Pyar to Hona hi tha2 Arshi Samud FF Part 4

Pyar to Hona hi tha2 Part 4
Dedicated to Athira Devi who is waiting for Kumari’s proper introduction scene and her love interest.

Khushi:All are choosing classics for the drama.Why can’t we bring about a change?
K:Shall we present a fairy tale?
Arn:Fairy tale?But it will be like complete western.
K:Shall we present a fairy tale in a desi way?
K:Indian Cinderella.We will present Cinderella in the Indian back drop just like Sanjay Leela Bansali presented Romeo and Juliet in a desi manner through Ram Leela.
Arn:Cool idea.You are a genius Khushi.
K:I will start writing the script immediately.

After a week the script for the drama got finished by Khushi and they started their rehearsal.
They were doing the scene of Cinderella dancing with the Prince.They got immersed in the dance and forgot themselves.
He looked at her passionately.She drowned in that passionate eye movement of his.
She became nervous.
She thought:Hey Devi maiyya…what is happening to a strong girl like me?

His closeness was passing strange sensation through her body.She closed her eyes.

Unknowingly they got intimate.

Suddenly Khushi came back to senses and moved away from Arnav.
K:No,this can’t happen.
A:Why Khushi?This one moment proved how much we love each other.
She stared at him:Arnav!
A:Yes Khushi.We have fallen for each other.
K:No.This can’t happen.My bapuji let me join the drama school as he trusts me.I had break his trust in me.He will think that after reaching acting field his daughter went wrong.
A:Khushi…you know it was love at first sight for me.
She was shocked.
Khushi’s eyes were full of tears:Please Arnav…I request you…please don’t misguide me.Here we are just performing as Cinderella and her Prince.Not Arnav and Khushi.
Arnav became upset:Ok Khushi.As your wish.
Suppressing their pain they started their rehearsal.

Kumari was looking through the books in the college library.
Danny went near her:Hi Kumari.
K:Danny?How come you are in this library?I mean….you are not not interested in studying and reading.Then why are you in this library?
Danny was embarrassed.
Then he showed her a naughty smile :To see you.
K:Nonsense.I told you many times that I don’t believe in love and I will never get married.I will spend my life doing social service by becoming an IAS officer.
D:You can be an IAS officer and do social service too.No objection from my side.But why are you adamant that you will never get married?
K:Stupid.It’s useless talking to you.
She walked away.
She did’nt mind him.He became dull.

Saras:Kumud…will you come with me for a date?

She blushed:Yes.
He smiled.
Saras and Kumud roamed around.They walked along the beach holding hands together and chatting.

They took selfie.

Saras and Kumud lost in each other’s eyes.

Guman who passed by that way in car was shocked to see this.She fumed with anger.
She informed this to Rishikesh.
R:How dare he?How did he get the guts to romance behind me?I will fire him.
G:No Rishi.No…he is a kid.
R:Guman…you are so nice.Why my sons are not able to see your heart?
She smirked.

Saras dropped Kumud home.Sashi,Garima and Kumari looked at them.Khushi was nervous.
She thought:

Guess this is Saras.How will babuji and amma react?
Saras touched the feet of Sashi and Garima.
They:God bless you beta.
S:I am Kumud’s Boss Saraswatichandra.I want your blessings to look after Kumud till the end of my life.
They were shocked.
S:I love Kumud.
They were shocked.Kumud was scared.
Sashi: It seems that you are a nice boy Saras.But our financial back ground does’nt match yours.
S:I have no problem with that as I need only Kumud.
They smiled.
Sashi:But will your parents agree?
S:I hope my father will agree.
Sashi:Bring your parents here.Then we will decide.No objection from our side.
Saras and Kumud were very happy.Kumud hugged her parents:Thank you.

Saras came back home.
Rishi shouted:Sarassssssssssssssssssss…Who is the girl you are dating?
Saras was shocked how he came to know it.
R:Tell me.
S:Kumud Sundari Gupta.My PA. got only a middle class girl to date?
S:So what dad?She is a nice girl.
R:If the girl is not of our status leave her.
S:No dad.I have always obeyed you.But not this one.
Rishikesh was shocked.Saras left.
R:Why all my sons are going against me?
G:Don’t worry Rishi.Our son Danny will never go against you.The truth is that he is the only son who loves you.
Guman said evily:Let Arnav and Saras turn against their father completely.So that all the properties will be transferred in Danny’s name.

After 2 weeks…
Guman:Saras is dating his PA and you are not reacting these days.
Rishi: I told him to stay away from her.But if he is not listening to me what can I do?Anyways get ready Guman.Today is Arnav’s drama.We will go watch it.
Guman was shocked:What?You opposed it and you yourself is going to watch it?
R:Yes.I want to confirm if he is right by choosing his passion over business.Outsiders are not allowed.But I took special permission.
They went to see the drama.

Credit to: Jasmine Rahul


  1. Piyali

    amazing , loved it to the core…………………..guman is really evil but i hope soon she turns good , only if you have planned…………..the storyline is really amazing dear……………………i will read love and emotions also soon………… know not getting time these days but i will read soon….promise……………….love you……………… happy dear……………….

  2. Jo

    Hi Jasmine rahul, this is my first comment for ur ff. I am reading continuously but l cant comment because of my work. I am enjoying it story really nice idea n saras n kumud are one of my best pair. …. arshi always awesome n danny n.kumari nice pair wow so cute…..

  3. jasmine Rahul

    Thanks a lot 4 commenting Jo.Happy to know that u luv Samud too.Plz keep commenting as writers need comments.Without comments continuing a ff is depressing

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