Pyar to hona hi tha Love had to happen Arshi Samud SS Part 3


Pyar to hona hi tha Love had to happen Part 3
Thanks to Shifa,Piyali n Jo.
Jo…plz read part 1 and comment.Guess u missed it.I’ve uploaded Kabir Kusum edit in Part1.Waiting to know ur comment on that.
Piyali..thank u 4 giving the name Kumushi to Kumud-Khushi.

Kumud saw Saras sitting.She went and rested her head on his shoulder.
K:Saras,why didn’t you open your heart and tell your feelings till now?Say some thing Saras.
S:Kumud,you know that I am not good at expressing my feelings through speech.That’s why I didn’t talk to you about my feelings yet.But why didn’t you confess to me?
Kumud was shy.

Suddenly she realized that it was only a dream.
Slowly she moved towards Saras.Saras hadn’t seen her at all.
She coughed purposefully to seek his attention.
Saras looked at him.
For a moment he didn’t know what to say.
They looked at each other silently for some time.He broke the eye lock and turned back.
Kumud became dull.
K:Saras…anything to say?

Saras looked at her with teary eyes.
S:Please Kumud…don’t marry me.I don’t want to marry you.
Kumud was shocked:Saras!
S:I couldn’t say no to dad because I can’t hurt him directly.But I can’t pretend in front of you.That will be like cheating you.
Kumud was shattered.
K:Why you don’t want to marry me?Is it because I am not good enough for you?
S:No.You are a nice girl.But I don’t believe in relationships.

S:I lost my mother.The relationship I valued the most.But I lost my mother.I am scared to get into a relationship and lose it again.
Kumud found Saras’ face strange.He was sweating and panting.
K:What happened Saras?Are you alright?
S:Can I have a glass of water?
Kumud brought a glass of water.
Saras took a tablet from his pocket and had it along with water.
Kumud was confused.
S:I have been taking medicine for depression for a long time…since my childhood.

Kumud was shocked and upset.
S:Tell Kumud.Will you back out from this marriage?Will you tell Vidya Kaka?
Kumud tried to control her tears.
K:Why don’t you tell my father?
S:When I see his innocent face and the love he showered upon me I don’t feel like telling that and hurting him.
K:Then think about my condition.How can I tell Baapu?He will be depressed.I have not seen him this happy before.How can I break his happiness?
Saras was upset.
K:Kumud…but if we marry each other for our parents we both will never be happy.
K:Saras…please give me more time.I will try to tell Baapu.But not now.Please try to understand.
Kumud went to her room and cried.

Arnav looked at Khushi.
A:Khushi,I don’t know what you think of me and our marriage.But I am telling you openly that I am not interested in this marriage.
Khushi stared at Arnav in shock.
Khushi’s lips shivered:Then…why did you agree for this marriage?
A:If we don’t get married I am scared whether Dad’s and Vidya Kaka’s friendship will get affected.
Khushi became upset.

A:Actually I am confused.There are 2 options.First,we will break this alliance.Second,we will marry without hurting our parents.
Hearing the 2nd option Khushi was relieved.
A:But it will be a 6 months marriage.
K:6 months marriage?
A:Yes.A contract marriage of 6 months.After 6 months we will get divorced.
Khushi was shocked.
K:In our place there is no contract marriage.Here marriage is for life long.
A:But in cities it’s common.Men and women live together without marrying also.
Khushi was shocked.
A:Now tell me what is your decision?
Khushi’s eyes were full of tears.She kept looking at Arnav struggling for words.
Kyun Nazrain Teri Yun Anjaan Hain,
Ankhain hain meri bhi Nam ,
Kyun Pakar Bhi Tm Ko Khoya Hai,
Hum Kyun Na Ban Paye Hum

A:I prefer the 2nd one.Contract marriage.Because it is safe.At the time of our divorce this much pain won’t be there as they will understand that we took a right decision as we can’t get along with each other.What do you say?
Khushi controlled her tears:Yes,Iam ready for contract marriage as I don’t want my family to be upset.
Khushi ran to the room crying.

Kyun Dard Hai Itnaaa,
Tere Ishq Main,
Rabba Ve Rabba Ve
Rabba Ve Rabba ve…

When she entered Kumud wiped her tears.Khushi wiped her tears too.
Kumud:How was your meeting with Arnav?
Khushi lied:Nice.And yours and Saras?
Kumud lied:It was lovely.
Kumud and Khushi hugged each other hiding their pain.Kumari,Kusum,Dugba,Guniyal,Vidyachatur,Laxminandan,Danny smiled seeing it.
Guman was angry.

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Credit to: Jasmine Rahul

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