Pyar to hona hi tha2 Arshi Samud FF Part 13


Pyar to hona hi tha2 Part 13

Due to public demand Juhi will be played by Krystle.
Special thanks to u Akshaya.Because 1st time u gave a detailed comment on this FF.I am very happy.Missing comments from Jo,Piyali and Ammu

Vikrant went near Anushka.
V:Anu..why are you not letting me colour you?
A:It’s just that I don’t like holi.Since everyone invited us only I came here.Otherwise I would not have attended this stupid holli celebration.

Vikrant became dull.Suddenly Anushka noticed his face.
A:By the way why your face is still clean?Nobody applied colour on you?
V:No.I did’nt let anyone do that.
A:Why?You like this crazy holi festival.Right?
V:Yes.But I wanted you to colour me first.
She was stunned:Oh…ok…then I will apply colour on your face.But don’t colour me.I hate it.
V:No need Anu.If you don’t like it I also don’t want to get coloured.We will celebrate Holi without colours.
She smiled:You are so sweet Vikrantji.
A:Thankyou Vikrantji for not forcing me to play with colours.Thank you so much for respecting my feelings.
He held her closer.
V:For me your happiness is the most important.

They shared a sweet eyelock.
A:But how will we celebrate holi without colours.
V:By dancing.
She smiled.
He held her hand and started dancing.

Arnav came back home.Guman observed him.
G:Where did Arnav go while Holi celebration is there at home?I feel there is something fishy.Was he with his drama co star Khushi?Why do I feel that something is brewing between them?

Rishikesh came:Arnav,where were you?
A:Dad,you lost right to question me when you married that lady.
R:Stupid boy!As a father I should know where you were.

A:I am not a kid dad.I am an adult.I just went to visit my friend.What is wrong in that?
R:There is nothing wrong in that.I just asked you.Saras had also gone for some other holi party.When he came back home I asked him and he said so.That’s it.Anyways we are also celebrating holi here.So be a part of it.
Saras came.
Guman came with a drink:Yes…be a part of the celebration dear.This is sweet milk.We made it specially for holi.

A:I don’t want it.Who knows if you have mixed poison in it?

Rishi lost his temper:Arnavvvvvvvvvvvvv!Talk with respect.
Saras:Arnav…I also drank this.It was good.You drink it.You will feel fine.
Saras took it from Guman and handed it over to Arnav.Rishi went away.Guman smiled wickedly thinking:Poor Arnav does’nt know that I have mixed bhang in it.Now I will be able to understand if he is hanging around with his drama co star behenji Khushi or not.
Arnav kept it on the table:I don’t feel like drinking Saras.On the way I had dinner from outside and my stomach is full.Good night.
Arnav walked off.

Guman got irritated:Oh plan got flopped.
Saras took the glass and drank it.
G:Oh no.The wrong person drank it.
Saras became drowsy and started murmuring:Kumud…Kumud…
Guman got irritated:Saras is still madly in love with that stupid Kumud.Though they are away from each other he can’t forget her at all.

After a few days….

Rudra went near Kumud:Kumud,wear a nice saree.We are going for a party.
Kumud took a simple saree from the cupboard.
R:You are going to wear this saree?
K:You did’nt like it?
R:It’s good.But it does’nt suit this occasion.I will give you another saree.
He took a navy blue saree from the cupboard and gave her:This is Shilpa’s saree.She used to look very pretty in this saree.
K:But just because Shilpa used to look pretty in this saree how can you make sure that I will also will look nice in this saree?
R:Anything will look good on you Kumud.So please wear this.
Kumud came wearing it.

Rudra was lost in her beauty.

Khamoshiyan aawaaz hain
Tum sun’ne to aao kabhi
Chhukar tumhe khill jaayengi
Ghar inko bulaao kabhi

He felt that it was Shilpa who was coming in that saree.

Flash back…
Shilpa came wearing a navy blue saree.Heart shaped balloons were flying around her..Rudra was lost in her:You look so beautiful Shilpa.
She blushed:Happy wedding Anniversary.
He smiled.
S:You forgot to wish me happy anniversary.
R:When I see your beauty I forget everything.
She blushed.
He pulled her closer:You made our anniversary beautiful Shilpa.
S:It’s because of our love Rudra.

He leaned towards her sensually making her blush.


Kumud:Am I ok?
R:Yes.Absolutely fine.
K:Then why did you stare at me?

He was embarrassed.
K:I thought you did’nt like me in this saree.
R:Nothing like that. In fact you look very this saree.I was reminded of Shilpa.
K:Can I ask you some thing?You love Shilpa a lot.Still you don’t feel any problem while sharing her saree with me?
R:No.You and Shilpa are alike for me.
Rudra just realized what he said.
He thought:What did I say?How can Kumud be as same as Shilpa?
R:I mean..Shilpa is Shiv’s mother and you are also Shiv’s mother.Shiv’s mother’s position is most important. Both of you love Shiv in the same way.
K:How was Shilpa?
Rudra looked at her eyes:Just like you.A beautiful pure angel like you.I feel Shilpa and you are same.When I see you I feel that Shilpa is standing before me as if Shilpa came back alive as you.
He could’nt take his eyes off her.

Khamoshiyan.. teri meri khamoshiyan
Khamoshiyan.. lipti hui khamoshiyan(Khamoshiyan).

Kumud lowered her eye lashes:Is it time for us to leave?

R:Yes.We will leave.

Rudra took Kumud for an official party where again she met Saras.She was stunned.Saras got blossomed seeing her.
Rudra:Meet Saraswati Chandra.You remember seeing him at the Holi party.Right?My new Business Partner.
Kumud thought:How can I forget Saras so easily?
R:Saras… my wife Kumud…
Saras:Rudra…I remember her very well.I ca never forget her.
Kumud was tensed.
S:I meant I can’t forget Kumud because unlike the modern wives of other Business tycoons Kumud is very simple.So no one can forget her quickly.
Rudra smiled:You are right Saras.Kumud is very simple and traditional and that’s what I like about her.
Rudra smiled at Kumud.She smiled slightly.
Rudra:You know Kumud?If our new project is so successful,it’s because of Saras.He really worked hard.
Kumud smiled.
R:You guys talk.I will order juice and come.Which drink do you want Kumud?
Saras:Kumud wants Lemon juice.
Suddenly Saras realized what he said.Kumud started sweating.
R:How do you know that Kumud wants lemon juice?
S:I mean most of the ladies prefer lemon juice.
R:Is it true Kumud?
K:Rudraji,please don’t order any juice for me.I don’t feel like drinking anything.
R:Ok.I will order for me and Saras.Saras definitely likes cola.Right?
Saras smiled.Rudra went to order drinks.
S:Kumud….I am surprised to know that you are Rudra’s wife.
Kumud kept quiet.

S:Happy to see you.You are fine.Right?
K:Yes,I am absolutely fine.

Music was played for the couples to dance.
Rudra started dancing with Kumud.
Hey zu hmm hmm hmm hmm
Hey hey hey hey hey hey

Saras became dull seeing Kumud.He was staring at Kumud sadly.

Ab mujhe raat din tumhara hi khayal hain
Ab mujhe raat din tumhara hi khayal hain

Kumud’s eyes were also on Saras while dancing with Rudra.Saras felt very uncomfortable,so as Kumud.
Kya kahu pyaar mein deewano jaisa haal hain
Deewano jaisa haal hain tumhara hi khayal hain

Ho ho aa ha ha ha la la la la la la
Ab mujhe raat din tumhara hi khayal hain
Kya kahu pyaar mein deewano jaisa haal hain
(Sonu Nigam’s Deewana).

Saras turned off his face not being able to bear their dance anymore.Very soon Saras left the party painfully which was understood by Kumud.But she was numb.

Saras reached the Raizada door which was opened by a girl.
She:Hi Saras!

He was stunned.
She blushed.
Juhi is Lavanya’s sister.
Rishikesh came:Juhi will be staying here with us.
R:Because I don’t want you to be in grief like Devdas.I am sure that Juhi’s presence will help you to recover from this trauma.
Saras:Why don’t you tell directly dad that you want to fix my marriage with Juhi?
R:What is wrong in that?
Arnav:Dad,you separated Saras and Kumud with your evil wife and now you are thinking of uniting Saras and Juhi?No way.
Saras:No Arnav.Dad is right.I am willing to marry Juhi.
Juhi was surprised.Rishikesh was very happy.Guman could’nt believe it.
Gum:How could Saras obey Rishi to marry the girl of his choice?
Arnav:Saras,still you are obeying dad?
S:No Arnav.I am not simply obeying dad.I said what we felt like.
Saras went away.Arnav followed him.
Arn:Saras,listen to me.
S:I am fed up Arnav.I feel that I am being burnt alive when I see Kumud with Rudra.
S:During one party only I realized that my business partner Rudra’s wife is Kumud.
Arnav was shocked.
S:Since then i have been seeing Kumud and Rudra together at various occasions.I know it’s wrong to still love Kumud as she is someone else’s wife now.I want to forget Kumud.For that I need to get married soon.If it is Juhi then what’s the problem?I know Juhi since childhood.She is a nice girl.If she is ready to accept me knowing my past why should I reject her just because she is dad’s choice?
Arn:If that’s your choice,it’s fine.

Juhi came:Sorry for disturbing you all.But i need to talk to Saras.
Arnav went out.
J:Saras,are you really sure about marrying me?
S:Yes if you are ready.
J:Then you should know a dark secret of mine.Then you decide whether you want to marry me or not.
J:You all know me as the eldest daughter of my father Akrosh Kashyap.But the truth is that I am not his real daughter and not Lavanya’s real sister.
Saras was shocked.
J:I am my late mother Rekha’s daughter from her first marriage.After my father’s death my mother married my step father Akrosh Kashyap.
Saras was in complete shock.
J:You are shocked?This is not the real shock Saras.The real shock is coming up.My mother died after Lavanya’s birth.After that Akrosh so called dad never loved me.He loved me only in public to show that he is an ideal father.Lavanya who loves me as a real sister is also unaware of this bitter truth.Infact he was very cruel.He tortured me secretly.Do you know how?When his business was down he sent me to big rich men for the improvement of his business.
Juhi’s eyes were full of tears.

Saras was shocked:Means?
J:He made me a pr*stitute when I was 15 years old.And I could’nt even react being scared of him.Till now I have not told this truth to anyone.But as you are planning to marry me you should know this truth.
Saras was shocked.He bit his teeth in anger.
S:I can’t believe that the person I respected a lot was a monster.

Juhi… don’t worry.We will expose him and get him jailed.
J:Please no Saras. I am scared of public.They will taunt me.It’s not easy for a girl.Though I am innocent people will tag me as a whore.And Lavanya who loves her father a lot will be broken.Please promise me Saras that you won’t tell this to anyone.
S:Ok Juhi.I will keep it confidential.I won’t disclose it to others
J:Akrosh should not know that i revealed the truth to you.So please behave as if you are unaware of all this.
J:Akrosh was not happy when Rishi uncle wanted me to be his daughter in law as he does’nt like me getting a good proposal.But Rishi uncle forced him to get me here.And Akrosh cannot say anything against it as it will get him exposed in front of his own friend.To be frank though Rishi uncle is keeping me here to bring us closer I feel secure and safe here as I am away from that devil Akrosh.Now tell me Saras…are you ready to marry me after knowing that I used to be a whore.
S:Don’t say that you are a whore.It is not your fault.It’s your step father who did that cruelty to you.And still I say that I will marry you.
Juhi was very happy:You are great Saras.
S:No Juhi.I am not great,but a selfish person who is marrying you only to forget my past.But I promise that I will try my best to be a good husband.
J:You accepted me even though i have a dark past.You are a God for me.So i will love you so much that you will forget your past and start loving me.
Saras was in pain.
He thought:Loving someone else?Is it possible for me?

Arnav and Khushi performed in the drama fest.They lived the romantic scenes.They forgot themselves while doing intimate scenes.They were brought back to senses and moved away from each other when the audience clapped hands.

They result was announced and their team won the first prize.Arnav Khushi and the other team members received the trophy together.
Arnav and Khushi went to the back stage.
K:Very happy as we won.
Arn:One more news to be happy.Saras is getting engaged to Lavanya’s elder sister Juhi.
K:That’s nice.
Arn:That means Lavanya is going to become our close relative and sometimes our life may become like the movie Hum aapke hain kaun.
K:How does your life become Hum aapke hain kaun?
Arn:Brothers marrying sisters.
Khushi did not know what to say.Her heart was pricked.

Arn:Saras and I marrying the Kashyap sisters.Interesting.Right?
Khushi became upset.
Arn:Did you feel upset?

K:No.Why should I be upset?
Arn:If you hide your pain and be indifferent you life will be full of pain Khushi.

Khushi became upset.
Arn:I thought at least now you will say that I am only yours,you won’t let me marry anyone else.But no.I was wrong.You can never love me.I am foolish to think that you love me and one day you will accept me wholeheartedly.
Arnav and Khushi were struggling hard to control their tears.

Arnav walked away from her.
Arnav and Khushi were upset.

Kyun Khwabon Pe Tere Saaye Hai,
Dil Kyun Hai Tanha Mera,
Kyun Khamoshi Hai Zubaan pe meri,
Ashkon se keh paun na,
Kyun Dard Hai Itnaaa,
Tere Ishq Main,
Rabba Ve Rabba Ve
Rabba Ve Rabba ve.

Credit to: Jasmine Rahul

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