Pyar to hona hi tha2 Arshi Samud FF Part 19

Pyar to hona hi tha2 Part 19

Saras was reminded of past.
Kumud was always taunted by her colleagues.They called her behenji.Fed up of that she decided to resign her job and submitted her resignation letter to Saras.He was shocked.
S:Are you serious?
K:Yes Sir.I can’t work here anymore.
S:So you are leaving?
K:Yes Sir.
S:May I know the reason?
K:I am also a human being.Even I have self respect.

S:Still you did’nt tell me the reason why you are leaving.
K:Sir…I think I have to leave now.

He held her hand and pulled her back.She was stunned.

She stared at him.
He left her hand.
S:I never want my staff to leave my office because of the office atmosphere.For that I gave all facilities and comforts to my staffs.Still you are leaving.Tell me the reason.I will try to solve the problem.
K:Leave it Sir.You can’t do anything.

S:Oh Miss Kumud..just tell why.
K:Because all are ridiculing me.All are calling behenji.But Sir…I can’t be modern and wear short dresses like them.So they will keep teasing me till the end and so there is no solution for this problem.
S:So because of your so called self respect you are resigning this job.But understand Miss Kumud that by resigning this job you are surrendering to the people who are taunting you.If you resign and go its like accepting defeat.But if you ignore their taunts and continue here they will be defeated and you will be proved smart and strong.Prove that you don’t care about their taunts.Prove that their words can’t affect you.Show them that they can’t defeat you easily as you are very strong and bold.

Kumud stared at him for a few seconds.He was tensed about her reaction.If she leaves he will lose her.He feared that.
He said in his mind:I don’t want to lose you Kumud.I want you to be near me always.You can’t go away from me like that.
K:You are right Sir.Why should I bother about the ones who irritate me?Why should I resign my precious job for such unworthy people?I will not resign.
His face blossomed.He returned her the resignation letter.She tore it and put it in the dust bin.
S:Well done Kumud.Now you can go to your seat and resume your work.
She smiled:Thank you Sir for making me understand.
S:My pleasure Miss.Kumud.
They smiled at each other.
Saras thought:That day I feared of losing you Kumud.But when you stayed back I thought I succeeded in getti ng you back and I will never lose you.But still I lost you.But I was relieved that you are safe in Rudra’s hands as he is gem of a person.But now why do I bother about you?Why I am worried about you unnecessarily?Why do I feel that you are drowning in tears.I wish my fears are nonsense.I wish all my thoughts were wrong.

Arnav brought Lavanya home.All were quite shocked.
Arn:Lavanya is alone.So i brought her here.
Rishikesh smiled:No problem beta.
Arn:Lavanya…go to the left first room.That is your room.
She went there.
Guman:Lavanya staying here?What will public say?
A:I am not bothered about public Mrs.Raizada.
Rishi:Guman…by bringing her here Arnav expresses that he has feelings for Lavanya as I wished.So let her stay here forever.
A:No dad.There is no such meaning in that.Lavanya is just my friend.
Rishi:Arnav….don’t hide.I am very happy with this relation.
A:I am not hiding anything?Why should I hide?I am not scared of you or this woman.I said the truth.I am not dating Lavanya.
Rishi:Then what Guman said has to be taken into consideration.If you don’t love Lavanya she can’t stay here for a long time.Public will say bad things about her also.

A:Stupid public.
Saras:Arnav…this time dad is right.For a woman her reputation is very important.If public defames Lavanya it will be very painful for her..she won’t be able to bear it.If you even treat her like your friend you should bother about that.
Arnav became dull.
R:There is only one solution for that.Marry her.
Arnav went to his room angrily.Saras and Danny followed him.
A:How dare dad say that I should marry Lavanya.
S:We are not saying that you should marry her.But you should do something else.Khushi is distracting you from marrying Lavanya.Right?
A:Saras…I think you are right.Lavanya should not face any problem because of me.I need to get a reply from Khushi now.Then I will take a decision.

Arnav met Khushi.
A:All are asking me to marry Lavanya.But before that i want a reply from you.One last time I am asking you.Khushi,do you love me?Will you marry me?

Khushi struggled hard to control her tears.She remembered Lavanya in Arnav’s arms.

K:No Arnav..
Arnav was shattered.His tears rolled down his cheeks.He walked away painfully.Khushi burst into tears.

Kyun Khwabon Pe Tere Saaye Hai,
Dil Kyun Hai Tanha Mera,
Kyun Khamoshi Hai Zubaan pe meri,
Ashkon se keh paun na,
Kyun Dard Hai Itnaaa,
Tere Ishq Main,
Rabba Ve Rabba Ve
Rabba Ve Rabba ve.

Arnav came back home.
A:I have taken a decision regarding Lavanya.
All were tensed.
A:I will marry her.
All were very happy.
Lavanya was blushing.
A:Tomorrow itself I want engagement.
Rishi:I am so happy for both of you.
Rishi hugged Arnav and Lavanya.Arnav was numb.
Guman was angry.
G:Only engagement.Let them get engaged.But i have to stop the wedding at any cost.

Arnav rang up Khushi:Khushi,tomorrow is mine and Lavanya’s engagement.You will come.Right?
Khushi’s tears fell down:Yes,I will come.Message me the address.
She cut the call and cried.Arnav wept in his room.Saras and Danny came.He hugged them and cried.
S:What did Khushi say?
A:She does’nt want me.
Danny:Just because she rejected you,you are getting engaged to Lavanya?Do you think you have taken the right decision Arnav bhaiyya?Will you be able to forget and stop loving Khushiji?
Arnav kept quiet.
S:I also tried to forget Kumud.But I also fail in forgetting Kumud.But Arnav…being with Lavanya and loving Khushi is being unfaithful to Lavanya.You think about it.
Danny:Saras bhaiyya is right.Do you want to hurry this engagement and stuff?

A:Khushi does’nt want me.I could have waited for Khushi till the end of my life.I have no other option. I am doing this engagement as dad suggested because without no relationship with us Lavanya staying here will harm her dignity.
Saras and Danny did’nt know what to say.

Kumud brought tablets for Rudra.
K:How can you be so careless Rudraji?You did’nt have medicines at all.
Suddenly Rudra was reminded of his past moment with Shilpa.
Flash back…
Rudra was having fever.
Shilpa tried to make him have medicine.
R:It’s only a slight fever.Then why are you making me have medicine?
S:You are least bothered about your health.What if it’s only fever?You have to be healthy always.You know that even if you have slight fever it hurts me a lot.Still why are you not taking care of your health?You have no consideration towards my feelings.
Shilpa face was dim.

Rudra smiled.
R:Just chill Shilpa…I will have medicine sweety.Now smile like a good girl.

She smiled.
With a smile he had medicine.
Rudra:Why should I have medicine?Will it extend my life?
K:How can you say like this Rudraji?You will be fine and you will have a long life.
R:Why should I have a long life?

Khamoshiyan aawaaz hain
Tum sun’ne to aao kabhi
Chhukar tumhe khill jaayengi
Ghar inko bulaao kabhi

K:You should live long for Shiv and me.We both need you.

Beqarar hain baat karne ko
Kehne do inko zaraa..

Her words touched his heart and he looked at her deeply with a smile.
Khamoshiyan.. teri meri khamoshiyan
Khamoshiyan.. lipti hui khamoshiyan

Suddenly he remembered seeing Saras and Kumud’s pictures and became dull.
K:Have your tablet.
He took the tablet from her and ate it.

Anushka saw 2 guys at the veranda.
One:Madam,I am here to deliver jewellery.
He:Yes.Vikrant Sir had ordered 2 diamond sets for you and we were asked to do home delivery.
She was surprised:2 sets.
She put her signature and got it from him.
The other one:Ma’am,I also came here to do home delivery.Vikrant Sir had ordered 5 sarees which costs 50,000 each for you.
She couldn’t believe it:50000 per saree?Am I dreaming?
She felt that she was living her dream and opened them.
She wore one of those sarees and a diamond set.Vikrant came.
Anu:Thank you Vikrantji.First time someone is giving me such expensive gifts.
Vikrant was indifferent.
Anu:Vikrant,why are you not even looking at me?
V:There was a time when I gave complete attention to you.That time you yourself revealed that more than me you want my money…all materialistic pleasures my money can give you.Now as you wished I am giving you all that you desired for.So if I look at you or not how does it matter?
Anushka’s heart is pricked.
Anu:It’s not like that Vikrantji.
V:It’s like that Anu.
Anuska became upset.
V:And now onwards our ways are different.I will a lonely life like before.You can live here happily with all comforts.But don’t come after me.Leave me alone.

She was shattered.

Kabir tied a small chain around Kusum’s neck.

Lafzon se jo tha pare
Khaalipan ko jo bhare
Kuchh tto tha tere mere darmiyaan

Kus:What was the need of it Kabir?I can’t see myself wearing it.
Kab:Trust me.You look very pretty now.
She blushed.

Rishte ko kya mod doon
Naata yeh abb tod doon
Ya phir yun hi chhod doon, darmiyaan

Kab:Sorry Kusum.But it’s an artificial piece.You know my financial condition.I can’t afford expensive ornaments.But once saving my money I will get you a real one.

Kus:Kabir…it’s not the price of the necklace which decides its expense,it’s the love of the person who gives the gift which decides it’s expense.

Kabir smiled.

Benaam rishta woh…
Benaam rishta woh, bechain karta jo
Ho naa.. sake jo bayaan, darmiyaan
Darmiyaan Darmiyan
Darmeyaan Darmeyan

Anushka visited Kusum.
Kus:Anu didi,you visited me.I am so happy.
Anu:How are you Kusum?
Kus:I am fine didi.
Anu:How is Kabir’s business going on?It’s a small shop.So is he getting profit?
Kus:Not much profit.But he showers so much of love on me that his business profit doesn’t matter for me.
Anu:But don’t you wish expensive gifts from him?
Kus:Look at the small chain I am wearing.This is Kabir’s gift.It’s not gold.But for me it’s very costly as it is filled with Kabir’s love.To be frank I don’t even wish for a small gift from him as it’s nothing in front of his love and care for me.
Anushka was touched by her words.Anushka’s eyes got welled up with tears.
Anu:My little sister is so mature.I learnt the most important thing from you Kusum.God bless you and Kabir.

Kusum smiled.

Arnav-Lavanya’s engagement…
Khushi arrived.
Lavanya went to her:Hi Khushi…so happy to see you.
She smiled.
La:How do I look?Looking nice.Right?ASR will be flattered.Right?

Khushi nodded painfully.
Seeing Arnav coming Lavanya ran towards him and held his hand.Khushi felt pain.
La:Just a second ASR.I will go to the washroom and come.
Lavanya went away.
Arnav’s eyes fell on Khushi.

Arn:Khushi!She came.She does’nt have any problem in seeing me engaged to Lavanya in front of her?
Arnav went near Khushi.
Arn:Thanks for coming.

K:Happy engagement.
Arnav’s eyes spoke to her:You have no pain in seeing me with Lavanya?What are you made up with Khushi?Are you made of rock?

Khushi’s heart wept.
Khoyi khoyi si hoon main
Kyun yeh dil ka haal hai

Khushi’s eyes spoke to him:When there is too much of pain we will become numb and our senses stop working Arnav,That happened with me.
Dhundli saari khwaab hai
Ulja har khayaal hai

Seeing Lavanya coming Khushi moved away from Arnav.

La:Khushi…you love sweets.Right?ASR…let us give a grand treat to Khushi.

Arn:Sure.We should give her a treat.
Arnav brought near the sweet section and returned with a plate of gulab Jamun.
A:You always insist on giving you sweets.Right?I brought these sweets specially for as I know that you came here to attend the function only because you crave for these sweets.
His taunt pricked her heart.She took it from him.
K:Thank you Arnav for your concern.
Arnav Khushi looked at each other painfully.
Saari kaliyan murja gayi
Rang unke yaadon mein beh gaye

Arnav and Lavanya exchanged rings.
La:I am so happy Arnav.Finally you are going to be mine.

Khushi felt sad seeing them together.
Saare gharaande reet ke
Lehrein aayi, lehron mein beh gayi

Khushi thought painfully:Devimaiyya,please give me the strength to bear it.Because of my fault I lost Arnav.
Raah mein kal kitni chirag the
Saamne kal phoolon ki bhaag thi
Iss se kahun kaun hai jo sune
Kaante hi kyun maine hai chune

Arnav saw Khushi’s silent tears.
He said in his mind:Khushi,I know how much pain you have now.Though you hide your tears I can view your tears clearly.
Sapne mere kyun hai kho gaye
Jaage hai kyun dil mein gumm mere
Saare kaliyan murja gayi
Rang unke yaadon mein beh gaye
Khushi wept silently:I have lost you Arnav and because of that I lost myself.

Saare gharaande reet ke
Lehrein aayi, lehron mein beh gayi(Aisha).

Rudra:Kumud,arrange dinner.I have invited Saras.
She was shocked.
K:Sorry Rudraji.I am not feeling well.A small head ache.So i can’t prepare dinner.
R:Then we will go to see doctor.
K:No need of that.I already took tablet.

R:No problem.I will order food from outside.
Unexpectedly Kumud burst out:Why are so so adamant about inviting Saras here?Always Saras…Saras…Saras.
R:Kumud,why are you over reacting?What is your problem if Saras comes here?
K:I don’t want to see him.
R:Why?Why Kumud?Why?
K:Because he is my ex-boy friend and I want to forget my past.
Suddenly Kumud realized what she told Rudra.Slowly she looked at his face with tension.
He was calm.
R:I knew it.I just wanted you to say the truth.
Kumud was stunned.
R:Your reaction proves that now also Saras affects you.You have not got over your past till now and even Saras has’nt.That’s why still he is concerned about you.So he is ringing up and asking you if you are fine.

Kumud was frozen.

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