Pyar to hona hi tha2 Arshi Samud FF Part 25


Pyar to hona hi tha2 Part 25

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Hey Vasuraj…I have given u a reply on the part 24.plz do check.plz do read the 1st scene of part 24 too.
I’m presenting another Danny Kumari edit on the cover page

The mysterious lady embraced him.He smiled.
She whispered:Rudra!
He smiled hearing her call him sweetly.

She:Can I ask you something?Do you miss Kumud?
Suddenly he became dull.
She:You loved her.Right?
He became sad:I don’t know.
I was really attracted towards Kumud,but that was not physical attraction.It was because of her pure soul.I was attracted towards her internal beauty.If I hadn’t met you I would have even prayed to live my whole life with her.
Her eyes became wet.
He continued: But in last few days I felt the real emotions in me.Our meeting made me realize that I can’t love anyone more than you.
I realized how much I longed for you even in your absense. Kumud is only Saras’.No one can come between Saras and Kumud or between us.

But I really adore her.I respect Kumud and she deserves it.
She became emotional:Rudra!
He held her hand:I won’t leave you and go.I love you.
She buried herself in his chest.

Vikrant pinned Anushka against the wall and came closer to her.She blushed.
They shared a romantic eye lock.
V:Anu…can I say something?
Anu:Yes.Say Vikrantji..

V:I know you are very young.But I am quite old.
Anu:But you look very young and dashing Vikrantji.
He smiled.
V:I am serious Anu.I feel because of my age I should not delay it anymore.Anu…I want to be a father.
Anushka was shocked.
V:I know you are very young.You may not be prepared to become a mother so early.Since you are beauty conscious you my be fearing that pregnancy and delivery may spoil your looks.If you are really worried I won’t force you.
Anu:No Vikrantji.If it was earlier these silly things would have bothered me.But now I am a different person,not silly anymore.I am also longing to be the mother of your babies.
He was surprised:Really?
He embraced her happily.

The next day…
Lavanya got ready to go tearfully.

Arnav:All the best Lavanya.
L:Thank you.All the best to you and Khushi.Will miss you ASR.

They shook hands and bid good bye.Lavanya left biding good bye to all.

Danny told everything to Kumari.Her face became dull.
K:Danny,I am scared.
Danny embraced from back:When I am with you and when our love is strong why should be scared?

K:Be serious Danny.If your parents come to know about my identity they may even send goons to kill me like they did to Saras and Kumud didi.
D:What are you saying Kumari? I still don’t think that dad and mom could do that cruel thing to Saras bhaiyya and Kumudji.
K:I don’t have any proof against your dad’s involvement.But your mom is involved in it if you believe it or not.When Saras was in coma,Kumud didi and Khushi didi had come to meet him.That time your mom threatened Kumud didi that if she does’nt get out of Saras’ life she will be killed.That’s why Kumud didi moved away from Saras forever.
Danny was shocked:What are you saying Kumari?Mom…
K:Yes Danny.If you believe or not that’s the truth.Why should I lie?
Danny was confused.He thought:Is it true that mom did that?

Saras and Kumud were working together on a new project.They were having a discussion on it.
Suddenly Saras got distracted with hair strands falling on her face.His eyes got stuck up to that.
He caught her hair strands and tucked them behind her earlobe forgetting everything.

Kuch na kahein, bas chup rahein

Khamoshiyan hi keh jaaye

The stunned Kumud looked at his eyes.

Their eyes locked onto each others.

Tham jaaye, yeh jahaan

Aur pal bhi, theher jaaye

Saras came back to his senses.He was embarrassed.
He thought:What did I do?How will I face Kumud?Now she will start yelling at me.
Saras put some fake attitude and said:Pin your hair properly.It’s falling on your face and it’s disturbing me.
K:Who told you to look at my face?That’s why it’s disturbing you.Don’t look at my face and hair.
He was embarrassed.
K:Anyways thank you so much for helping me.Because of your help things are going easily.
S:Never mention.
She smiled slightly.
He ignored it.

Khushi entered the classroom.Suddenly Arnav held her by her waist with a naughty smile.
Khushi was shocked:What are you doing Arnav?
Arnav with a naughty smile said:You are not allowing me to love you.So what i can do is flirting with you.I am just flirting with you.
K:Stop joking Arnav.I have never seen such a dirty guy like you.Engaged to Lavanya and flirting with me.Thanks to Devi maiyya that I did’nt accept your love.Otherwise I would have regretted now.
A:Did you stop blabbering?Then listen to me.I am not engaged to Lavanya.Lavanya and I called off our wedding.
Khushi was shocked:What?
A:Now I am not doing a mistake by being with you.
She became upset.

K:Lavanya left you because of me?Because of your flirty nature she left you.Knowing your true colours…that is disloyalty she left you.She took the right decision.But I am sad that unfortunately because of me she broke up with you.
She became guilty.
A:Oh…for heaven sake stop it Khushi.Lavanya did’nt leave angrily.It was a mutual decision.She did’nt fight with me and go.I thought it was better to get into the marital bond with truth.So I confessed the truth to Lavanya.She understood it and we decided to part our ways.

K:Lavanya left.So you thought now you can enjoy with me.So selfish you are.Instead of trying to heal the wounds in her heart caused by you,you just forgot her pain and is enjoying?You are so cheap Arnav.
A:Oh!I am fed up of you.You are finding a reason to either fight with me or to be away from you.You are sick.

K:Yes,I am sick.Stay away from me.
She walked off.Arnav was irritated.

A:I fell in love with a crazy girl.I have to be blamed for that.No one else is responsible for my condition.I myself is solely responsible for that.Damn it.

Kumud went to Shiv’s school to pick him up.There she was surprised to see Saras chatting with Shiv and giving him chocolate.
Shiv:Thank you Saras uncle.
He kissed Saras’ cheek.Saras kissed him back.
Kumud smiled.Saras saw Kumud and brought Shiv to him.
Saras:Kumud…I told you that nothing can stop me from meeting Shiv.If I come to your house to meet Shiv,you will say that i am making excuses to see you.So I am coming to school to meet Shiv. Any problem?
Kumud became dull:I did’nt mean that.I just…

Saras:What ever it is …
Saras smiled at Shiv:Bye Shiv.
Shiv:Bye uncle.
Saras went away.
Shiv:Saras uncle is so sweet mumma.I like him a lot.
Kumud smiled.

On their mother Saraswati’s death anniversary Arnav and Saras brought panditji home for conducting puja.Unaware of their plan Rishikesh and Guman wondered what was happening.
Rishi:What is happening here?
Saras:Dad,you must have forgotten that today is Maa’s death anniversary.
Rishi’s face became dull.
Arnav:Saras,dad does’nt care for our mother.That’s why immediately after our mother’s death without bothering about our opinion he married this Guman.He remembers everything about Guman,but nothing about his first wife.Anyways dad…this is a puja for Maa…for her soul’s peace.
Rishi and Guman were shocked.
R:Without consulting me how dare you both arrange this puja?
Saras:Dad,she is our mother and we have the right to do this for her.
Arnav:Till now you have not done anything for Maa.We did’nt consult you as we knew that you won’t give us the consent to do it if we ask you.
Rishi suppressed his irritation.
R:Please forgive us Panditji…please puja is needed.Sorry for calling you here.
Saras and Arnav were shocked.
Saras:How could you do this to Maa even after her death dad?
Arnav:Even after death only injustice to her.I remembered when she was alive you fought with her unecessarily.She used to cry bitterly.Now after death also you are making her cry?
Rishi did’nt bother.
R:Panditji,please leave.
Arnav:No,this puja will happen.
R:I won’t allow this puja to happen here.
Danny:Dad,why can’t you let them have this puja?They are doing this for their mother’s soul.What is wrong in that?
R:No puja will happen here.
Arnav raised his voice:Why dad?Why?
Rishi lost his control and burst out:Because Saraswati is not dead.She is still alive and how can this puja be done for a person who is alive when this puja is to be done only for a dead person?
Arnav and Saras were numb due to shock.Danny was in complete shock.Guman looked at Rishikesh sweating.

Credit to: Jasmine Rahul

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