Pyar to hona hi tha2 Arshi Samud FF Part 17


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Pyar to hona hi tha2 Part 17
All were crying sitting around Juhi’s dead body.
Saras was very upset.He was numb.
Guman smiled:With Juhi’s death Saras’ wedding which was arranged by Rishi got cancelled.Good.
Danny:Bhaiyya…I can’t tell you to be sad.But say something.Why are you so silent?
Rishikesh:Why this is happening with my son?After going through a lot of pain he was getting happiness in his life.He had become quite close to Juhi.But now he lost her.Don’t be sad beta…
Arnav:Saras,speak something damn it.
Saras did’nt respond.
Danny cried hugging Arnav:Arnav bhaiyya…our Saras bhaiyya…
Arnav became very upset.

Lavanya cried looking at Juhi who was lying lifeless:My dear sis,who did this to you?
Akrosh cried:My dear daughter!Why did you leave this father and go?
Saras heard Akrosh cry and slowly raised his eye brows and stared at him.He grinned his teeth seeing his melodrama.
S:Stop your crocodile tears Mr.Akrosh Kashyap.

All were shocked.
Rishikesh:Saras,are you crazy?
S:Why are you pretending to be so upset over Juhi’s death?She is not your daughter and you never loved her.
All were shocked.
Akrosh’s lips shivered:What are you saying Saras?

S:Juhi is your wife’s child from her first marriage,not your child.So you always hated her.Right?
Akrosh was numb.
Lavanya:What are you saying Saras?That Juhi di is not my real sister?
S:Yes Lavanya.Juhi herself told me.
Lavanya who was shocked looked at Akrosh:Is it true dad?
Slowly Akrosh nodded his head:Yes.But you know how much i loved her.

Saras:Lie.You pretending to be her loving dad only in front of others.Even before your daughter Lavanya who stayed in the same house you acted like Juhi’s loving dad.
Lavanya:Saras…you have you lost your mind because of losing Juhi.That’s why.
Saras:No Lavanya.Your sister Juhi had hidden pain in her smiling face.Actually she was tortured by her step father secretly.He even sent her as an escort for his business needs.
All were shocked.
Akrosh:Stop it.Rishi…is your son mad to talk like this?
Rishikesh was embarrassed.Guman was smirking.
La:Arnav…your brother Saras is out of his senses.
Saras:I am in my senses Lavanya.
La:Arnav…shut your brother’s mouth.
Arnav:Stop it Lavanya.Saras does’nt talk senseless.I am sure that there is some truth in his words.

La:I can’t believe that you also support your brother against my dad Arnav.

Guman:Saras just lost his fiancee.Try to understand his mental condition.
Arnav:Stop it.Are you trying to portray Saras as a mental patient?Then you will not succeed in it.
Guman became dull.

Saras:I have no mental problem.Whatever i said was true.I had promised Juhi that i will keep her so called dad’s dirty deeds as a secret .But in this situation I feel helpless. I knew that Akrosh Kashyap was not happy with our marriage as he can’t tolerate Juhi’s happiness.And if Juhi gets married he cannot sent her as an escort to make money for his business needs.He did’nt want to lose the goose who hatched gold eggs.I was wondering why he was not doing anything to stop our wedding.But I had really expected that the evil person like Akrosh would do something.But i never expected that he would be so cruel to stop our wedding.
Akrosh:What do you mean?
Saras raised his voice:You killed Juhi to stop our wedding.Mr.Akrosh Kashyap.
Akrosh roared:Nooooooooooooo…you …..

Rishikesh:Enough Saras.Don’t insult my friend more.

Arnav:Dad,you have a tendency to always support wrong people without knowing their true identity.First your 2nd wife.Now your best friend.
Saras:Ok…if you guys can’t believe me we will do something.Dad…you have hold in judiciary also.Right?Take special permission from the court and send Akrosh for a lie detector test.
Rishi:Saras,for you stupid needs I can’t do such big things.
Arnav:Dad,if you have that much confidence in your friend prove his innocence by doing what Saras said.Otherwise we will directly complain to the police.
Danny:Yes dad.I also support them.

Rishi:Ok…I will arrange it.But I am sure that Akrosh will be proved innocent and all my sons will be ashamed of supporting each other.
Akrosh started sweating.

Akrosh was sent for the lie detector test and according to the test he was proved liar.When the police questioned him strongly he burst out admitting his crime.

Ak:Yes,I only murdered Juhi.Because I did’nt want her to get married and lead a decent life.I wanted her for my benefit.But she refused to help me anymore as she started dreaming of a happy life with Saras against my wish.So I hated her more.I did’nt want her to be happy hurting me..I could’nt say no to Rishi when he put this alliance as it would bring out the dark truth.So I wanted the wedding to to be stopped in an indirect way and so I finished her.
All were shocked.
Lavanya yelled at him:Dad,I respected you so much.But you killed my sweet sister.
Ak:My Lavanya beta…
Lavanya shed tears:Don’t call me beta.I am not your daughter.
I am ashamed to call you dad.Now onwards you are not my dad.I hate you .
Akrosh was shattered as the only person he loved hates him now.Akrosh got arrested.

Rishikesh apologized to Saras:Sorry Saras beta.Instead of believing my own son I believed my wicked friend.
Saras was silent.

Danny was very happy:I knew that Saras bhaiyya can;t be wrong.Glad that you also know the truth now dad.
Rishi smiled.Danny went to his room.
Arnav looked at Rishi:At least now your eyes are opened.Now try to understand the true colours of your wife too.
Rishi became dull.
Guman was irritated:Rishi believing his sons now?No…It should’nt happen.

Rudra to Kumud:Saras’ wedding got cancelled.Kumud was shocked:What?Why?
R:His fiance Juhi got murdered by her father…I mean the step father.
Kumud was shocked:What?

Rudra and Kumud visited Saras.
Saras and Kumud’s eyes locked onto each others emotionally.

R:Saras,I know how you feel now.Nothing can console you.But still be strong.You should be atleast relieved that Juhi’s murderer is getting his punishment.
Kumud:Saras…what happened to Juhi was unfortunate.But…

Saras looked at Kumud:It’s just that a girl who loves me is not destined to live with me.That’s been proved twice.
Kumud’s heart was pricked.She looked at him painfully.She was sweating too.

Rudra:Twice?What do you mean Saras?
S:I had loved a girl sincerely.She used to love me more than that.But the destiny separated us.Then Juhi entered my life with a lot of love though I had’nt fallen in love with her.But I used to like her.I had sympathy for her.Even she has been taken away from me by God.It proves that I am a jinx.
Saras’ eyes were full of tears.
Rudra felt sad:So sad…
Saras…is the girl you loved alive?
R:Where is she she?
Kumud got nervous.
S:She is happily married.

R:What?How could she leave a loving man like you and marry someone else?
Kumud’s heart was pricked.
S:It’s not her fault,she was innocent.It’s destiny that separated us.
R:But anyways she lost a gem like you.
Kumud struggled hard to control her tears.

Khushi went near Arnav.
K:Saras’ wedding is over.Right?Did’nt you bring me wedding sweets?
K:Too bad Arnav that you did’nt bring sweets for your classmate.And you know how much i love sweets.Especially jalebies.You know?I eat so much of jalebies that amma has restricted me from making jalebies in future.So i can eat jalebies only occasionally.I really craved for jalebies this time.But you did’nt bring me anything.Stupid guy.
A:There was no wedding.
A:Saras’ wedding did’nt happen.His fiance Juhi got murdered by her step father.
Khushi was shocked.
Arnav explained to her everything.He was very upset.
Arn:Among us,Saras was the softest sweetest guy since childhood.Then why is God always doing this to Saras?He does’nt deserve happiness at all?
Arnav’s tears started rolling down his cheeks.Khushi could’nt bear his tears.
K:No Arnav.
Suddenly she wiped his tears with her lips shocking Arnav.

Rabba ve….

Then she embraced him tight to console him.

Both of them drowned in unknown emotions.
Arnav felt solace in her warm skin.

Rabba ve…

They stood like this for a long time.

Slowly they broke their embrace.
He caressed her passionately.Khushi was lost in his eyes.

Both of them held each other softly.
A:Khushi,I need you always with me.You are my strength.When you are with me I forget all pain.Please don’t leave me and go.

She lost her control and embraced him again.They were locked in an emotional embrace.

Rabba ve…

Slowly Khushi moved away from him.He held her hand:Khushi…

K:Please leave me Arnav.Otherwise i will not be able to control myself again.
Arnav left his hand and ran away weeping.Arnav’s eyes were full of tears.

Anushka got a bill of gold ornaments’ from Vikrant’s pocket.
Anu:Wow!Vikrantji bought such an expensive gift for me?Can’t wait for that.
Vikrant came from the office.
Anu:Give me my gift Vikrantiji.

V:Which gift?
She thought:May be he wants to keep it as a secret and then surprise me.
V:Anu…get ready.We need to go to a place.
Anushka thought:Guess he is going to surprise me there.
Vikrant and Anushka went to a wedding hall.3 couples were there.
V:They are 3 orphan pairs.We will give them gold ornaments to wear for the marriage ceremony.I want you to make the brides wear these gold ornaments Anu.
Anushka was shocked.

Anushka made the brides wear those gold ornaments.She thought with irritation:I thought Vikrantji bought these for me.My fate is to make others wear the gold which I wished to wear.

Vikrant and Anushka reached home after the couples got married.
V:I felt so happy when you made the brides wear ornaments.
Anu:You are more happier to see other ladies wear your gold than your own wife wear your gold.Right Vikrantji?


Credit to: Jasmine Rahul

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