Pyar Bhari Nigahein – RAGLAK FF – Chapter 4

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scene 1,

the episode starts with Ragini reaching the office for interview.. she looked at the tall building and smiles.. she looked at the watch and shocked to see that time is less to starts interview..
Ragini :(thinking)oops, we should go faster or not we’ll be in mess with the management..
she rushes in…. she gets into the lift and reached the end where she want to go..
Ragini : where the interview going?
manager :you’re for interview?
Ragini :(nodding)yes..
manager :(smiles)okay.. you sit there when sir reached, I’ll call you..
Ragini :thanks.
Ragini goes and sat on a chair beside a girl.. she looked at them all and smiles but no one take it to them.. Ragini looked on and turned away.. she waited and her wait came to a end.
manager :(loudly) sir is here..
the girls came for interviews got up and greeted him.. Ragini stand up and looked at him.. she was shocked to look at the person… it was Laksh.. she choked in panic..laksh got in with didn’t seeing her.. they all then sat..
manager : chhaya! you can go in..
a girl wearing a white and red tops with jeans stood up from seat.. she goes in after knocking the door of laksh’s cabin..
Ragini looked scared and panicking as she didn’t know what to do..
Ragini :(thinking)god, what I’ve done.. stupid, Ragini look what you’ve done..
she beats her head by her palm and thinks deeply with closing eyes..

scene 2,

it was lunch time, swara with her friends walks..
girl 1:(whisper a secret to others)hey guys, do you know that sanskar sir is a love failure man.. he loved a girl two years back but to their bad luck, the girl died in a accident…
swara hears it and looked seriously..
swara :(seriously) are you sure? how do you knew it?
girl 1: what is this silly question? I’ve investigated him and got to know, he is my brother’s friend.. he told me the story..
swara noded and thinks about her doings to him and what he done to her.. she got sympathy on him.. and also a likeness..
they’re started to get on stair.. while stepping, swara felt dizziness and was in hungry.. her head starts to get dizzy and in a fraction of second, she falls.. she was sure when she hits the ground, she’ll get wounds and pain..
but she was wrong, before she could fall, someone grabbed around het slimmy waist.. she blinked her eyes and looked on up… to her surprise, it was Sanskar who holding her..
her friends and others rushes to her.. she looked around…
Sanskar :(while holding her) there is no magic show.. so all add you go to your classes..
they all goes.. Sanskar makes her stands on the stair.. but her legs shivering in hungry and didn’t balanced her.. is l Sanskar gets hold of her for safely..
swara : I’m in hungry..
swara makes mourns and cried she looked at Sanskar.. Sanskar looked at her..
Sanskar : come with me..
Sanskar grabbing her all the way gets her to the canteen..
Sanskar : sir here..
swara sat down on a seat and looked up.. while, Sanskar walks to the canteen to get something for her to eat.. swara tuned and looked at him.. she’s smiling..
swara :(thinking) he’s not that bad!

scene 3,

Ragini it’s thinking deeply..
Ragini :(thinking) shall I go or wait?
she was unsure on what to do.. while it is here, her phone rang out.. Ragini looked on and took out the phone from bag.. she looked and saw a principal name.. she attends it..
Ragini : hello!
principal :hello
Ragini :yes, tell me, ma’am?
principal : beta, see when will you pay the fee? the date is finished.. if not before, 2nd Jan then we’ll have to eliminate her from here.. sorry..
Ragini : don’t worry, ma’am.. I’ll pay it..
principal noded and hung the phone down.. Ragini now is in dilemma and mixed expression..
Ragini :there is no way.. we’ve to get this job any way..
she got into confident and looked.. the girl came out of the cabin with sad feeling.. Ragini looked on..
manager : Ragini, you can go in..
Ragini nods at her and stood up to go.. her legs didn’t move but she forcibly moved it.. the knocked the door..
laksh : yes, come in..
he was looking down.. Ragini get in..
Ragini : sir..
she handed over the file… laksh opened it with no interest but when he saw the photo of Ragini.. he got surprised and looked up..he saw Ragini again..
Laksh : take a sit..
Ragini : yes, sir..
Ragini was in mixed feeling.. laksh changed his lover boy expression to office man expression.. he checked the file..
Ragini :(scared) sir, sorry for what I’ve done to you in the road..
Laksh :shhh, I forgot it..
Ragini looked on.. laksh checked thoroughly and impressed.. he prints a letter and signed it.. he silently gave it to her.. Ragini is confused and looked down at the letter.. its her appointment letter..
Ragini : thank you, sir..
Ragini is so glad and happy..
Laksh : wait, I’ll call ms. parineertha for you to help in joining ..
Ragini nodded.. he called.. a girl took it..
parineertha :hello, sir!
laksh : here is the new worker.. help her..
parineertha : yes, sir..
they hung the phone down ..laksh looked at Ragini..
laksh : you wait out.
he makes a call to inform the manager that the interview is over..
Ragini got out and sat down on seat.. after she’s away, laksh makes a call to parineertha again..
parineertha : hello!
laksh : parineertha, the new worker is none other than Ragini!
parineertha get happy..
parineertha : what?
laksh : yes, and don’t tell that I’m her Laksh or you’re het friend..
parineertha :(faded)why?
Laksh : I don’t want her to get mingle up with us.. because, she’s now a new Ragini.. I want her to be happy forever.. so, please..
parineertha gets sympathy in his word…she makes her heart to stone..
parineertha : okay, laksh.. for you.. but, I’ll introduces me as her new friends, okay?
laksh :(nodding) okay, thanks..
they hung the phone down and was relieved.. outside Ragini is waiting.. parineertha showed up to her.. Ragini stood up.. parineertha wearing a wedding chain and pregnant.. she smiles..
parineertha : hi, I’m parineertha.. your teacher for everything..
Ragini smiled..
Ragini : I’m Ragini..
parineertha looked on with Ragini didn’t know her.. she smiles at her..
parineertha : come..
parineertha takes Ragini with hey to her cabin.. there episode ends here…

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