Pyar to Hona hi tha 2 Arshi – Samud FF (Part 2)

Pyar to hona hi tha2 Part2
All students in the drama school sat.Arnav and Khushi were surprised to see each other sitting next to each other.
The Principal asked them to introduce themselves.
They gave their introduction.
Arn:I am Arnav Singh Raizada………………
She:I am Khushi Kumari Gupta…………….

Arnav smiled:Khushi…
Their Sir:We will be allotting your names and deciding pairs.And these pairs will do skits first.Then they have to move on to dramas.
They decided pairs.
The final pair was announced:Arnav Singh Raizada and Khushi Kumari Gupta.
Arnav was excited.
Khushi thought:Devi maiyya…first my duppatta got stuck to him and now he is going to be my partner.Did you purposefully threw my duppatta at him to hint that he is going to be my drama partner?
Sir:Today no class.Tomorrow we will be given topics.You all have to prepare the skit accordingly.
Arnav went to Khushi:Hi…
K:Hi…you are Saraswatichandra Singh Raizada’s brother?
Arnav was surprised:Yes.You know Saras?

K:He is my sister Kumud’s Boss.
He was surprised:Really?
They smiled.
All students parted their ways.

Saras,Arnav and Danny were lying on the bed together.They all were smiling.Danny noticed it.
D:I know whom Saras bhaiyya is thinking of.Obviously Kumud.
Saras:She is going to be your bhabhi.Will you call her by her name?
D:Give me some more time bhaiyyaTill wedding I will address her as Kumudji.Ok?
Saras smiled.
D:But who is making you smile Arnav bhaiyya?
Arnav smiled:I saw a girl in my drama school.She has been selected as my partner too.This is God’s play.Otherwise why would God choose her as my partner?
D:Today your school just started and you fell in love?
Arnav blushed.
Saras:What’s her name Arnav?
Arn:Khushi Kumari Gupta…Kumud Sundari Gupta’s sister.

They were surprised.
Arnav nodded smiling.
Danny:Guess the Gupta sisters are going to boss me.
They chuckled.
Arn:Danny…don’t think we think that you are innocent.We are sure that a naughty boy like you also loves someone.
D:No way.And lovers…I am going to sleep.
Danny pretended to sleep.
He said in his mind:You are right bhaiyya.I am also in love.But sorry…I won’t reveal that soon to you all now.For that I need someone else’s consent.But if you all know who she is you guys will be surprised.

The next day topics were given to the drama students.
Arnav was holding the pen and thinking.
K:If you sit like this,we will remain like this forever.We have to do the skit on friday.Don’t forget that.
Arn:What to do?I am not getting anything.
K:Give me the pen.
She took the pen from him and started writing on the paper.
A:What are you writing?

A:What the!Are you serious?
K:Now don’t disturb me.Let me write.
Arnav was stunned Khushi writing the skit at one stretch.
Arnav took the papers from her unbelievingly and went through it.He was surpirsed.
A:Amazing.I never expected this much from you.You write so well.
Khushi smiled:I love writing since my choldhood.It was my dream to write my own dramas and enact.
He smiled:Your dream is going to get fulfilled soon Miss.Khushi Kumari Gupta.
She smiled.
K:Let us practice soon.
They started practicing their skit.The electricity went off.So Khushi opened the window so that air comes inside.But her duppatta flew in breeze and fell on her face.Arnav came closer to her.

She started breathing heavily.

He removed the duppatta from her face and placed it on her head.
A:Why is your duppatta always blowing and falling on either yours or my face?

She was embarrassed.He smirked.

Saras:Kumud…did you have your lunch?

K:No Sir.
S:Then bring it here.We will have together.Even I have not eaten my lunch.
K:But Sir…
S:Are you thinking about what others will say?
Kumud was silent.
S:Don’t mind them.Bring your lunch here.
Kumud took her lunch box to Saras’ room.They started having lunch together.
Saras saw Kumud’s vegetable dish.
S:Kumud,that’s my favourite dish.Can i taste it?
She served him the dish.
S:Wah…what a taste!Just like my mom used to make.
K:Your mom does’nt prepare this dish now?
Saras became dull:No.How can she?She is no more.
Kumud was shocked.
K:Oh!I am sorry.
S:It’s ok.But I had this I felt my mom is alive.Who made this?
K:My mother made this.
S:Then she will be just like my mother.
She smiled.
After lunch he went close to her.

S:Kumud…I want to tell you something.I feel now there is no point in delaying it.
K:What sir?
S:I love you.
She was stunned.

S:Don’t misunderstand my feelings for you.Don’t think I am just like a cheap Boss who is trying to woo his PA.
K:Don’t say anything Sir.I know what feelings you have for me.
S:Kumud…you are misunderstanding me.

K:I have no misunderstandings about you as I know who you are.
Saras felt bad.

Credit to: Jasmine Rahul


  1. akshaya

    Wow superb episode jasmine rahul.loved it a lot. Arshi scenes were very awesome. Waiting for the next episode .

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