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This OS is set in a time where Suman and Shravan are married but are at loggerheads with each other.


There was a pooja in the Tiwari Killa and all the married people, including their extended family and even their neighbours were invited. And as per the custom, all the ladies of the house had to wear sari. Now in all the hurry, everybody forgot that Suman had an injured hand and couldn’t tie the sari properly by herself. Also her packing was done by Preethi, who it looked like forgotten to pack her saris which had come from the drycleaners and had packed only her other festive dresses. And sadly she didn’t have any saris in her cupboard except one which was a gift from some aunt.

So when it was about time to start the pooja, everybody including Shravan who was sitting in his spot near the havan kund, were waiting for his wife. Then he heard a giggle from Dabbu and in a matter of seconds everybody started laughing until Nanaji gave his usual glare. Shravan was facing the other side and could not see the reason for the commotion immediately. So when he turned, he saw that his wife was standing there in horribly garish colored sari, tied in the most ridiculous way! He wondered where the hell she found such a piece!

By then the poojari ji had already scolded all the ladies who were trying to get up to help Suman saying it was not good to get up once seated before pooja is over. All the while Suman just stood there thinking of the ridiculousness of it all. She really didn’t care for how she looked, after all who cares how she looked in a sari or any other dress for that matter.

But before she could tell everybody that, Shravan had gotten up from his seat and was moving towards her, amidst poojari ji’s protests. He told poojari ji that his pair is anyway not complete without her and so there was no use for him to sit alone in the pooja if she was standing there.

He then asked her to come with him to their room at once and was dragging her towards that area. After entering he locked the room and asked her, “Yeh kya pehen rakha hai tumne? ”

Suman: kyun kisse kya farak padtha hai main kya pehenthi hun ya nahi?

Shravan : Well mujhe padtha hai. Mujhe accha nahi lagtha jab koi meri wife pe hasse.

Suman was kind of dumstruck hearing it. They still had a I won’t acknowledge your presence, you do the same’ kind of vibe most of the times, so occasionally when he said such things she was almost always surprised. She still had not analysed what she felt during such times. But like always she postpones thinking about it. But for the time being she thought she would play along with his friendly demeanour because she would never accept it aloud but the truth was that she had missed her friend Shravan more than she ever missed her husband Shravan who always had a taunt for her on his lips… Sigh…

Hum Donon Ek Jaan Hain

Do Dil Ek Armaan Hain

Lekin Ab Is Mod par

Dekhein Daaman Chhod Kar

Waqt Ka Hai Ye Faisla

Hum Tum Ho Jaayein Juda

Maangein Khushiyon Ki Dua

Ek Duje Ke Vaaste

Well in the meantime here Shravan was ransacking their cupboard for something furiously. Before she asks, he makes a Eureka noise and produces a pretty light pink color sari with flourish! She hasn’t seen that before nor did she know that such a thing existed in their cupboard.

Shravan then comes towards her and says, ” Toh ab tum ne yeh jho ridiculous sari pehen raki hai usse uttaro aur isse peheno.”

Suman: Hello genius abi tak tumhe samajh me nahi aaya hai tho mai khud hi bata deti hoon ki main aapne aap sari nahi pehen sakthi! And points to her wounded hands.

Shravan for a moment feels bad looking at her injured hand and then decides it wasn’t the right time and jests,” woh tho mein tumhare iss haal ko dekhthe hi saamajh gaya tha!” And laughs

She swats his arm angrily and says, “abhi tho kaha tha ki koi bhi tumhari wife pe hasse tumhe accha nahi lagtha, aur aab khud hi haas rahe ho? ”

Shravan: woh koi aur hasse tho problem hai, main khud hass saktha hoon, That is the usual rule, you know!

Suman makes an irritated face at that and he smirks.

He then asks her to remove her sari.

Suman shrieks: What? Shravan tum Pagal hogaye ho? Main apni kapade nahi utaroongi!

Shravan: arrey maine kahan saare kapde utharne ko kaha? Sirf saari utharo, tumhara yeh stupid off white blouse joh iss jatak orange sari se match nahi ho raha hai, is pink sari ke saath match ho jayega. So sirf apni saari utharo, aur sochko ki tumne ek skirt aur blouse pehni hai. Ok?”

Suman: kya ?Never! Kabhi nahi!

Shravan: Arrey yar Sumo seriously, itna kya drama kar rahi ho? Tum tho chote chote shorts pehne ke night mein ghoomthi rehthi ho, tab tho tumhe koi farak nahi padtha ki mein dekh raha hoon ya nahi, yeh tho fir bhi poori covered hai just like ghagra choli and all, you see?

Suman: Shravan you are just so cheap!

Shravan frustatedly, ” Abb tum aise hi nakre karthi rahogi tho nanaji aa jayenge. Aur ab tho mein unka pet hun, tumse bhi zyaada tho sirf tumhe hi daant pitegi. Soch lo…” and murmurs under his breath, “ek help karo aur upar se Madam ki baatein bhi suno! Hmmpf Aur waise bhi yeh shorts mein hot laghthi hai tho main kya karun?!”

Suman didn’t hear his last words luckily so instead she asked about the thing which was bothering her badly for last few weeks, “Mujhe abhi tak samajh mein nahi aaya khi tumne Nanaji ko apna itna huge fan kaise bana liya?”

Shravan: Main tho aisa hi hoon. Ab jaldi karo. Acha teek hain, tum change karo aur yeh duppata pehenlo, mein turn karta hoon tab tak.

Suman then thinks better of it and changes her sari and wears a duppata on top and says she is ready. Meanwhile he has taken the sari and pleated it and holds it to her to insert it. She tries shabbily, so he takes it from her and inserts it himself. She starts to giggle as it tickles her. He scolds her to remain calm and starts doing his job seriously.

She then taunts him asking whether he actually knows what he is doing or just showing off. For which he replies that he used to do this all the time in London. She then laughs and says “kya wahan ka latest style tha ki ladke sari pehen ke ghoome?”

He then playfully pokes her with a pin and says, “Nahi, mein ladkiyon ko patane ke liye unhe sari pehnatha tha. Yeh saari gori mems nah sari pe maarthi hain, tho mein Lakshmi aunty, wahan ki meri caretaker , unki sari choorake unhe pehnantha tha. Aur itna popular ho gaya ki ladkiyan line pe legne lagi mujhese sari pehne ke liye!”

Suman: seriously Mr.I’m so hot, girls die to meet me’ Malhotra ne yeh sab kab kiya? Phu-leez Shravan don’t try to fool me!

Shravan: arrey yar saach mein, vishwaas nahi tho meri woh Lakshmi aunty se pooch lena. Kyonki unhi ki wajah se mujhe who rokna pada. Kyunki kuch ladkiyan nah baahut cheap thi aur sari return hi nahi kiya aur Lakshmi aunty ko pata chal gaya ki unke kapde gayab ho rahe the! Aur mujhe zoron ki daant padi!” And by the way, yeh sab mein high school mein kartha tha, ok? Uske baad tho jaise tum ne kaha, bina kuch kiya hi line lagthi thi!

Suman had started to laugh hearing his Lakshmi aunty story but then somewhere she felt angry. She didn’t know why but the thought that her Shravan was tying sari to all those girls made her want to hit him and promise him that he wouldn’t use his talent on any other girl ever, like never ever! Was she jealous? Ugh never! She just didn’t want him to misuse her saris, that’s all… By the time she was lost in her thoughts; he had completed his job and was now turning her towards the mirror.

She saw herself in the mirror and was awed at his handiwork. She really looked stunning in that sari. He then pulled his collar up and raised his eyebrows at her. She then rolled her eyes and suppressed her smile and said,”haan thik hai, jho bhi hain, meri wajah se hai, tumhari sari ki wajah se nahi, hmmpf”

He then scoffs and tells her,”haan haan, bolthi raho” And then he makes her sit on the dressing chair and removes her hair clip. “Tum hamesha baal kula chodthi ho na? Tho wahi karo, it suits you more”. For a moment there, their eyes lock and both get lost.

He then opens a drawer , searches for something and then he pulls out something. It is a small white crystal bindi which was gifted by one of maamiji’s relation along with the garish sari . He then takes it and places it on her forehead with utmost care, never breaking the eye contact with her. Then he softly says , “aab look complete hai.”

They remain there lost in the moment with her sitting on the chair and him holding her shoulder from behind and eyes locked in the mirror for a long time until they hear furious knocking on their door!

It was Dabbu calling their name and threatening them that Nanaji is furious and waiting for them. They suddenly come back to their senses and move apart. They then come out and as expected everybody was awed looking at her. Shravan was preening proudly not only for his handiwork but for seeing the much deserved appreciation his wife got. He knew that she did not think she was a great beauty and did not care much for her appearance. She wasn’t much fond of dressing up and he wanted to let her know that it was ok to let loose, ok to get dolled up and show off sometimes. She was stunning and he would make sure she knew it! And yeah if he liked the fact that inspite of all the admiring looks some guys were giving her, he would be the one she would be going home with, then well, he was just a man, who can blame him!


After the pooja was over they were back in their room and she was trying to remove her sari. She then cribs in frustration,” seriously Shravan, tumne kitne pins lagaye hain isme, hundred?” He then comes near her and starts helping her. Their eyes again get locked in the mirror and his hand touches her bare waist. Time just forgot to pass. His breath was caught and her’s became laboured. He wanted her and she wanted to tell him that she was already his, has always been but then looks like today wasn’t that day when they confessed as there was harsh wind and rattled the window breaking their trance. They both then gave a fake laugh at the ridiculousness of it all. He tells her he has removed all the pins and she can change her sari safely now and turns to leave the room.

She says a soft thank you into the mirror and he smiles. Just before he opens the door he turns back and tells her, ” waise main yeh sari mein woh Anita ke liye birthday present mein dena chahtha thai magar ab tumpe itna suit kar raha hai tho tum hi rak lo.”

Anita was Suman’s distant cousin, in fact the daughter of the lady who had gifted her that jatak-matak sari! If her mom had bad color choice, then the daughter had bad choice in men! Err not that her husband wasn’t good looking or anything, it’s just that he was her husband for God’s sake! He was married to her, that Anita’s sister, albeit cousin sister but still a sister! And you don’t ogle at your sister’s husband at any given chance no matter how hot he looks! Grr…

Suman says aloud in a taunting tone: Tumhari darling saali ka b-day tho 6 mahine baad hai!

Shravan: Haan tho half b-day bhi koi cheez hoti hai! Jhalli mat bano Sumo!

Suman: Seriously Shravan, kuch bhi bakwaas bolke situation sambhalna nah koi tumse sikhe! Cunning Lawyers!

Shravan laughs and says: Waise ek baath hai, tum saari mein waakahai mein bahut acchi lag rahi ho… magar…

Suman: Magar?

He opens the door and almost leaves, she keeps waiting for his answer and he whispers softly from the door,” mujhe tum jho bhi pehenthi ho, un sab mein acchi hi laghthi ho” and closes the door behind him.

She sits there blushing uncharacteristically wondering what was happening to her. He then pops back in and says, ” Waise I knew you thought I was a hot property! Thanks wifey!” Winks and goes away again leaving her an even more blushing mess! She thought she had said too much earlier when she called him hot’ when he was narrating his sari incident but then when he didn’t acknowledge it that time she thought he didn’t notice it but now looks like her hubby was just waiting for the proper time to use his arsenal! Ugh!

Jaise dil hai dhadkan hai

Ek duje ke vaaste

Jaise aankh hai darpan hai

Ek duje ke vaaste

Jaise barkha saawan hai

Ek duje ke vaaste

Ek sajni ek saajan hai

Ek duje ke vaaste

On the other side of the door, Shravan was smiling. He knew his wife loved him just the way he loved her but he also knew that it would take time for her to forgive all the stupid things he did in jealousy. So when his childhood Sumo had made him realize his mistake, the first thing he did was go and apologize to Naanu for the hasty wedding. He couldn’t tell him about all the stupid things he did to him but Naanu being Naanu understood the hidden meaning behind the apology.

Nanu had suspected something was wrong in Suman and Shravan’s relationship, so when Shravan had come to apologize out of the blue, he knew Shravan wanted to make amends of whatever mistake he had committed. He could clearly see love in his eyes for his granddaughter and that was all he had ever hoped for, his Suman getting a loving family, so from that day Shravan had become his pet a little bit more and was also allowed to call him Nanu’, which by the irked a jealous Sumo a little bit more who really didn’t want to share her nanaji with him!

Now coming to the sari, well he had brought it in Jaipur where he had gone for a business trip and since he had come directly from that trip to Tiwari killa for puja, he had that sari handy, luckily. He had actually fallen in love with that sari which was hanging in boutique there in Jaipur because for a moment he had imagined his Sumo standing there looking like an other- worldly nymph or apsara beckoning him towards her! Well he can’t be blamed for day dreaming as the poor guy was missing his wife a little too badly!

It was his first long distance trip away from her after their marriage. Even though they never got along at least her presence was there every day to soothe him, but past two days in Jaipur without seeing her and sleeping next to her, were nothing short of nightmare to him. It was so horrible that he had decided then and there that, no matter what happens he would break the status quo between them and will actively try to win her heart. He knew that their love is based on friendship and so he had decided that if he brought them back to a stage where she would be friends with him again then he would win back his wife too in the process… After all slow and steady wins the race, doesn’t it?

Kitne hi dhoor dhoor ho

Unn donon ke raaste

Mil jaate hain jo bane

Ek duje ke vaaste

Sumo then hears Dabbu shouting at her husband saying, ” Jiju aap kitne late ho! Aapko apna batting better karna hai ki nahi? Doosre teammates aapko sirf meri wajah se team mein rak rahein hai! Pata hai aapko?!” and hears her husband saying,” Arrey mere Sachin Tendulkar, mein aa rahan hoon. Seriously agar mein bhi India mein itne saalon se hota nah, abb tak tho world cup khel raha hota, haan!” And hears her lil brother scolding him and pulling him away.

She sits there smiling at how her life had changed and was still changing every moment. At first she had hated being married to him after all the stupid things he said and did, but now she is not sure whether what happened was that bad. After all, it looked like maybe he was the one who had been always destined for her…

Us rab ne jab dil diye

Dil ke do tukde kiye

Dono pe ek naam leikha

Ek Radha ek Shyam likha

Ab ye dil dhadakte hain

Milte aur bichhadte hain

Ek duje ke vaaste…


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Ek Duje ke vaaste (song)- Dil tho pagal hai (Movie)

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