Pyar to hona hi tha2 Arshi Samud FF Part 23


Pyar to hona hi tha2 Part 23
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Dr Mehta:Sorry,we could’nt save Rudra.
Kumud was shattered.Saras was shocked.
Kumud burst into tears.
Seeing Kumud crying without any control Dr.Mehta felt sad.He moved away.A lady came in front of him.
She:Thank you Dr.
She handed over money.
Dr.Mehta:I feel guilty about lying regarding Rudra’s death seeing his wife’s tears.Poor lady.

That lady:She is only his second wife Doctor.
Dr.Mehta:But still…they both lived together.So an emotional bonding was there.
Lady:It is true.But his true love was always his first love.In her absence he missed her terribly and so he was only finding her love in Kumud.So don’t be guilty.You have not done anything wrong.You have only done a good thing.Understand?
They both looked at Saras Kumud together from the far distance.Saras was trying hard to console Kumud.
Lady:True partners should unite.

Cupping her face,Saras tried to console Kumud:Kumud,don’t cry…Kumud…

Kum:Saras…Rudra left me and Shiv.

Saras became upset seeing her tears.Suddenly she realized that his arms were on her.
She just removed them from her and pushed him.
Kum:You may be happy.Right Saras?Because since Rudra is no more you can have me.That was your promise to Rudra.
Saras looked at her with disbelief.
S:I can’t believe that you thought like this about me.

Do you really think that I can ever think like that?
It pricked her heart.She felt guilty.

Kum:Sorry Saras.In a moment of frustration it just slipped from my tongue.

S:Don’t say anything Kumud.Anyways i heard what you think of me.But trust me I prayed for Rudra’s quick recovery.Not his death.He was my close friend.
Kumud felt very sad.She could’nt face him.

S:Since you thought like this about me I will never come to you Kumud.

But nothing can stop me from seeing Shiv.I had promised Rudra that I will take care of Shiv.I will not break that promise though I am breaking the promise of taking care of you.
Shiv did not understand what really happened,but he knew that what happened was not good.
Shiv:Mumma…what happened to papa?

Kumud wept:Papa went to God.
Shiv:Means he will never come back?
Kumud cried.
Saras:Beta…your papa will always visit you in your memories and dreams.
Shiv’s tears fell down.
Saras:Don’t cry beta.Papa will be sad if you cry.He is watching you from God’s place.
Shiv:Can papa see me?
Saras:Yes.In God’s place everyone can see us.So if you cry papa will be sad.You don’t want your papa to be sad.Right?
Shiv:I won’t cry.
He wiped his tears.
Kumud looked at them emotionally.

Guptas came running hearing of this sad news.They all hugged Kumud crying.
Garima:God,why are you making my Kumud suffer?
Sashi:It’s her fate Garima.
Kumud saw Rudra’s still body and cried.Dr.Mehta started sweating.
He thought:It’s dangerous for them to stay with Rudra for a long time.
Dr Mehta:You all please don’t cry like this.The body has to taken home by ambulance now.
They all moved away Rudra tearfully.
Since Kumud was numb and depressed Guptas stayed with Kumud and Rudra’s body was sent by ambulance.
After they reached home Shashi got a phone call.He was shocked.

Garima:What happened?

Shashi wept:The ambulance which carried Rudra’s body met with an accident and it fell off cliff.
They were shocked.Kumud cried loudly:Why is God doing like this?First he took his life,now he himself cremated his body through a pathetic accident?Why?Why God?Why did’nt you even let us spend some more time with Rudraji?
Khushi,Kumari,Kusum and Anushka held Kumud closer tearfully to give her strength.Garima cried resting her head on Shashi’s shoulder.

They tried to trace Rudra’s and the driver’s body from the river the ambulance fell into.But they failed to trace their body.It depressed Guptas more.

The mysterious lady gave money to some people.
She smiled:You all did a good job by pushing the ambulance down from the mountain.
Then she gave money to a man.He was none other than the driver of the Ambulance.
She:I am giving you a big amount of money which you can’t even imagine.Just leave this place as everyone thinks that you also died in the accident.Never come back again.No one should see you here.It’s unsafe.
He:Yes Madam.
She walked off victoriously.

She reached home.Someone was laid on the bed there.She went near him.
She: I separated Rudra from Kumud.But I don’t regret it as I did it only for you.
She held his hand:Thanks for joining me in this mission.
She caressed his forehead softly.
He opened his eyes.He viewed her blurred image.Slowly it became clear.He was shocked.
She smiled.

His head ached due to stress and fainted.She got scared.She rang up Dr,Mehta.He came there and gave him an injection.
Dr.Mehta:Don’t give him too much of stress. It’s not good for his health now.

The next day….
Kumud cried looking at Rudra’s photograph:Rudraji…I may not have loved you.But the respect I have for you I don’t have for anyone else.
Remembering her moments with Rudra she cried.

Khamoshiyan.. teri meri khamoshiyan
Khamoshiyan.. lipti hui khamoshiyan(Khamoshiyan).

Sashi and Garima came.
Sashi:Kumud,come lets go to our house with Shiv.
Kum:Sorry babuji.I can’t come.I had promised Rudraji to stay here.
Garima:You and Shiv will stay alone?
Kum:No problem.We have each other.We are not alone.
Sashi:Garima…let Kumud live as she wishes.She is mature enough to take a decision.
Kum:If you want you all can stay with us.
Sashi:No Kumud.We will stay in our house only.That’s better.
Kum:Ok papa.
Garima:I am worried for you beta.
Kum:No need to worry amma.Now my life is to fulfill Rudraji’s wishes…I have lots of responsibilities as a mother and as a wife.I have to be a father also to Shiv.And I have to run our business successfully like Rudraji used to do.
They were surprised to see Kumud so strong.
Her sisters hugged her and wept.

After a week…
Arnav was restless not seeing Khushi in drama school.He kept calling her.But she did’nt call him back because of the sad circumstance.She went to drama school.
Arnav ran to her cupping her face:Why did’nt you come to school?And why did’nt you even attend my calls damn it?

Do you know how much worried I was?Just because of our intimacy on that rainy evening you want to be away from me.Just because of that one whole week you were on leave?Do you know much I missed you.

Khushi pushed him.He was shocked.
K:Stop it Arnav.Why should I run away from the drama school to be away from you?I am not that coward.I am a strong girl.And by the way I took 1 week leave because ….because my jeejaji died.
Arnav was shocked:Jeejaji?
K:Yes.Kumud’s husband Rudra.
Arnav was shocked:What?Kumud’s husband?
K:My Kumud has suffered enough.After facing so many problems she had recovered from her past trauma.But…now she is a widow.How will we bear this?
Khushi cried.
Arnav felt helpless.

Her tears affected him.Arnav extended his finger to wipe her tears.
Khushi fell on his chest and cried.He embraced her back.

Rabba ve…

Suddenly Khushi realized that she was in Arnav’s arms and moved away.
Unexpectedly she burst out:Are you not ashamed to embrace me even after getting engaged Arnav?You should be ashamed of yourself.

Unexpectedly Arnav pinned her against the wall looking at her angrily.
A:You don’t teach me what I should do and what I should not do.Did you get it Miss Khushi Kumari Gupta?
Khushi shivered.He left her hand and went out.

Arnav went near Saras who was sad thinking of Kumud’s taunts.
A:Saras…Kumud’s husband Rudra died.
S:I know.I was with him in the last moments.
Arnav was shocked:What?How?
Saras told him everything right from he being Rudra’s business partner and meeting Kumud again to Rudra’s death in the hospital.
Arnav was shocked:This much happened and I did’nt know anything.

Kumud joined Rudra’s office.
Saras entered her cabin:Sorry,I had promised you that I will not come to you.But I had to come here to inform you that I want to withdraw the partnership.
Kumud was shocked.
S:Since you took place of Rudra I am not interested to continue this partnership.
Kum:Don’t do that Saras.
S:If I listen to you now you yourself will accuse me of taking advantage of the situation.
Kumud was hurt by his taunt.
Kum:Rudraji does’nt want any changes here just because he is not here.So if you withdraw changes will happen in a negative way too.So for Rudraji don’t do this.Only if you consider him as your friend…I won’t force you.
Saras looked at her.

Credit to: Jasmine Rahul

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    2. jasmine Rahul

      yes…i know that u r samud fan.being a samud ff i needed samud fans’ support.iu really missed ur comment.plz keep commenting.i will wait 4 that.thx 4 commenting

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