Pyar to hona hi tha2 Arshi Samud FF Part 15


Pyar to hona hi tha2 Part 15

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Danny and Arnav saw Kumud and were stunned.
D:That is Kumudji.Right?
Arnav:Yes Danny,She is Kumud.
Danny was shocked:Why is Kumudji here?
Arn:She is Arnav’s business partner Rudra Kapoor’s wife.She came along with him.
Arn:In fact Saras is marrying Juhi only because he is getting disturbed by Kumud’s come back like this in his life.He will get peace of mind only if there is a woman in his life to replace Kumud in his life.
Danny became upset:Poor Saras bhaiyya.He is suffering so much internally.
Suddenly Arnav’s eyes fell on Rishi and Guman.
He thought:Guess dad won’t recognize Kumud easily as he has seen her glimpses only on rare occasions when she was working with Saras.But Guman…if she sees Kumud she will create a drama here.
Suddenly Saras rang up Arnav.Arnav picked up the call.
Arn:Saras,we are in the same hall and still you are ringing me up?
S:I can’t move away.That’s why.Arnav..if Guman mom sees Kumud she may create misunderstandings between Rudra and Kumud .She may inform dad about Kumud’s presence and dad will misunderstand that I am still continuing my relation with Kumud.
Arnav thought:Still Saras is more concerned about Kumud’s life.
Arn:Ok Saras..We will do something.
Arnav cut the call.
Arn:Danny…dad and mom should not see Kumud….forget about dad.He is busy with his friends.But your mom…You can guess the consequences.Right?So please take her away.
D:You are right Arnav bhaiyya.Mom should not see Kumudji.I will divert her attention.
Danny went near Guman with a glass of juice and poured it on her shoulder.Guman turned back with anger:How dare you!
Seeing Danny:You?It was you?I thought it was a careless waiter.If it was someone else I would have slapped and fired him from the job for spoiling my costly saree.
D:Sorry mom.My hand got slipped.
Gum:Ok.But be careful.
D:Ok mom.
Gum:I will change my saree and come.
Suddenly her eyes fell on Kumud’s side.
Guman was shocked:Kumud?
Danny became nervous.
D:What nonsense mom.That’s not Kumud.How can it be Kumud?
Someone came in front of Kumud blocking Guman’s view.
Gum:I may be wrong.How can Kumud come here courageously?It can’t be Kumud.She will never dare to step inside this house.

Danny thought:Why did mom say like that?Was Arnav bhaiyya saying the truth that mom’s goons only attacked Saras bhaiyya and Kumudji brutally?
D:Mom,have you done anything because of which Kumudji is scared to come here?
Guman started sweating.She thought:Danny is doubting me?No.He should never know what I did to Saras and Kumud.
Gum:You know that your dad was against Saras and Kumud’s relationship as Kumud was not matching our status.I also supported dad as I also value our family reputation.Kumud knows that we are not fond of her.So she will hesitate to come here.Right?That’s what I meant.
Guman walked to her room.
Arnav,Danny and Saras were relieved.
Guman came back changing her saree.Kumud saw Guman and she became nervous.She tried to cover her face and went to Rudra.
Kum:Rudraji…please let us go back.
R:Why Kumud?
Kum:Let us go back fast Rudraji.No time.
R:No time?
Kum:I mean I forgot to make Shiv complete his project.Tomorrow is the last date.If he does’nt submit it tomorrow he will be punished by his teacher.
R:You are thinking so much about even the littlest things of Shiv.So sweet.Ok.We will leave.But let us go together and say bye bye to Saras.
Kumud thought:If Gumanji sees us together?Oh God!
Saras saw Guman back and got tensed.Saras looked at Danny.Understanding the situation Danny went near Guman.
D:Mom…you changed your saree so fast?
Gum:Yes.I am very fast at saree draping.
Danny made Guman engaged in his stupid talk.That time Rudra Kumud went near saras and bid good bye.Then they mde their way to the exit.
Gum:What silly things you are talking to me during the party Danny?You are sharing your childhood memories now with me?
D:Mom…and I did’nt do my homework…and my teacher gave me imposition.
Gum:Enough Danny.
She turned back.She saw Rudra Kumud going out.She saw only their back.
Gum:Her back also is just like Kumud’s.But ya…how can it be Kumud?
Danny,Arnav and Saras were relieved as there was no chance for the face off of Guman Kumud left.

Juhi came in front of Saras wearing a beautiful dress.
J:How is it Saras?Did you like it?I am thinking of wearing it for our Sangeet.
Saras looked at her.He could see only Kumud.He felt that it was Kumud in that attire.He could’nt believe his eyes.He was lost in her beauty in that attire.

Kuch na kahe bas chup rahe
Khamoshiyaan hee keh jaaye
Tham jaaye yeh jahan
Aur pal bhi thaher jaaye

He lost himself and went closer to here.Feeling him so close his imaginary Kumud closed her eyes.

He caressed her face passionately.His imaginary Kumud started responding to his romantic touch in the same passion.

Rahe na kuch bhi darmiya
Meete yeh saari dooriyaan
Milke bhi hai adhuri si
Yeh daastan

He moved towards her lips.Her lips shivering.

Rahe na kuch bhi darmiya
Meete yeh saari dooriyaan
Milke bhi hai adhuri si
Yeh daastan…..

Juhi was blushing.
Just before his lips touched hers suddenly he realized that it was Juhi,not Kumud.He moved backward.
S:Sorry Juhi…unknowingly I…
Juhi was shy:It’s ok Saras as we are going to get married soon.

Saras thought:Juhi thinks that it was my gesture of love.How can I tell her that it was my gesture of love for Kumud?
Juhi thought:Saras is falling for me.I am so happy.

Indra Rani fell off stairs.Kumud rain to her when she was crying of pain.
Indra got hospitalised.
Dr:Sorry to say that she is paralyzed. They were shocked.Indra burst into tears.

One month passed…
Kusum kept trying Shyam’s number for a month.But there was no reply.
Kusum cried:Shyamji…why did you cheat me?I loved you so much and I submitted blindly to you.I am the foll who believed that a reputed person like Shyamji will marry a blind girl like me.
Suddenly she felt like vomiting and she rushed to the wash basin and vomited there.
Kus:I missed my periods.Now I feel dizziness also.That means I am pregnant?
She burst into tears.

Kumud took care of Indra.Kumud was feeding her.Indra looked at her painfully.
Ind:Kumud…I tortured you a lot.Still you are taking care of me?You are not angry with me?

Kum:No Maaji.I don’t keep hatred in my mind for anyone.

Ind:You are too good Kumud.Wish I understood this earlier.
Kum:Maaji…don’t think about the past.While eating you should not cry.
Indra wiped her tears.
Kum:Now eat..
Ind:I will eat.But you should say that you forgave me.
Kumud smiled nodding her head.

Indra smiled.

The crying Kusum went near the pool near by the house.
Kus:Forgive me all.I have no other option left.
She jumped into the water.Kabir who came that way saw it with a shock.
He jumped into the water and rescued her.
She cried:Why did you save me?Let me die.
Kab:Stop it Kusum.
He wiped off her hair with his towel.
Kab:Go home and change your wet clothes immediately.Otherwise you will sick.
Kus:Let me die Kabir.
Kab:What made you think of suicide Kusum?You did’nt even think of your family once?
Kus:I thought of my family.For them only I did it.If I am alive they will have more pain.
Kab:Tell me Kusum.What’s your problem?I am your best friend.Right?Then why don’t you tell me?Since last month you are very gloomy.Tell why Kusum.
Kus:Because I am pregnant Kabir.

Kabir was shocked:What?

Who did this Kusum?
Kusum told him everything.He was shocked.
Kus:Now tell me how will I live?
Kab:Your life is not to be finished for that unfaithful creature Kusum.You need to live.I will make your parents understand.
Kusum was nervous.

Kabir informed this to Guptas.They were shocked and shattered.Garima started slapping Kusum.
Kabir held Garima’s hand:Don’t slap her Kaki.
Khushi:That Shyam has to be slapped.From the beginning itself I had felt that he was a fraud.
Sashi wept:It’s my fault.I made a big mistake by bringing him here.I should not have brought a stranger here.Khushi had warned me.But seeing Shyam’s fake love I did’nt suspect him and made him stay here to oer come financial crisis.
Kab:Now it’s not the time to blame anyone.Kaka…we should go and find out Shyam.

Khushi was upset thinking of Kusum.
Arnav noticed it and went near her.
Arn:Khushi…why are you upset?
K:Who said i am upset?I am not upset.
Arn:Don’t lie to me Khushi.Even if your tongue lies your eyes can’t lie to me.I love you and so I can read your mind and eyes.
Khushi lost her control and fell on his chest crying.He was stunned.

Rabba ve….


K:Arnav…everything is finished.

Slowly he embraced her back.

Arn:Khushi,what happened?

K:Our family is in distress Arnav.
A:What happened?

K:My sister Kusum was trapped in love by a fraud and now she is pregnant.
He was shocked.
A:Khushi,don’t cry.Very soon this problem will be solved.
K:Babuji has done in search of him.
A:Why?To get her married to him?No does’nt deserve Kusum and if you get her married to that monster her life will be even more worse than now.
K:But Arnav…her baby…he is her unborn baby’s father.
A:Just for the sake of that baby will you let her marry a devil and push her to a hell?
K:Then what will happen to Kusum and her baby?
A:I am sure that there will be someone better waiting for her.
K:But who?She is even blind.
A:I don’t know.But I feel that cheater should not be brought back to marry her.
Khushi was in dilemma.

Sashi and Kabir went in search of Shyam and got no clue about Shyam’s whereabouts.
Kumud and Anushka came visiting Guptas as they were informed about Kusum’s pregnancy.
Anu:Kusum,you did’nt even think once about us while getting into this trouble?
Khushi:First time a man showed love to her irrespective of her blindness.Naturally she fell for him. She did’nt know that he was fake.Even babuji and Amma could’nt understand that Shyam was bad.Then how could you expect Kusum to understand that Anu?
Kumud:Kusum…what is all this?
Kusum cried and hugged Kumud:Didi…
Sashi and Kabir went back after a week.
Garima:Did you meet Shyam?
Sashi:No.The address which Shyam gave was fake.He is not even working in the office he mentioned.
Garima cried bitterly:Now what will happen to my daughter?Her life is spoiled completely and what will happen to her unborn baby?
Kusum was in tears.
Kabir:Can I marry Kusum?
All were in shock.Kusum could’nt believe it.
Kab:I am willing to accept Kusum’s baby as mine.
Sashi:Kabir,do you know what you are saying?
Kab:Yes.Kaka…I am not saying this in haste.I have always loved Kusum and I always wanted to seek your permission to marry her.Now only i got the opportunity.
They could’nt believe it.
Kab:I am not rich.But I will take care of Kusum and her unborn baby with my love.
Sashi:You are so nice Kabir.
Kabir went near Kusum:Kusum…will you marry me?

Lafzon se jo tha pare
Khaalipan ko jo bhare
Kuchh tto tha tere mere darmiyaan

Kus:Kabir…why are you spoiling your life by marrying a pregnant blind girl?
Kab:I am not spoiling your life Kusum.Believe me.I really love you.I have always loved you.It’s just that I did’nt have the guts to confess my love before.Will you marry me Kusum?Please tell.

Rishte ko kya mod doon
Naata yeh abb tod doon
Ya phir yun hi chhod doon, darmiyaan
Benaam rishta woh…
Benaam rishta woh, bechain karta jo
Ho naa.. sake jo bayaan, darmiyaan

Kus:No Kabir,I can’t marry you.
Garima: Please marry Kabir at least for your parents’ sake and save our family reputation Kusum.
Kusum cried.
Kumud:Not for our reputation,but marry Kabir as he loves you a lot.
Khushi:You deserve Kabir’s love Kusum.Say yes.
Kusum was silent.
Kabir:Kusum,think well and take a decision.I will wait.
Kabir was about to go.Suddenly Kusum held his finger with hers.
Kabir looked at her unbelievingly.
Kus:I am willing to marry you Kabir.

Darmiyaan Darmiyan
Darmeyaan Darmeyan
Kuchh tto tha tere-mere darmiyaan

Kabir was very happy.All were relieved.
Kab:Kusum,i know that you don’t love me.But I am sure that my love will make you love me one day.
Kusum was stunned.

Kuch toh tha
Tere.. mere darmiyaan..(Jodi Breakers)

Khushi remembered Arnav’s words.
(A:I am sure that there will be someone better waiting for her.
K:But who?She is even blind.
A:I don’t know.But I feel that cheater should not be brought back to marry her.)

Khushi:I thought it was impossible.I found it hard to believe Arnav’s words.But his words have turned out to be true.What a miracle.
Khushi rang up Arnav.He was excited:Khushi!
K:Thanks Arnav.
K:Your tongue is so magical that it can make impossible thing possible.
K:You know?Your words came true.Kusum’s marriage is fixed with her best friend Kabir.He loves you a lot and is even willing to accept her unborn baby.
Arnav smiled:Really?To be frank I did’nt expect it to be so soon.
K:Anyways you are my lucky charm Arnav.I feel that because of your tongue this good thing happened.
Khushi giggled.

Arn:So you really think that my tongue was lucky for you?
Arn:So it’s because of my tongue that your family got this happiness.
K:May be.
Arn:So you should be grateful to me.
K:Ok..I am grateful.
She giggled.
Arn:Simply saying this is not enough.You should do something for me.
K:What should I do?
Arn:Come for a date with me.
She smiled.
Khushi pretended to be angry:I told you that I am not interested in your love and romance.
Arn:Hey Sanka Devi…I did’nt ask you to love me or romance with me.I just asked you to come with me for a date.
K:Are you sure that I should come with you?
Arn:Of course yes.
Khushi thought:I know what I am doing is not right..I am cheating my own family.But I can’t help it.Though I can’t get into a relationship with Arnav for my family happiness I at least want to spend some time with Arnav.
K:Ok I will come.
Arn:Then come near the bus stand.I will pick you up.
Khushi wore a nice salwar suit and waited at the bus stand.Arnav’s car reached there.He opened the window.Seeing Khushi his eyes shone.Khushi smiled.He opened the door for her and she got in.
Arn:I will take you to best restaurant and we will eat there.You will love the food there.
K:I won’t agree that star hotels are the best.The best restaurants are ones we see on road sides.
Arn:What the!
K:I bet.You want to try?
Arn:Khushi,we are on a date.We should not waste time in such low class restaurants.Understand?

K:If you eat from there you will never such restaurants low class.I will take you there.
Arn:No need.
K:How can you say no need?

I said because of your tongue my sister got a nice life.So I have to give you a treat and I will give you a treat there.
Arn:What the!
Suddenly Khushi saw a small restaurant at the road side.
K:Stop the car.
Arn:Oh no.
He stopped the car there.Khushi got down,but Arnav did’nt.She opened the door and dragged him out.
Arn:What are you doing?

K:Don’t yell at me.I am just taking you to eat food,that also the best food.Not to any jail.

Suddenly in the wind Khushi’s hair strands blew and fell on her forehead.Arnav tucked them behind her earlobe.

Khushi was stunned.Their eyes got stuck up to each others.

Rabba ve…

They broke the eye lock.
K:Let us go inside.
Khushi made him sit on the chair outside and she sat on the opposite side.
She ordered lots of snacks.
Arn:You expect me to eat all this?No way.

K:Yes you have to eat Mr.Arnav Singh Raizada.That’s why I brought you here.

They served them snacks.
Arn:I can’t.
Khushi frowned:I say eat.How dare you refuse to reject my treat!
Arn:Oh…she is crack for sure.
K:Did you say something?
Arn:No I will eat.
K:Good boy.
Khushi started eating like crazy.

Arnav observed it.Then he also started eating.Suddenly a smile appeared on his face.
They both eat like here is no world.
K:How was it Mr.Arnav Singh Raizada?
Arn:Good.Actually really good.You won the bet.The best food is here.If I had taken you to a star hotel our date would not have been this interesting.
She smiled.
Arn:Shall I ask you something.
Arn:Shall we have one more round?
They both giggled.They ordered again and finished that too.
After the date Arnav dropped her at the bust stand.
Arn:Thank you so much for coming with me for the date.
Khushi smiled:It was’nt a date actually.It was my treat for you.
Arn:Whatever it is I felt nice spending time with you.Thank you so much for making my day beautiful.
They both shared a sweet eye lock.

Rabba ve….

Credit to: Jasmine Rahul

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