could’nt do anything against her.And my dad is not believing me at all.He believes only her.You know Khushi….when were small our mother passed away.Dad decided to marry Guman.Though we were small we felt that she was not a good lady.We opposed the marriage.But without listening to us he married her.Since then I hate dad also.Still dad is under her clutches.He does’nt care for us.
Arnav cried.Khushi felt sad feeling his pain.Slowly she wiped his tears.Arnav embraced Khushi and cried.

Khushi embraced him back.

Tears fell down from her eyes feeling his pain in her.

She caressed his head to comfort him.

Kyun Nazrain Teri Yun Anjaan Hain,
Ankhain hain meri bhi Nam ,
Kyun Pakar Bhi Tm Ko Khoya Hai,
Hum Kyun Na Ban Paye Hum,
Kyun Dard Hai Itnaaa,
Tere Ishq Main,
Rabba Ve Rabba Ve
Rabba Ve Rabba ve…

Slowly they came back to senses.He moved away from her.
Arn:I am sorry Khushi.I broke my promise to be away from you.Sorry…I could’nt control myself.
He walked away.Khushi’s tears rolled down her cheeks.

Kumud sat near Saras and cried:Saras…nothing will happen to you.I am praying for you.Because of me only you entered this condition.If I had listened to my parents by ignoring you,your life would not have been in danger.

God….I promise…I will stay away from Saras.Please save him.
Nurse:Time is over.Go out please.
Kumud left crying.

Credit to: Jasmine Rahul

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