Pyar to hona hi tha2 Arshi Samud FF Part 14

Pyar to hona hi tha2 Part 14
Kusum was upset.
Kus:Shyamji,I feel guilty.Did’nt we do wrong?

Shy:Kusum,we did’nt do anything wrong.What we did was out of love and remember I had filled your forehead with red colour which made you my wife.And don’t you trust me Kusum?

Kus:I trust you.
Shy:Then why are you scared?Ok…I will talk to your father today.
Kusum smiled.
Shy:Now happy?

Shyam went to Sashi:Sashiji…I want to talk to you.Very important matter.
Sashi:What is the matter beta?
Kusum overheard this.
Kus:Shyamji wants to talk to babuji about our marriage.
She blushed.
Shyam took Sashi to the ground and talked.

Kumari:Kusum didi,We will leave to the temple.Amma and Khushi didi are waiting for us.
Garima,Khushi,Kumari and Kusum left to the temple.

Khushi could’nt believe that there was Arnav near her in the temple.Arnav was staring at her.She was tensed whether others will see Arnav.Garima,Kumari and Kusum moved from that area.But Khushi stood there itself.
K:Why are you always following me Arnav?Why did you even come to this temple following me?

Arn:Stop It Khushi.Who told you that I have followed you?I did’nt even know that you were in this temple.Just now only I saw you.I can’t come to the temple to pray?
K:Sorry Arnav.Suddenly when I saw you here…

A:Why did you feel that I am following you?
Khushi was silent.
Arn:Because you feel that I walking behind you for your love and attention like crazy.Right?
Khushi was quiet.
A:Then listen Khushi…I am not going to beg you to accept my love.Why should I do that when you have no feelings for me?
Arnav and Khushi shared a painful eye lock.

Rabba ve….

Arn:But I won’t lie that I prayed for you to understand my love.
Khushi looked at him unbelievingly.
Arn:I can only do that when my beloved’s heart is made of stone.Right?
Khushi wept:Arnav!

They looked at each other painfully.

Rabba ve….

Khushi said in her mind:Wish I could run into your arms right now…this moment itself.
Arnav said in his mind:Wish at least now you shed off all your inhibitions and confessed your love.

Arn:Bye Khushi..
K:You are going?

A:First you asked me why I came here.Now you are asking me if I am going.What am I to do?Tell me Khushi.
Khushi was quiet.He walked off.She closed her eyes dipping her tears down.

Garima,Kusum,Khushi and Kumari returned from the temple in the evening.
Garima:Shashiji…. call Shyam.I will give prasad to him also.
Sashi:Shyam is not here now.
Garima:Where has he gone?
Sas:Last week he had told us that he got transfer to Bangalore.Right?
Garima:Yes.But he wanted to stay here till his accommodation gets ready there.
Kusum was shocked:Shyamji got job transfer to Bangalore?But he did’nt even give me a hint.
Sas:Today he got a call from his friend that his accommodation is ready and he was asked to join his new office immediately.So he had to leave all of a sudden.He was sad that he could’nt bid bye to you before leaving.
Kusum was shocked.
She thought:How can Shyamji leave without even telling me?He promised me that he will tell babuji about our marriage.But instead of telling that he just left?Was he cheating me?No he can’t cheat me.
Kusum became restless.

Kusum met Kabir.
Kus:Kabir…I need your help.Will you help me?

Kab:Is there any need to ask for that?Tell me what should I do for you?
Kus:I will give you a number.Can you dial the number for me?
Kab:Ya.But whose number is this?
Kus:I will tell that later.First you dial the number and give me.
It was Shyam’s phone number and Kabir dialied the number for her.He kept the phone close to his ears.
Kab:It’s ringing.

Kus:Then give me the phone.
She took it from her.Kusum’s heart beat to talk to him.But Shyam did’nt pick up the phone purposefully.
He smiled in an evil manner:Poor Kusum.
Kusum called him many times.Still there was no response.She burst into tears.
Kab:Kusum…what happened?Why are you crying?
She lost her control and embraced him.He was stunned as it was the first time she hugged him.He forgot everything and embraced her back.

Kuch toh tha
Tere.. mere darmiyaan..(Jodi Breakers)

Kab:Kusum,tell me what is bothering you?Whom were you calling?
Kus:Kabir…I will you tell you later.But now please don’t force me to tell you anything.
She tried to walk away.
Kab:Don’t go alone.I will drop you home.
Kus:No need Kabir.This is my place and each area is familar to me.I can reach my house easily.
Kusum walked away.
Kabir was restless:What is paining Kusum?I hope it’s nothing serious.

Rudra:Kumud,wear a nice saree.We are going for Saras’ engagement party.
Kumud was shocked:Saras is getting engaged?
Rudra:Yes.He is getting engaged to his childhood friend Juhi.He says that it’s an arranged marriage.But I feel it’s love marriage.
Kumud’s heart pained.
She thought:Why should I worry about Saras getting tied to another girl?I have moved on.Even Saras should settle down.

Saras Juhi’s engagement party…
Lavanya dressed up Juhi.
La:You my sis looks the prettiest.Saras jeeju is going to get flattered seeing you.
Juhi blushed.
La:Don’t waste time.Go near Saras jeeju.He must be dying to see you.
Juhi walked to Saras blushing.
Saras saw Akrosh Kashyap chatting with Rishikesh.
S:Look at him behaving as if he is the most happiest father in this world.No one knows that there is devil hiding behind his smile.
Juhi became upset.
J:And he can successfully hide his devilish face also.

Rudra,Shiv and Kumud came.
J:That is Kumud?
Rudra shook Saras’ hands:Wish you all the best for your future Saras.
Kumud:Wish you all the best Saras.

Saras and Kumud looked at each other painfully.

Arnav noticed it and felt sad for them.
He thought:Still they both love each other.What a fate!
Being conscious of the public Saras Kumud broke their eye lock.

Saras and Juhi exchanged rings.While exchanging rings Saras looked at Kumud painfully.Kumud was struggling hard to hide her pain.
Rudra:What a lovely pair.Right Kumud?Seeing their chemistry will anyone believe that their’s is not love marriage?
Kumud was so upset that she could’nt bear Rudra talk about Saras and Juhi’s chemistry.

Credit to: Jasmine Rahul


  1. akshaya

    Wow jasmine rahul superb episode yaar.loved arshi scenes the most. Feeling sorry for kusum . totally the episode is awesome. Waiting for ur next episode

  2. Jo

    Saras kumud split, I felt very bad for them. Arnav tried his best to express his love… I hope khushi should accept him.

  3. Piyali

    amazing……………………………………………………..really i am so tensed about kusum……………..i hope that shyamis punished badly and so it juhi’s so called father………………………………………i know kabir will surely support her………………yaar , really painful to see samud sad…………..hope they reunite soon……………………………..khushi when will you confess your feelings yaar………waiting for it……………………………..anushka-vikrant scenes in last eppisode were amazing………… read my comment there………….love you dear………….be happy…………..

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