Pyar to hona hi tha Love had to happen Arshi Samud SS Part 6

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Pyar to hona hi tha Love had to happen Part 6
Guman went to Arnav pretending to be sad.
Gum:Arnav beta…do you have pain?
Arn:Now I am alight mom.
Gum:Did that Shyam really hurt you?
Gum:How dare he hurt you?

Beta…before marriage itself if he can go to this extent,if you marry Khushi what will he do?For your good I am telling you as for me you are more important.Don’t obey your dad by marrying Khushi.Break this alliance.
Arnav stared at Guman:I don’t kow what Shyam is going to do.But I am not scared.So even though I don’t love Khushi I will marry her as dad’s happiness is more important for me.
Gum:But Arnav…
Arn:Mom…lt me take rest.It’s better not to discuss it.
Guman became dull.She left the room with disappointment.

Danny and Kumari took part in the dance drama competition in college.She danced as Radha.

Danny did another classical dance as Lord Krishna.

Kumari’s team won the competition.
Danny went up to her.
DANNY:Like always this time also you won the competition.Congrats.
He kept looking at her face.
KUMARI:You want to say anything more?
DANNY:You are lucky.I wish I would be able to share your luck.
KUMARI:Why do you want to share my luck?You are so lucky that you have a wonderful father.I don’t have father.

Danny became dull.

KUMARI: Since childhood days I have been watching my mother suffer because of my father.He wasso cruel to my mother.Later we both got escaped from him.But still I wish my father had been nice to us.

Her eyes were full of tears.He felt sad and wiped her tears.She looked at him deeply.He was embarrassed and walked away.Kumari was confused.

A festival in the temple.
Kumari:There is a happy news.It’s festival time.So we are allowed to do skits on classics.Let us take part.
Vidyachatur:Let Danny and Kumari take part.They both are artists.
Danny-Kumari smiled.
Guman got angry thinking:Danny and Kumari as a pair?No way.My son can get only this village girl?
Kusum:That’s not fair.Always it’s Kumari who does programmes.This time there should be change.
Kuma:Ya.I understand.It’s ok as I am tired of the recent dance drama rehearsal I had in my college.
Danny became dull.He thought:I lost a nice chance to do a programme with Kumari.
Laxminandan:Arnav and Khushi will do.
Arnav-Khushi were shocked.
A:What are you saying dad?I can’t act.
L:You can learn beta.
Khushi:But Kaka…even I don’t know to act.
L:You both can do a classic love story.Automatically you guys will act.
Khushi thought:Kaka doesn’t know that hisson doesn’t like me.Then how will he be able to do a romantic skit with me?
Kum:That’s good.Let Arnav jeejaji and Khushi didi do Heer Ranjha.
Everybody clapped their hands.

Kumari and Danny made Arnav-Khushi rehearse.But they got fed up.
Danny:What is this?You both are so emotionless that no one will believe that you both are a couple.
Arnav-Khushi looked at each other.Khushi was upset.
Kumari:I am also fed up.What ever…let us see on spot.

Finally Heer Ranjha skit on stage…..

Arnav as Raanjha held Khushi who was Heer.They both looked at each other’s eyes.Arnav as Ranjha came closer to Khushi.She could feel his breath.Arnav struggled hard to control himself.

“Heer…i can’t live without you.We will live together”.
She became emotional:We will die together”.
In the climax scene Heer(Khushi) ate the poisoned laddoo and died.Raanjha(Arnav)was shocked to see her dead.He placed her head on his lap and looked at her deeply.
Arnav was lost in Khushi’s sweet face.

Suddenly he thought:My God!Why i am losing my concentration seeing Khushi?What is happening to me?

I am Raanjha now.
As Raanjha he cried:Heer…wake up….

He ate the poisoned Laddu which Heer had eaten and died by her side.

Everybody became emotional seeing the tragedy.
Danny-Kumari were surprised.
D:How did they do so well on stage?During rehearsals they were hopeless.
Kuma:That is Arnav jeejaji and Khushi didi’s magic.

The curtain fell down.Arnav-Khushi opened their eyes and looked at each other.

Arnav Khushi got up.Khushi tried to walk away.He held her hand.

She looked at him in disbelief.He left her hand.
They went out.All came towards them.
Vidyachatur and Laxminandan were in tears.
V:Never do such a tragedy again.I can never see you both like this.
L:Wewant both of you to live together happily,not die together sadly.
Arnav-Khushi looked at each other sadly.

Arnav-Saras in their room.
S:To be frank when I saw the skit I felt you both are really in love.Nobody will believe that you don’t love Khushi.
It pricked Arnav’s heart.

Khushi was thinking of what Vidya and Laxmi said about them after the skit. She was very upset.
K:How can I tell them that we are not meant to live or die together.Our bond is only for 6 months.

Kumud came and sat near her.
K:Khushi….seeing the skit everyone can understand how much Arnav loves you.You are lucky.
Khushi tried to hide her pain.
Kumud thought:At least Khushi got her love.

Kumud was standing at the balcony.Saras went to her.
K:Why are you after me Saras?
S:Kumud,I came here to tell you that tomorrow morning we all except Danny are returning to Mumbai.

Kumud felt sad.She hid her pain.
K:So what?
Wind blew…her hair strands fell on her face.Saras held her hair strand

and kept it behind her earlobe.Kumud looked at him in disbelief.

Then she pushed his hand.
K:You have no right to touch me Mr.Saraswatichandra Vyas.Because you are not my fiancé.
Kumud burst into tears.
Saras became upset.

K:I don’t want to talk to you.Please go.

He left silently.He was very sad.
He thought:Am I doing the wrong thing?

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