Pyar to hona hi tha2 Arshi Samud FF Part 20


Pyar to hona hi tha2 Part 20
Friends…plz check pt19 to see my replies.Jo…there is a question 4 u.Plz see.
Dedicated to Jo who is waiting eagerly to read a Danny Kumari scene.

Kumud was crying.
Rudra:Kumud…don’t feel difficult to face me.I married you after knowing your past.You were trying to move on.But seeing Saras in front of you,you feel haunted by your past.I don’t blame you.If I can’t forget my first love why should I want you to forget your first love?
R:It’s your right to remember him like I remember Shilpa.
She was stunned.

Kumari:Danny,did you start preparing for the exams?
D:Oh no Kumari.You know that i don’t enjoy studies.I am coming to this college just to please my parents…and…
K:Tell Danny..
D:You won’t like it if I say that.
K:You consider me as your friend.Right?Then you should say it.
D:I am coming to college to see you.
Kumari blushed.She hid her smile and changed the topic.
K:Danny,we will do combined studies.I will help you.Then you wait and watch.First time you are going to score good marks.
He smiled.
D:Me and good marks.Not a good match.

K:I will match it.Come with me.
She grabbed his hand and took him to study.

Rudra was coughing very badly.Kumud rushed towards him and massaged his back.Slowly he stopped coughing.
Kumud realized that she is very close to Rudra and became a little bit nervous.She lowered her eye lashes.Rudra could’nt stop looking at her.He looked at her emotionally.
Dil Mera Pooch Raha Hai Tujhse
Kya Pyaar Karoge Mujhse Mujhse

He remembered the beautiful moments he spent with Kumud.

Hasti Hai Aise Tu Hasti Hai
Jaise Baharon Mein Khilti Kali
Lagti Hai Tu Mujhko Lagti Hai
Thodi Thodi Manchali
Pehle Se Main Tujhpe Marta Tha
Kehne Se Darta Tha Yeh Daastan
Aankhon Mein Khwaabon Mein Neendon Mein
Tu Thi Basi O Jaanejaan

He said in his mind looking at her sadly:My heart beats for your love.

Dhadkan Pooch Rahi Hai Tujh Se
Kya Pyaar Karoge Mujhse Mujhse

I am not lucky enough to live my life with you Kumud.
He wept silently.

Dil Mera Pooch Raha Hai Tujhse
Kya Pyaar Karoge Mujhse Mujhse((Kucch To Hai)

Kum:Are you alright?
R:Yes.Yesterday I drank a lot of cold water.That’s why.Nothing to worry about.I will do gargling.I will be ok.By that time you please arrange dinner.Saras will be coming soon.
Kumud’s eyes got filled up with tears.She walked off.Rudra looked at her going with pain.

Anushka went near Vikrant.
V:Please Anu.Leave me.
She felt sad:No.I can’t leave you.
V:I am fulfilling all your wishes.Still having complaints?Ok fine.Tell me what else do you want?A separate car?I will buy it.A new mobile?I will buy it.
Anushka’s eyes were full of tears.
Anu:Yes,It’s true that I wanted luxuries.But not by sacrificing you.Because for me you are most important.
Vikrant was stunned.
Anu:If you ignore me like this why should I need luxury?I don’t want anything.No car…no bed…no Chinese Italian dishes…no costly clothes and jewellery.If you don’t want me I will go back.But I don’t a comfortable life without you.
Vikrant became emotional:Anu…you…
Anu:I don’t want anything else other than you Vikrantji.Because I love you.I want you.Sorry for whatever childishness and blunders I did.I know that I hurt you a lot.But I love you a lot.I don’t love anything else more than you Vikrantji.Please tell that you forgave me Vikrantji.
Vikrant was silent.
Anu:Do you hate me that much?
Vikrant held her:How can i hate you when I love you madly?When I fell for you at first sight I knew that my love for you is eternal.

She smiled emotionally.
They held each other’s hands smiling.

Saras came to Rudra’s house for dinner.
Saras looked at Kumud to see if she is fine.They shared a painful eye lock.

S:Kumud,are you fine?
Unknowingly tears dwelled in her eyes.
Saras noticed that.
S:Kumud,tell me what is bothering you.
K:Nothing Saras.Don’t question me like this.
S:Ok.But wipe your tears.
Kumud became conscious of her tears.
He gave her a kerchief.
K:I don’t need it.
She wiped her tears with fingers.

Rudra came:You came here for dinner to see if Kumud is fine.Right Saras?
Saras was shocked by Rudra’s taunt.Kumud was sweating.

R:I know that since few days you are disturbed by the thoughts of her safety.
Saras was embarrassed.
R:Actually Kumud is worried about my health.I need a major heart surgery.She is scared whether I will survive or not.
Saras was shocked:Rudra!
R:Next week is my surgery.Even If I don’t survive I don’t have tensions now.Because my son is in Kumud’s safe hands.But i was worried about Kumud being alone after my death.But now I am not worried about that also.Because you are there for Kumud.I know that you will look after Kumud.
Saras and Kumud were shocked.
R:I don’t know why you guys did not unite even after eloping.But I know that still you both are incomplete without each other.
Kumud was in tears.

Saras was stunned.
R:Saras,I know that you were Kumud’s past.But i want her to be your present and future.
K:Enough Rudraji.Nothing will happen to you.I won’t let anything happen to you.

Khamoshiyan aawaaz hain
Tum sun’ne to aao kabhi

Rudra looked at her emotionally.

Chhukar tumhe khill jaayengi
Ghar inko bulaao kabhi

R:But if I die you should not be alone.You should live happily with Saras.

Beqarar hain baat karne ko
Kehne do inko zaraa..

Kumud wept:Rudraji!
S:Can’t you see her tears Rudra.How can you still send Kumud back to me?It’s true that once i was her love.But today you are her life.You should live for her.You should come back for her.You should not succumb to death.
R:I am her present.But i can never be her love Saras.I swear.We never had a husband wife relationship till now.She is still yours in every way.
Saras was shocked:What?
R:I respect her a lot and I know that she also respects me,But we never loved each other.I love my first wife Shilpa and she loves you.
Saras could not believe it.
K:Please stop it Rudraji.Don’t say anything more.I want to live as your wife and you will live for me.That’s it.
Rudra’s eyes were full of tears.
He said in his mind:If I was’nt sick I would have been the happiest person in this world hearing these words from you Kumud.But unfortunately it’s not possible.

Khamoshiyan.. teri meri khamoshiyan
Khamoshiyan.. lipti hui khamoshiyan

R:If I come back I will be with you always Kumud.But if I don’t come back promise me that you will go with Saras.And Saras…promise me that you will look after Kumud if I don’t return.
Trust me…If you guys do not obey me even after death I will not get peace of mind.

He extended his hand towards them.
Kumud and Saras wept helplessly.Slowly both of them kept their hands on his hand.Rudra tried to smile through his tears.Kumud ran to her room crying.Shiv came near her.
Shiv:Mumma,why are you crying?
Kumud wiped her tears and hugged him:Nothing beta.It’s just that something went inside my eyes.
Shiv started blowing air into her eyes.
Shiv:Are you feeling better now?
Kum:Yes beta.Thank you so much.
Again she hugged him.
Saras:Rudra…I have never seen such a nice person like you.Only a few people like you can think like this for their life.I can’t believe that you don’t love Kumud.
Rudra remembered his moments with Kumud and said in his mind:Who said I don’t love Kumud?I love Kumud a lot.But her name is not written in my destiny.

Khamoshiyan.. teri meri khamoshiyan
Khamoshiyan.. lipti hui khamoshiyan

Rudra:Saras…have dinner and go.
Shiv came with a ball.

R:Shiv beta…see Saras uncle.
Saras and Shiv smiled at each other.
Shiv:Saras uncle,will you play with me?
Saras smiled.
R:Shiv,yuncle just came and you want to play with him?
Saras:It’s ok.I will play with him.
Rudra smiled.
Saras and Shiv started playing together.
Kumud was serving food on the plate.
Rudra stood near her:Look at Saras and Shiv.
Kumud looked at them play together.
R:Such a cute bonding.I am sure that Saras will make a good father to him.
Kumud stared at Rudra tearfully.

Arnav sat near Khushi in the drama school.
A:Thanks for coming for my engagement.
K:You and Lavanya looked sweet together.Made for each other.
A:Did you really feel so or are you just lying?

She became upset.The bell rang.
Lavanya came to Arnav:Hi ASR…
L:Did you forget ASR that we planned for the wedding shopping today?
L:I thought I will come here and pick you up for shopping.
A:I am not coming.You go alone.
L:How is it possible without you?
A:Lavanya…I have no idea about selecting clothes for women as I have no sisters.
L:I thought you got dress sense from Guman aunty.Her dress sense is awesome.
He got irritated:Never again.
L:Leave it ASR.But please come with me.
Arnav looked at Khushi.
A:Khushi,can you come with us for shopping?I guess you will be able to pick up the best outfits for the wedding functions.
A:Won’t you select best clothes for your friend’s fiancee for the wedding?
La:That would be cool.Come with us Khushi.
K:But Lavanya…
La:Please come with us Khushi.That would really be helpful to me.Otherwise I will go crazy searching for the best outfit.Please don’t say no.

K:Ok.But today I may not be free.I had promised amma to accompany her to temple.Shall we go tomorrow?
La:Ok done.
Khushi thought:I have to choose wedding outfits for my lover’s fiancee.How painful!

The next day they went to the wedding clothes’ section and started looking for the wedding outfits.
L:Please help me Khushi.Though I am fashion conscious I always get confused seeing too many clothes together.
K:I am not fashion conscious and I don’t know anything about the latest trends.I just choose clothes if I like them.
L:It’s ok Khushi.But you choose.
Khushi selected some outfits for the pre -wedding functions.Then she selected a beautiful lehenga for the wedding.
L:Beautiful.Khushi,it suits me.Right?
Khushi’s eyes fell on Arnav.

L:Khushi…tell naa.
K:You will look damn gorgeous in it.But you wear it and see yourself on the mirror and then take a decision.Don’t take hasty decision as it’s your wedding outfit and it’s the most important outfit of a woman.
L:I will try wearing it now.
Lavanya went to the trial room.
La:Khushi…please help me.I am not able to unhook my kameez.It got stuck in my hair.
Khushi went to the trial room and unhooked her kameez.

La:Thank you Khushi.Please help me to wear the lehenga.It’s quite heavy and complicated.
K:Don’t worry.I will help you.It’s not a big deal.

After some time…
Arnav heard a voice from behind:ASR!
He turned back.He saw Khushi in the wedding lehenga.

(Thanks to Sushmita Biswas for providing this picture).


He could’nt believe his eyes.
A:Khushi,you wore the wedding lehenga?

To be frank I always wanted to see you in the wedding lehenga I buy.

You look gorgeous as a bride Khushi.

Arnav went near her:Khushi…
Suddenly he realized that it was Lavanya.
L:Why did you call me Khushi?
A:My tongue got twisted.
L:Am I looking good in the lehenga?
A:Ya.Too good.
Khushi felt jealous hearing Arnav admire another girl’s looks.
Lavanya went and changed into her casuals.Arnav paid the bill.
L:ASR,You really loved me in that lehenga.Right?
La:Was I looking like the most gorgeous bride in this world?
A:Yes of course.
La:Oh ASR…I can’t wait for our wedding to wear this lehenga and get married to you.
Khushi came hearing that and felt pain inside.

La:ASR…you are right in suggesting Khushi to be taken with us for shopping.She is too good at selecting clothes.
A:Yes.That’s why I asked khushi to select the wedding outfits for you.
He stared at Khushi:Thank you Khushi for choosing the best outfits for my fiancee’s wedding.
Khushi was gloomy.
K:Don’t say thanks Arnav.I did it for the sake of our friendship.

Khushi stressed a particular word:Just friendship.
Arnav’s heart pained.
Khushi thought:Hey Devi Maiyya…sorry for lying to the person I love that he is just my friend.

After reaching home Khushi made jalebi and ate them sadly thinking of selecting wedding lehenga for her lover’s fiancee and lying to him that he is just a friend for her.

K:Devi maiyya…don’t put anyone in this situation.
Garima came:Khushi…what made you so upset that you made jalebi?
Khushi put a fake smile on her face:Who said I am sad?
G:Only when you are sad you make so many jalebies carelessly.
K:But now I made jalebi as I craved for jalebi.Trust me amma.Why should I be sad?
Garima smiled:Crazy girl.
Garima went out.Khushi shed tears.

Kusum was blushing thinking of her moments with Kabir.Hearing footsteps at the veranda she walked to the veranda.
Kus:You came back?
She smiled happily.
“Yes I came back Kusum”.
Kusum was shocked to hear the voice.
Her lips shivered:Shyam?
He:Yes,your Shyamji.
She was shocked.Kabir reached there eager to see Kusum.He saw both of them together.
Kab:Shyam and Kusum?He came back?That means he had’nt cheated Kusum?

Credit to: Jasmine Rahul

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