Pyar Bhari Nigahein – RagLak FF – Chapter 5

hi guys, thanks for the comment and sorry for delay…but plz understand, I’ve school to go and concentrate on studies also so it’s tough for me to write… but I make sure I’ll update when the times come… okay?

chapter 4s link…
Chapter 4

scene 1,
it was night 8pm, Ragini reached her house and left her slippers out.. she looked into the house and gets in…
shomi :(while serving plates) come, Ragini… why you so late?
ragini noticed her smiling.. beside swara is sitting and looks at her while eating a apple…
Ragini : maa, I got I late..
shomi glad while swara acts as choked..
shomi :(glaring at swara) shut up swara!
Ragini come and sat on chair…
shomi : is the work okay?
Ragini :(drinking water) Hmmm, yes..
shomi glad and folds her hand and closed her eyes..
shomi : thank you, god!
Ragini and swara looked at each other and smiles…

scene 2,
it was night, ragini is Sleeping beside swara while swara is still awake.. she was thinking deeply through…
swara :(thinking) he isn’t bad at all! but a little boring man..Hmmm, leave it.. let’s change him…
swara thought while unrealizing she spoke the last sentence out of her mouth..
Ragini :(sleepy) are you going to change?
swara is shocked to hear it… her eyes widen..
swara :(blabber) haa, that, that that! haa, in college, a boy..I’m changing him…
swara beats her forehead with with her palm of hand…
Ragini :(sleepy) hmmm,…
ragini’s voice goes into silence.. swara came to her silently and relieve..
swara : I’m safed …let’s sleep soundly or I’ll get trap ..
swara thinks and get into duvet and sleep… but, the sleep didn’t come and swara is thinking Sanskar.. she smiled to herself…
swara : something!
she laughs and buried her head into pillow…

scene 3,
next day, ragini is in hurry… shomi notice it and confused…
shomi : why so hurry!?
ragini : I’ve to go to hostel for pay fee… then I’ll straightly go to office…
shomi nodded remember it…
shomi : okay, it’s past a while ago… I forgot… go and pay fee.. did you have the money?
ragini : yes, I’ve..
ragini took her bag and came to shomi… she hugged her..
ragini : I’ll make a move…
ragini kissed her cheek.. shomi blsses her and maked her leave… ragini waved her hand and goes..

scene 4,
swara ran into college and to her class room… she got in and sat.. her friend looks at her confused… swara suffocate to breath and breathe deeply..
friend : hey, what happened?
swara : s shhh… just for a play..
friend, : are you nuts, swara?
swara smile at her… friend beats her head and turned… swara makes a pout face and looked away.. she waited..
Sanskar got in… swara looks at him while others get up….swara slowly wakes up…
students : good morning!
swara just smile.. Sanskar notice her but didn’t take it seriously… he then takes lessons …while swara all the way looked at him…

scene 5,
laksh is in his house… he was standing infront of a god idol… he is closing his eyeses and praying…
laksh : god, thank you for giving me my ragini back…
Laksh smiles and bends down to take blessings. ..a flower from the idol falls down on him… he got up and look at the flower then at god..
Laksh : I’ll take it as blessings from you ..
he prays ..while, ap came from behind and noticed him…
dp :(thinking) why is he so much faith today?
she stared at him with a question on her face ..Laksh turned and saw her…
Laksh : maa!
he came to her and took blessings… while dp blesses him…
dp : I don’t know why you’re so smiley today.. but, i hope its for your life beginning…
dp puts her hand on laksh’s head… laksh smiles at her..
Laksh : yes maa..
he thinks and said it to dp.. while dp smiles at him..

To Be Continued…

Precap : Ragini is in the hostel… a little girl is shown running….

so.. I hope you’ll like it… bye….

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