Pyar to hona hi tha Love had to happen Arshi Samud SS Part 2


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Pyar to hona hi tha Love had to happen Part 2
Vidyachathur:My Nandu’s sons Arnav and Saras.
Kumud and Khushi were surprised.Their faces blossomed.
Suddenly they became dull.
Kumari:Mamaji,tell who is for whom?
Vidya smiled:Arnav for Khushi and Saras for Kumud.
Kumud and Khushi had happiness beyond limits.
Dugba:Tell you both like them?
Kumud and Khushi blushed.
V:I knew that my daughters will like them.
Everyone smiled.
Kumud-Khushi ran away blushing.
Kumari to Kusum:What Kumud didi and Khushi didi said was right.Shiv Dev heard their prayer.
Kusum smiled.

Khushi was dreaming of Arnav.
Kumari went to her:Dreaming of Arnav jeejaji?
Khushi blushed.
K:Ok…keep dreaming.
Khushi sat near her pots:Kumari…I am not dreaming.I am thinking of a new design on the pot.

Kumari made fun of her:Really?
Khushi was shy.
She got engrossed in pot making.Kumud came.
Kum:One more surprise.Arnav jeejaji and Saras jeejaji are coming and staying with us for a few days.
Kumud and Khushi were surprised.
Kusum:Guess they want to stay with us to interact with their future wives as they are quite modern.
Kumud and Khushi were shy.
Kumari held Khushi’s shoulder:Shy?
Khushi was blushing.

Kumud ran to her room and took the portrait of Saras she sketched.She caressed it with a smile.
K:Now you…your eyes belong only to me.

Arnav and Saras have packed their luggages to Ratnagiri with an intention.
Guman saw Danny packing luggages.
G:Danny,why are you packing bags?
D:Mom,I am also joining Saras bhaiyya and Arnav bhaiyya.
D:Mom…I took admission in Ratnagiri’s Art Acedemy.
G:Are you mad?
D:Mom…you know that I am doing research in Indian art forms.Joining there will help me to explore more.
G:Nonsense.Without seeking my permission you did this much?
D:If I had asked your permission you would have permitted.That’s why.
G:Your dad has set up business empires and without concreting on business you are doing useless things.
D:Mom…I am helping Saras bhaiyya and Arnav bhaiyya.Right now my interest is in a different field.Please let me concentrate on it.

Guman couldn’t oppose her stubborn son more.She was deeply irritated.

Laxminandan,Guman,Arnav,Saras and Danny have reached Vidyachatur’s house.Vidychatur,Guniyal and Dugba received them well.Laxminandan and Vidyachatur hugged each other.

Kumud and Khushi have seen Saras and Arnav many times.But this time they feel special to see them.They were shy to face them.But their eyes longed to see them.From a long distance they tried to see their faces eagerly.

When Saras’ face became visible Kumud did know how she felt.She felt that moment romantic.She couldn’t blink her eyes even for a moment.She didn’t want to take her eyes off him.

Vidya:Guniyal…show them their rooms.
Guniyal led them to their rooms.
On the way Saras and Arnav also looked for Khushi and Kumud,bur for a different reason.
Arnav:Kaka…where is Khushi?
Khushi was happy beyond limits hearing this behind the curtain.

V:You are eager to see Khushi?But you have seen her many times.
Arn:Yes.But it’s different this time.
Saras stared at Arnav.
Everyone smiled.
Dugba:Yes,it’s different this time.So though you and Saras have seen Kumud and Khushi before we are going to conduct this as a proper ceremony.So we will send Kumud and Khushi before you both only in a proper attire.
Kumari giggled:Kumud didi and Khushi didi must be putting make up.
Danny’s eyes fell on hers.He smiled at her cute gestures.
Suddenly Kumari saw that.Danny changed the topic.
D:By the way Kumari,I have joined your college.So you have to help me.

Ku:Ok..done Danny.

Danny smiled.
Saras’ eyes searched for Kumud.Dugba noticed it.
Dug:Relax Saras…You have been like this since childhood.Always silent.Never expresses your desire openly.But secretly you do everything.Your eyes are searching or Kumud.But unlike Arnav who expressed his desire to see Khushi openly you are reserved.
Everyone laughed while Kumud blushed listening to this behind the curtain.

Saras was embarrassed.

Guniyal gave sarees to Kumud and Khushi.
Gun:Wear this.
Kumud:Why Maa?You know that we both prefer to wear ghagra.
Gun:Yes yes.But this occasion is very special.So wear saree.
Kumud and Khushi smiled.
Khushi wore a red saree.

Arnav was standing alone.Khushi was shy and nervous while walking towards him.
She thought:How will I approach him?

Suddenly he felt the wind different.He could feel his unknown heart beats.

Dhak Dhak….

Hearing Khushi’s anklet’s sound he turned back.
For a moment his eyes were stuck up to her face.Her beauty was touching him indirectly.

Khushi was so nervous that she held her saree tight.

Arnav was not willing to accept defeat.He controlled himself.

She blushed.

Kumud saw Saras sitting.She went and rested her head on his shoulder.
K:Saras,why didn’t you open your heart and tell your feelings till now?Say some thing Saras.
S:Kumud,you know that I am not good at expressing my feelings through speech.That’s why I didn’t talk to you about my feelings yet.But why didn’t you confess to me?

Kumud was shy.

Credit to: Jasmine Rahul

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  1. wow dear, that was an epic……………seriously mind blowing……………….kumushi watitng to meet them and these both brothers have their own intentions…………………………………………..waiting to know what these brothers will do and how our kumushi will respond………………..i think the last scene is our sweet kumud’s dream……………..lets see………..kumari and danny love story in collage………….exciting…………… you dear…………….be happy……………..

  2. Superb update di
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  3. OMG what an amazing lovely episode….. so romantic…… superb yaar…. iias your episode yesterday…

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