Pyar to hona hi tha Love had to happen Arshi Samud SS Part 5

Thanks to Shifa,Piyali,.Jo,Deepika.If there is any silent reader I request them to comment.
In season2 Juhi was played by Krystle.But in this SS Juhi is played by Asha Negi.Guys…remember in this story since Khushi is a village girl she wears ghagras like Kumud.I’ve given Rangrasiya look to Khushi in this SS.
Pyar to hona hi tha Love had to happen Part 5
Saras:Her name is Juhi.She was my college mate.
Kumud:No.You are lying just to get rid of me.
S:When you see her directly you will believe me.
Saras walked away.
Kumud was frustrated.Tears flowed from her eyes.

While walking Arnav saw Shyam on the way.Arnav got angry and went to him.
A:You are Shyam.Right?
A:How dare you hurt Khushi?If she doesn’t love you why do you want to be after her?
S:Who are you to question me?What right do you have?
A:I have full right on Khushi.Because I am her fiancé.Arnav chandra Vyas.
Shyam was shocked.
Arnav pulled his shirt’s collar.
A:If you hurt Khushi,I will not leave you.
Suddenly Shyam punched him.Arnav punched him back.

Kumari ran to Khushi.
Kuma:Khushi didi…Arnav jeejaji is being attacked by Shyam.
Khushi was shocked.

Khushi ran out.

She saw Shyam punching Arnav.
She screamed:Shyammmmmmmmmmm!
Shyam looked at Khushi.
K:How dare you hurt Arnav?If you touch him again there won’t be anyone worse than me.
Arnav stared at Khushi.


K:I know you and Arnav very well.
Khushi slapped Shyam.He was shocked.
Shy:You are doing a big mistake Khushi.You will regret.
Shyam walked off.
Khushi looked at Arnav painfully.
K:Arnav,are you ok?
A:Yes Khushi.
Arnav was surprised by Khushi’s concern for her.

Arnav found it difficult to walk.Khushi held his hand.Their eyes locked onto each other.

Rabbe ve….

She helped him to walk.They reached their house.All were shocked.
Arn:I am ok dad.
Vidya:Who did this?
They were shocked.
Guman:Who is Shyam?
V:There is a dirty man after Khushi.He…
Guman had an evil smile on her face.
V:Khushi…you bring the first aid box.
Vidyachatur and Laxminandan made him sit in his room.
They left.Arnav removed his shirt.Khushi brought the first aid box.
She took ointment and put it on his wounds.
Arnav suppressed his pain.
K:You have pain?
Arnav looked at her deeply and said in his mind:All pain has gone in a second seeing your concern for me.

K:If you need any help you call me.
A:Kushi…i am not going to be your real husband.Then why do you care for me?
K:If Shiv Dev blesses you will get the answer one day.

Arnav was confused.
Khushi walked away.

Kumud saw Saras’ reflection on the mirror.She turned back.

K:What do you want Saras?
S:Kumud…come near the river after an hour.
S:I want you to meet some one.
Kumud gave a questioning look.
Saras left the room.

After an hour Kumud went near the river.There she saw Saras with a stylish girl.
S:This is Juhi.My….girl friend.
Kumud was shocked.
Juhi smiled:Hi Kumud.

S:You were not willing to believe me when I told you that there is some one else in my life.Right?That’s why I asked her to come here.
J:Sorry Kumud.Because of me…
K:No need to say anything.
Kumud was struggling hard to control her tears.Juhi and Saras looked at each other.
J:Saras…I am going.We will meet later.
Juhi walked away.
Kumud was broken down into tears.Her tears tore his heart.
Unknowingly his hand reached her cheeks to wipe away her tears.
She held his hand.
K:Why do you want to wipe my tears?Do you have answer Saras?

Saras took his hand back.Kumud ran away crying.
He thought:Why her tears hurt me?
He turned back.He was shocked to see Arnav.
A:What is this Saras?I know that you don’t love Juhi.Then why did you lie that Juhi is your girl friend?
S:Kumud loves me a lot Arnav.She is really hurt by my decision not to marry her.If she doesn’t feel that I belong to someone else she will continue loving me and spoil her life.
A:You hurt her by introducing Juhi.You made her cry.Then why did you try to wipe her tears?
Saras had no answer.
A:Ask yourself.
Arnav walked away.Saras was confused.

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  1. I hope now saras able to understand her love to kumud….

    Hope arnav also understand his love for khushi…. but this guman is trying to create problem between them….

    Please clear all those misunderstanding between them….

  2. Deepika ( zaya fan )

    Nice update

    I want kumud nd khushi share their pain to each-other …it will be great Bonding …it’s my suggestion …at the end it’s up to u

  3. Super yaar hands off u dear

  4. Arshi scene is awesome
    Why Saras hurt kumud always
    Eagerly waiting for your next update

  5. arshi scenes…….beautiful…………………ssaras…………….really bad yaar……………………….kumud is sho shweet……………why you are hurting hher……so ghuman and shyam together right………..lets see how these four tackle their problem…………love you dear………….be happy

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