Pyar to Hona hi tha 2 Arshi – Samud FF (Intro)


Pyar to Hona hi tha 2 Character Sketch

In this FF Arshi and Samud will have equal importance.

Rishikesh Singh Raizada:Father of Saras,Arnav and Danny.Very short tempered and dominating.Very rich business man.

Guman Singh Raizada:Cunning wife of Rishikesh,mother of Danny and the step mother of Saras and Arnav.

Arnav Singh Raizada:Short tempered.A successful business man,but his passion is drama acting.Only he has the guts to raise voice against his father and step mother.

Saraswatichandra Singh Raizada:Elder brother of Arnav.Very soft natured.Scared of his father,so a very obedient son.Takes care of the family business with discipline.

Danny Singh Raizada:Son of Rishikesh and Guman.Half brother of Saras and Arnav.He loves them very much.

Shashi Gupta and Garima Gupta:Parents of Kumud,Khushi,Kusum and Kumari.They belong to a middle class family.Running a small sweet shop.

Kumud Sundari Gupta:Eldest daughter of Guptas.Working as Saras’ PA.Very soft and extremely traditional in dressing.

Khushi Kumari Gupta:Crazy about writing and drama.Being a drama artist is her dream.Very bold.

Anushka Gupta:She is dreaming of a luxurious life.Her only aim is to marry a rich man.Stopped her studies after school as she was a poor student.

Kusum Gupta:Beautiful,but blind.

Kumari Gupta: Very studious.Her dream is to become an IAS officer.

Kabir:Neighbour of Guptas.Having a small shop of his own.He has only his grand mother Devyani.He is Kusum’s best friend.Has a silent love for Kusum.

Devyani:Kabir’s grand mother.

Rudra Kapoor:A rich business man.Good at heart.A widower.Lame foot.

Shiv:Rudra’s cute son.

Indra Rani:Rudra’s mother
Lavanya:Arnav’s father’s friend’s daughter.They are thinking of getting her married to Arnav.

Vikrant:A very simple middle aged rich bachelor.

Shyam Juneja::A womanizer.

Credit to: Jasmine Rahul

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