Pyar to hona hi tha Love had to happen Arshi Samud SS Part 4

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Pyar to hona hi tha Love had to happen Part 4
Kumud kept a cup of tea on the table before Saras.
Saras looked at her.
She walked away sadly.
Saras started sipping tea.Kumud stood at a corner and watched him sip.Then she turned off her face.

He looked at her.She went inside her room.

Khushi was folding clothes.She was haunted by Arnav’s words.

Guniyal came.
Gun:Khushi,where is your concentration?You are not folding the clothes properly.
K:Sorry Maa.
Guniyal teased:Only marriage is fixed.But you have already reached a dream world.
Khushi gave a pale smile.
Gun:Khushi,can you go get vegetables?
K:Yes Maa.
Khushi got dressed up and went out.

Khushi was walking on the street depressed thinking of Arnav’s words.

Suddenly Shyam appeared before her.She was scared.
S:Heard that your marriage is fixed with some Arnav.Is it true?

Khushi kept quiet.
He held her hand tight.
S:I will never let you marry Arnav.You are only mine Khushi.I will get you.
Khushi shivered.
He pushed her and walked away.
Khushi cried.
Arnav saw this and walked to her.
A:Who is that?
A:Why did he hurt you?
K:Because he doesn’t want me to marry anyone.He wants me.
A:But you hate him.Right?I saw terror in your eyes.I should have given him nice.

K:What difference does it make to you even if I get hurt by him?You don’t like me.Ours is only going to be a contract marriage.
Arnav was lost for words.
She walked away.

Saras passed by Kumud’s room.A paper flew and fell on him.He caught it.He looked at it.It was his portrait.He couldn’t believe his eyes.He kept it back on Kumud’s table.
Kumari came.She made fun of Saras:Hello jeejaji,what are you doing in Kumud didi’s room?

S:No…actually I saw my portrait here.Who made it?
Kuma:Who else?Kumud didi.
Kuma:Yes.You know what?Kumud didi was madly in love with you even before the proposal came.She used to do Shiv puja to get you as her husband.Shiv Dev heard her prayer.
Saras was shocked.He was guilty:My God!I gave such a big pain to Kumud?

Kusum was walking in her college.She felt thatsome one was following her.She turned back and searched for that person.

She found no one.Again she walked forward.Again she heard someone’s foot steps and turned back.There was no one.She got angry.
Kus:Hey stalker…If you have courage come to me directly.Coward!
She walked away angrily.
From behind the wall Kabir came out with a smile.
Kabir:Kusum…I will stand in front of you when the correct time arrives.Till then wait patiently to see your stalker.

Kumud reached back from her school.She saw Saras’ portrait lying on the table.She hugged it shedding tears.

Saras watched it from a distance and felt sad.He decided to talk to her.But then he saw others coming.He backed out.
Hearing someone’s footsteps Kumud wiped her tears.It was Kusum who came that way.
She saw Kumud holding Saras’ sketch close to her bosim.
Kus:Are you mad didi for always hugging this paper?
Kum:This is not a normal paper Kusum.This is the portrait I made.My Saras.
Kus:It is only a picture,not the real Saras.
Kum:When you fall in love you will understand.
Kusum got angry:Please didi…don’t tell me to fall in love to experience it.It would be my last option.According to me,falling in love is foolishness.

Kusum left the room.
Kumud thought:Falling in love with the person who doesn’t love me may be foolishness.But it gives me pleasure…painful pleasure.

Later he saw her alone.He went to her.
S:Kumud,I want to ask you some thing.
K:I know what you are going to ask me.When I am going to tell my father.I told you.I will tell.Please wait.
S:I want to know whether you love me?
Kumud was shocked.She looked at him.She was silent.
She turned off her face.
Kumud asked painfully:What difference does it make?

S:It makes difference.Because now I realize that I wounded your heart deeply.Sorry Kumud.
Kumud was upset.
S:Don’t love me Kumud.It will give you only pain.
K:Enough Saras.I don’t have the right to marry you without your permission.But I have the right to love you.
Saras became upset.
He thought:I need to wipe m face from her heart.Otherwise she will keep the hope of getting me one day.
S:This is wrong Kumud.
K:How can loving you be wrong?
S:Loving another person’s possession is wrong.
S:I belong to another person.
Kumud was shocked.

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  3. OMG what Saras is doing is not correct, Sara’s understand her love…..

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