Pyar to hona hi tha Love had to happen Arshi Samud SS Part 1


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Pyar to hona hi tha Love had to happen Part 1
A small boy calling his mother who was sleeping.
He:Maa….wake up.
She didn’t respond.
He started shaking her.Suddenly he saw blood flowing from her mouth.
He screamed:Maaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa…
His father and brother came running.They were shocked to see his mother dead.They cried hugging her lifeless body.
His father saw note pad lying down.He took it.
“I lost my faith in life.So I am going”.
He cried:What made you lose your faith in life Saraswati?We all loved you very much.Still….

Arnav saw Saras whispering and panting in his sleep:Maa…Maa…
Arnav felt sad and sat besides him looking at him painfully.

Arnav held his hand tight.Saras woke up panting.
Saras wept:Arnav,..Maa…
Arnav’s eyes were full of tears.
A:Saras…I know you were thinking of that horrible day.
S:Years passed.But I am not able to recover.
A:Even I can’t erase that day from my mind.But we need to move on.Right?
Saras was silent.He closed his eyes weeping.

Arnav wiped his tears.
A:Saras,you didn’t have your tablet.Right?
Saras kept quiet.
Arnav took tablet and gave him with water.Saras had it.
Laxminandan watched it painfully.He suppressed his pain and came inside.
L:If you both want to move on get married.How many times did I tell you guys to marry.
Arnav got irritated:If marriage is a solution then did you forget Maa after marrying Guman mom?
Laxminandan did not have any answer for a moment.
L:Don’t argue with me.You both are getting married for sure.I have decided.
L:Can you guys disobey me?
Saras-Arnav were silent.
Arn:Dad….we have only you as our own.We can’t disobey you.
Laxminandan smiled:Good.I have decided who all will be my daughters in law.My best friend Vidya’s daughters Kumud and Khushi.Kumud for Saras and Khushi for Arnav.
Saras-Arnav were shocked.Guman who over heard this was shocked.
Laxminandan left the room.
Saras looked at Arnav:Arnav…are you desperate to get married?
A:No.I don’t believe in love.
S:Then why did you say yes?
A:Saras…you will understand everything on way.
Saras was confused:But anyways I will not marry.
Arnav stared at him.

Guman was angry while Laxminandan entered the room.
L:Guman,there is a happy news.Arnav and Saras are ready to get married.And their brides will be…
G:Kumud and Khushi.I heard.
Laxmi smiled.
H:But Laxmi…do you think Kumud and Khushi suit them?I mean our sons are modern.They are brought up in city.But Kumud and Khushi are from a village.Just because they are Vidyachathur’s daughters you chose them?
L:Guman… know Kumud and Khushi.Right?They are so nice.What if they are village girls?They are well mannered,educated and good looking.What more is needed?

G:Saras and Arnav are successful businessmen.But Kumud is only a teacher and Khushi even though she is educated what is she doing?She is making pots and selling.That’s her business.Ridiculous.
L:Guman…..for Khushi pot making is an art.She is not doing it for business purpose.Please don’t create problems.I have decided…Kumud and Khushi will be my grand daughters.
Guman thought:Thank God.Laxmi didn’t choose Kusum or Kumari for my son Danny.Arnav and Saras can marry any country girl.Idon’t care.But my son Danny should marry the richest modern girl from city.


Kumud did Shiv Dev’s puja pouring milk on the Idol.

Kusum,Khushi and Kumari watched it with a smile.
Kusum and Khushi prayed.Kusum found it awkward.

Kus:Why are you guys doing Shiv puja to get a good husband like Shiv Dev?
I don’t believe in love.Waste of time to dream of a Prince Charming.
Kumari:Kusum,you don’t believe in love because you are not in love.But Khushi didi and Kumud didi are in love.Right?
Kumud and Khushi blushed.
Kumud:Right.Kusum….your man is waiting somewhere for you.When you meet him you will realize that falling in love is not a waste of time.
Kusum didn’t mind.

In another house…

A dashing guy entered a room.He was surprise to see the room being decorated with candle light.His eyes struck a beauty in black gown.His eyes brightened:Kusum!
With a romantic smile she ran towards him and embraced him.
He:Kusum…I don’t believe this.
She smiled resting her head on his shoulder:Believe me Kabir…I love you.
He was very happy.

Suddenly Kusum vanished.He opened his eyes.The room looked normal without lights.
He was irritated:Damn it.Kusum wasn’t here.She hadn’t confessed to me.It was only my illusion.
He threw things down in anger.

In temple….
Kusum looked at Kusum and Kumud.
Kus:I know that both of you are in love.But with whom?Not clear.At least now tell.
Kumud blushed:Saras.
Khushi blushed:Arnav.When ever they visited us I watched him without his knowledge.His sharp brown eyes…his killing look…his attitude…

Kuma:Khushi didi is so naughty…secretly loving Arnav jeejaji?
Khushi was very shy.

Kumud:Saras’s eyes are intense and emotional.His eyes attracted me.But he has never seen me drooling over him.
Kus:Don’t dream too much.What if Saras and Arnav do not love you all?
Kumud and Kusum became dull.
Kus:It will never happen.Shiv Dev cannot ignore our prayer.
Khushi:He will fulfill our wish.I have complete faith in Shiv Dev.

Kusum and Kumari smiled.

They walked to their house.Vidyachatur and Guniyal were there to receive them.
V:Come come children.We were waiting for you all to reach to tell you all a good news.
Kumud:What is the good news Baapu?
V:Proposal for Kumud and Khushi.
They were shocked.
Khushi:What did you reply Baapu?
V:I am sure that you both will like them.So I gave a positive reply.
Kumud and Khushi were heart broken.
Khushi whispered to Kumud:Kumud,what will we do now?We can’t go against Baapu’s wish.

Kum:I am clueless Khushi.
Kusum whispered:I told you not to dream too much.I am sure that Baapu has chosen the best guys for you both.So obeying Baapu would be the best.
Kumud and Khushi were sad.Kumari felt sad for them.
V:Don’t you all want to know who the boys are?
Kumud and Khushi were least interested.
Kusum:Tell Baapu.We are eager to know.

Guniyal:More than Kumud and Khushi it’s you who is more interested in knowing who they are.
Vidyachatur and Dugba laughed.

Credit to: Jasmine Rahul

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    1. jasmine Rahul

      I told u in my IF pm also that i had posted that os on TU

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