Pyar to hona hi tha2 Arshi Samud FF Part 26


Pyar to hona hi tha2 Part 26

Panditji:I am leaving.
He went out.
Saras’ lips shivered:What?Maa is alive?

Guman thought:Oh..this Rishi spilled out the truth.Hope these boys do not trace Saraswati and bring her back throwing me out.
Saras:You are lying.Aren’t you dad?
Rishi:No.Saraswati and I were leading a happy life.Guman was Saraswati’s best friend.Guman was an orphan.She lost her small job and lost her rented house too.So Saraswati brought her home.Problems started when Saraswati’s friend Rajeev entered our lives.Saraswati was having an extra marital affair with Rajeev and she eloped with him leaving her sons alone.

Saras and Arnav were shattered. dare you create such a dirty story about our mother.You are so shameless Mr.Rishikesh Singh Raizada..

Rishi:I knew that you won’t believe it.Wait…
Rishi went to his room and opened a box from where he took a paper.He threw it at Arnav’s face.
R:Read this.This is Saraswati’s last letter for me…which she wrote before she left.
Arnav and Saras read it together:Sorry Rishi.I don’t love you anymore.I love Rajeev and if there is no love in our marriage there is no point in staying with you.So I am leaving with Rajeev.I can’t take my children with me.So you look after them.
Saras was numb.
Arnav:No…this is a fake letter.
R:You look at the handwriting.This is Saraswati’s handwriting only.Why should I defame Saraswati unnecessarily?I loved her a lot.Till now I did’nt open my mouth about what she did.But you guys made me reveal the dark truth about Saraswati.When Saraswati left us,I did’nt want to hurt my children by saying that their mother is heartless and bad.So I lied that she died in a plane crash.Some people came here and questioned me about making Guman stay here.We both were single.So people mistook our relation .I did’nt care.But these rumours affected Guman deeply.She was depressed.So I married her.And she was sweet to you both also.So I thought though Saraswati left Guman can be your mother.But you guys hated Guman to the core just because I married her and and you guys could’nt accept her as your new mother.You both never let Guman love you properly because of the bind love for Saraswati who left you all and went with the lover.I could have told the truth about Saraswati to make you all love Guman.But I did’nt do that as I did’nt want to defame Saraswati as once I loved her and knew how much my sons loved her.
Saras and Arnav walked to their room.Rishi burst into tears.
Guman pretended to be considerate towards Rishi and tried to console him.

Saras and Arnav cried in their room.
Saras:We worshipped our Maa.How could she do this to us?How could she leave us?Can any mother leave her children and go with her lover?
Arnav:I can’t believe that our Maa is worse than Guman.
Both of them were depressed and were in tears.Danny came in and was upset to see his brothers in tears.
D:Saras bhaiyya…Arnav bhaiyya…please don’t cry like this.

Saras:How can we not cry when the person we adored the most turn out to be a vamp all of a sudden?
Arn:Saras…why should we cry for a heartless woman who left us?She does’nt deserve our tears.
Arnav wiped his tears.
Saras:Yes.We should not cry.
Suddenly Saras and Arnav burst into tears again.
Danny:Don’t cry.I can’t bear your tears.
Danny also lost his control and cried hugging Saras and Arnav together.

Khushi got a phone call.She attended the call.
K:Hello…who is this?
“I am Lavanya”.
Khushi was stunned:Lavanya?
Khushi got nervous.
She thought:Why did Lavanya call me?She misunderstands me.She must be angry with me.
L:Hi Khushi,how are you?

Khushi’s lips shivered:I am fine.
L:You and ASR..?
K:No Lavanya…nothing is there between us.
Lavanya thought:What?That means still ASR and Khushi have not united?
L:Khushi…I thought I need to talk to you.Did Arnav tell you that we called off our wedding?
L:And what did you say?
K:I…I am sorry Lavanya.Believe me…I swear on Devi maiyya…I did’nt do anything.
L:Khushi…relax.I know everything.It is neither ASR’s or your fault.We were never meant to be with each other.All I want to tell you is..ASR loves you a lot.But I came in between you both because of the circumstance.Khushi…trust me.ASR is really nice.No one can love you more than him.He needs you very badly.Please don’t ignore his love again Khushi.He really deserves someone very nice like you.
Khushi’s eyes got filled up with tears.
Khushi thought of her moments with Arnav and slowly a smile appeared on her face.

Kumud was worried as Saras had not come for the presentation on time.All were waiting.Suddenly Saras came.Kumud was relieved.
Saras started his presentation.He was haunted by his thoughts about Saraswati and started stammering.He was not able to focus on what he had to say.Kumud became dull.
She thought:What happened to Saras?He used to be so dedicated towards his work.Then what happened now?
Kumud got up and continued the presentation making Saras move away.
After the presentation Saras and Kumud were tense about their guests’ reaction.

The guests loved it and they got the project.
“Very nice.We are happy to entrust the project to you”.
Kumud was very happy.
Kumud:Thank you very much.
But she realized that Saras was lost in some thoughts.
K:What happened to you Saras?How can you be so careless?You were least interested in the presentation and project.You were late for the meeting and did’nt even give a proper presentation.So I had to do your presentation.Otherwise we would have lost the project.
Saras was silent.
K:Saras…open your mouth and say something.

Saras shivered:Don’t ask me anything Kumud.I will break into pieces.

Kumud was stunned:Saras!
S:Sorry Kumud…I can’t stay here.I am extremely sorry.I can’t concentrate.
Kumud felt strange:Saras,are you alright?

Saras was silent.
Kumud:Saras,it’s clearly written on your face that you are troubled by something.

Kumud held his hand:Please tell Saras…share your pain with me.

Saras lost his control and embraced her crying.She embraced him to console him.

Kum:Saras,tell me what happened?
Suddenly Saras realized that the hug was a dream.Saras left without saying anything.Kumud became restless.
Kum:What happened to Saras?What is disturbing him?

Khushi waited for Arnav in the drama school.
K:Laad Governor…today I will surprise you with my confession of love.
Arnav came.Khushi went near him:Arnav!
Arnav blasted at her:Oh please Khushi…leave me alone.I am not at all in a mood to fight with you.
Khushi became dull.
K:How did you assume that I am here to fight with you?
Arn:Otherwise you won’t even look at my face.You like only fighting with me.
Khushi became upset.Arnav got up from his seat.His purse fell down.She took it from the floor.
A photo fell on the floor.She took it from the floor.She was shocked to see that photo.
K:How is this photo in Arnav’s purse?

K:Arnav…your purse..
Arnav turned back and took it from her.
K:This photo in your purse..
Arnav snatched it from her and tore it.
Khushi was shocked:Why did you tear it?And who is she?
Arn:She is my mother Saraswati.
Khushi was shocked:But your mother is not alive.Right?How can she be your mother?

Arn:I thought she was no more.But I came to know yesterday that this lady had eloped with her boy friend Rajeev dumping us.So I tore her photo now.How could that Rajeev break a happy family by stealing somebody else’s wife?
Khushi got angry:Stop it Arnav.What do you know about Rajeev Kaka to talk ill of him?
A:You are talking as if you know him very well.
K:Yes.I know him very well.He is my father’s best friend.He is very nice.He tried to help us financially.But my father refused to take any help from him because of his self respect.And I know Saraswati aunty also.I have met her also.She is very sweet.She is not Rajeev kaka’s girl friend or wife.She is Rajeev Kaka’s wife Pranati kaki’s elder sister.
Arnav was shocked:What?Pranati ?
Arnav had vague memories of Pranati.
Arn:Pranati Maasi?
K:Heard that Saraswati aunty lost her family,that’s why she is with them.I never knew that her family was having such a big misunderstanding about her.How could you all think that Saraswati aunty left you all for Rajeev Kaka.I am sure that there is some misunderstandings.
A:Khushi…I am confused.I saw her letter she wrote before eloping.It was her hand writing.If she had’nt eloped then why did she vanish?
K:I don’t know anything Arnav.The answers of your questions can be given only by Saraswati aunty.
A:I want to look at her face and ask her why she left us.Khushi,where are they staying?
K:They were in Canada.But 2 weeks back they came back to Mumbai.
A:Mumbai?God brought her back to make us get all the answers.

Arnav took his bag and walked out.
K:Arnav,you are leaving?
A:I am leaving Khushi.I can’t attend classes now.See you after meeting my mother.

K:Hey Devi Maiyya…please clear all misunderstandings.

Arnav said this to Saras.Saras was shocked.
Saras:Are you serious Arnav?
A:Yes Saras.We need to meet her.
A:But Saras…no one should know this.It should be confidential.

Saras and Arnav went to the house following the address given by Khushi.
Saraswati came out:Who is this?
Saras and Arnav felt emotional seeing their mother after a long time.
Arnav:I am Arnav Singh Raizada.
Saras:I am SaraswatiChandra Singh Raizada.
Saraswati was shocked.Tears rolled down her cheeks.

Credit to: Jasmine Rahul

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