Pyar to hona hi tha2 Arshi Samud FF Part 12


Pyar to hona hi tha2 Part 12

Indra entered Kumud’s room:Kumud,within a few minutes your so called son will be totally against you.He will hate you so much that he won’t even want to see your face.Rudra loves his son more than anything else.For his son,Rudra will push you out of this house.
Indra showed an evil smile and left the room.Kumud lost all her strength and started crying.

Shiv:Papa,dadi told me that the lady in this photograph is my real mother.Is it true papa?
Rudra stared at Indra:Maa,you stooped so low that you even tried to poison this small kid?
Indra:He should know the truth.I just told him the truth.
Shiv:Tell papa…tell…
Rudra became upset.He did’nt know what to say.
Shiv started crying:Then where is she?
R:She is not in this world Shiv.She died.
He cried bitterly.
R:Don’t cry Shiv.And you should not hate Kumud mumma.She loves you very much.
S:I am crying because Kumud mumma is not my real mother.Why did’nt God make me her real mother papa?
R:You did’nt come from Kumud mumma’s abdomen.But still God made her your mumma.No one loves you as much as Kumud mumma loves you.You should love her.
Shiv wept:I know papa.Mumma loves me a lot.I also love her.
Shiv was relieved.
R:Then go to mumma.
S:Yes papa.
R:Wipe your tears and go.Mumma will be sad if she sees you cry.

Kumud was crying.Suddenly she felt a soft touch on her cheek.She was surprised to see Shiv wiping off her tears.
Kum:Shiv beta…
S:Don’t cry mumma.Don’t you know that I don’t like to see your tears.
Kumud smiled through tears in her tears:No beta.Mumma won’t cry.
S:Mumma,can I tell you something?

Kum:Yes beta.
S:I love you a lot and you are the best mumma in this world.
Kumud became so happy that Kumud hugged and kissed Shiv.
Seeing this Rudra smiled and Indra fumed with anger.
R:See poison can have effect on Shiv.Because Shiv and Kumud love each other a lot.
Indra left from there angrily.

Rudra:Shiv,get ready to go for swimming class.
Shiv went to get ready.
R:See Kumud…Shiv is only yours.No one can separate him from you.You are his real mother.
Kumud smiled.
K:Rudraji…how did Shiv’s mother…?Sorry if I have hurt you.
Rudra became emotional.
R:Shilpa used to love me unconditionally.She married a handicap like me.She did’nt take Maa’s taunts to heart only for me.She always had a smiling face.She was waiting to see our baby.But unexpectedly during the last stage of pregnancy unexpected complications were there.During the delivery time she was very weak.
Flash back…
Shilpa gave birth to a baby boy.
Rudra sat near Shilpa showing her the baby:Shilpa…look at our baby.
She looked at her baby happily:My baby for whom I waited for months.

She could’nt hold the baby as her hands were shivering.But she kissed his forehead emotionally.
S:Rudra,name him Shiv as I believe that Lord Shiv only gave me a husband like you.
Rudra became emotional:Shilpa!
Tears filled her eyes.

Tears were rolling down while her eyes were blinking.Suddenly her eyes stopped blinking.Rudra got tensed:Shilpa!

He held her hand and found it motionless.He cried loudly:Shilpaaaaaaaaaa

Rudra’s eyes were full of tears.
K:I am sorry.I hurt you.
R:No Kumud.You need to know about my past too as we are husband wife now.
Kumud took a kerchief and started wiping his tears.His eyes stuck up to hers.

Khamoshiyan.. teri meri khamoshiyan
Khamoshiyan.. lipti hui khamoshiyan

Shyam circled his arms around Kusum’s waist romantically.
Kus:Shyamji,what are you doing?
Shy:Kusum,don’t you love me so close to you?
She blushed.
Shy:Kusum.though i did’tnt tell you anything I thought you understood everything.
Kus:Shyamji,you mean…?
Shy:Yes Kusum…I love you a lot.
Kusum became happy and emotional.
Kus:But I am blind.You are perfect.We don’t make a good match.

Shy:No Kusum.You are perfect for me.Your heart is what attracted me.I can see things.My eyes are enough for both of us.
Kus:But shyamji…
Shy:Don’t say you don’t love me.I can’t bear a negative reply from your side.
Kus:Even though i am blind my positive response is that important for you?
Shy:Yes.Because you are the most important thing in my life Kusum.
Kusum became very emotional:I love you too Shyamji.
Kusum went into his arms.He had an evil smile on his face.
While embracing her Shyam thought:First I got into Kusum’s good books by helping her and praising her.Now Kusum is completely trapped in my fake love.Now things have become easier.

Kabir was smiling thinking of Kusum.Devyani smiled:Thinking of Kusum?
Kabir smiled.
Devyani:Why don’t you tell her that you love her a lot?
Kab:Feeling nervous.If she says no even our friendship will also be affected.
Devy:Why should she reject you?She likes you a lot.
Kabir became shy:I will propose her on Holi.
Devayani smiled:I can’t wait for your wedding with Kusum.

Holi party at the Kapoor compound…
Kumud and Shiv were throwing colours at each other and enjoying.She saw a man entering their compound with a shock.He was also shocked seeing her.
Rudra:Kumud..This is Saraswatichandra, my new Business partner.saras…this is Kumud.My wife.
Their heart bet fast.
R:I will come now.
Kumud’s hand shivered and the colour powder plate tilted and a little bit of colour powder fell on his face.

Kuch na kahein, bas chup rahein
Both were stunned.
They shared an eye look.

Khamoshiyan hi keh jaaye

She lowered her eye lashes.

Saras applied colour on Kumud’s cheek:Happy Holi Kumud.

Tham jaaye, yeh jahaan

Kumud :Happy holi Saras.

Aur pal bhi, theher jaaye

S:I did’nt know that Rudra was your husband.Anyways you are lucky.Rudra seems to be a nice man.
Kumud smiled slightly.

Rudra came back.He remembered his past holi with Shilpa.
Flash back…
Shilpa threw colour at him and began to run away.Suddenly he pulled her back and put colour on her laughing.

Shilpa drank baang.Rudra carried her in his arms and placed her on the bed.She murmered under baang effect:I love you Rudra.

He smiled:I love you too Shilpa.
She opened her eyes properly:You thought I drank baang?No.I was pretending to be drunk.
S:So that you will bring me to our room.So that we can spend some private moments.
R:Otherwise we will be stuck in crowd and won’t be able to celebrate holi together.And Maaji will not let us together in public.
Rudra smiled:Smart girl.Though Maa does’nt let us together in front of her we will be always together secretly.
He puller her closer romantically.She blushed.

.Rudra’s eyes fell on Kumud. He took a pinch of colour powder and applied it on Kumud’s cheeks:Happy Holi wife.
Kumud smiled:Happy holi.

Khamoshiyan aawaaz hain
Tum sun’ne to aao kabhi
Chhukar tumhe khill jaayengi
Ghar inko bulaao kabhi

R:Won’t you colour me back?

Beqarar hain baat karne ko
Kehne do inko zaraa..

Kumud coloured his cheek.His eyes got stuck up to hers.He felt an unknown happiness when Kumud coloured his cheek.

Khamoshiyan.. teri meri khamoshiyan
Khamoshiyan.. lipti hui khamoshiyan(Khamoshiyan).

Seeing them colouring each other saras burned with jealousy.

Vikrant and Anushka came to the Gupta house for the holi celebration.
Kumari:Anushka didi,you look so simple.I thought since you married the rich man of your dreams. you would wear the costliest dress.
Anushka became dull.She thought:What all did I dream?But Vikrant prefers to see me in the simplest attire.

Danny rang up Kumari:Hello…Happy Holi.
Kumari:Happy Holi to you too Danny.
D:How are you celebrating holi?
Kumari:Now I am studying?
D:Oh Kumari…this book worm won’t change at all.
Kumari:What did you say?
D:Nothing,I was saying that you are doing a good thing by studying.
Kumari:Is it?Then why don’t you also do that good thing by studying?

D:Oh Kumari…whenever you see me or hear me you advise me to study.At least on Holi you stop advising me to study and think about colouring me.
Kumari giggled:Ok Danny.I am not advising you as my advise never gets into your head.
D:Oh…you are always teasing me.
Kumari:Ok baba…you want me to colour you.But how is it possible as we both are not together now?
D:Simple.Come to my imagination and colour me.
She laughed:You are crazy.You do one thing.You sit and imagine celebrating Holi with me.I have to study.So bye.
She cut the call.
D:Oh no…
Suddenly he saw Kumari near him with a pinch of colour powder.He was surprised.Slowly she coloured his cheek.He coloured her back.
D:Happy Holi darling.

Suddenly he realized that it was his imagination.
He smiled:So finally you came to my imagination to colour me.

Khushi came to Kumari’s room.
K:Are you still studying?Get ready for the holi celebration.
Kumari:Please didi…let me study.
Khushi:No excuse on Holi.So bye bye to studies today.
She closed Kumari’s book and took her to the ground to celebrate holi.

Khushi was shocked to see Arnav.
K:Devi maiyya…am I dreaming?
She pinched her hand and it pained her:Ahhhhhhhhhh!
Arnav laughed:You are not dreaming silly girl.I am here.
K:Why did you come here?
A:To colour you.It is my right to colour you first.
K:Are you mad?If anybody sees you?
A:So that’s the problem?Not because I am here.Then I will solve the problem.
He grabbed her hand and went to an area where no one was seen.
K:Where are you taking me to?
Arnav held her hand:Please Khushi,colour my cheek.

K:Why should I?
A:Please Khushi.It’s my only wish.I won’t force you for anything else.Today is holi.You should not hurt anyone.

Hesitatingly Khushi coloured Arnav’s cheek.
Suddenly Arnav runned his cheek against her cheek and her cheek got coloured.

Rabba ve….

She touched her cheek.
Rabba ve….

Coming back to senses she blasted at him:How dare you?

Arnav smiled in a naughty manner: Then what did you think of me?That I will simply go after your colour my cheek?This is Arnav.

He waved his hand at her and walked off.She blushed.
Rabba ve….

Kabir went towards Kusum and applied colour on her cheek.She blushed.

Lafzo se jo tha bare
Khali ban ko jo bare

Kuch toh tha
Tere mere

He kept looking at her blush.

Rishte ko
Kya mod doon
Na tha yeh ab tod doon
Ya phir yun hi chod doon

She said in her mind:Shyamji!
Kus:It was Kabir?Not Shyamji?
Kus:I thought it was someone else.
Kusum said in her mind:I thought it was Shyamji as I was expecting him to colour me first.
Kus:Not anyone special.But I didn’t feel that it was you.
Kab:First time you didn’t recognize me.
Kus:Sorry Kabir.
Kab:Leave it.Won’t you colour me back?
Kabir gave her the colour powder plate and she coloured him.

Kab:I want to tell you something.



Kuch toh tha
Tere.. mere darmiyaan..(Jodi Breakers)

Kumari came:Kusum didi,you are here.Come lets play holi.
Kumari pulled her away leaving Kabir dull.
Kab:Oh!Could’nt confess her my love.

Kusum :Kumari,I am not in a mood to play.I am having head ache.Can you please take me home?
Kumari dropped her home and went back.Kusum walked to Shyam’s room with much difficulty.
Shyam smirked:I knew that she will come in search of me if I don’t go near her.She can’t stay without me.
Kus:Why did’nt you come for the holi celebration?
Shy:I don’t like Holi…throwing colours at each other.Where are others?
Kus:All are celebrating.Only we both are here.
Shy:Why did you come back?
Kus:To be with you.To celebrate holi with you.
She put the colour she had in her hand on him.
Shyam smiled and went closer to her:You love me that much?
Kus:More than myself.

He smiled:Love you Kusum.
He touched her face passionately.
Kus:Shyamji,this is wrong.We are not married yet.
Shy:Why Kusum?Why are you distancing me from you?

We will get married soon.Very soon I will ask your father to get us married.
Kus:But still we are not married.
He took red colour from her face and filled her partition of hair with it.
Shy:I have marked you as my wife with this red colour.Now we are married.This is our suhaag raat.
She blushed.
He carried her to the bed and acquired her body hungrily.

Credit to: Jasmine Rahul

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