Pyar Bhari Nigahein – RAGLAK FF – Chapter 3


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scene 1,
it’s morning, swara gone to college early because fearing is she’s late again then will be out… and also didn’t eaten food.. she was empty stomach… sumi worried for her little b because she didn’t have anything… she came to swaragini room for a look.. she noticed Ragini was in sleep and walks away silently without waking her up…
after a while, Ragini jerked wake up from bed because if the alarm clocks sound… she falls out of bed on floor.. sumi heard the sound of something fallen off in ragini’s room and rushes there… she opened the door and looked Ragini was on floor… she was getting herself up… sumi came to get her up..
sumi :(helping)what hai happened, Ragini… why you are in floor?
Ragini :(laughing at herself) I just fell down in sleep, mom.. that’s all…
sumi pulled her up.. Ragini stand up…sumi then walks away..
sumi (while walking): get ready and come down..
ragini :(sorryful) mom, sorry.. I’ve got work.. so, I’ve to go… its already late..
sumi :(confused)what? but what work you got?
Ragini walks to side and took her towel..
ragini :(shining in smile) I’m going for a interview..
sumi :but, when did you apply?
Ragini :(smiling)I’ve applied it before one week ago.. yesterday they called me..
sumi :(confusing)then why you cried?
Ragini :because, I’m not sure if the work get to me… so…
Ragini stopped mid way to bathroom… sumi came to her and cupped ragini’s soft cheek…
sumi :(smiling)you’ll get it, Ragini… you’ll… don’t worry..
Ragini smiled by her positive talk…
Ragini :(smiling) I hope, maa..

scene 2,
swara reached her college but it’s only a few minutes for Sanskar period… she was worried and starts to blabber to herself…
swara :(blabbering)today, I’m surely going to be dead meat by sanky sir… uffo god please make him late and save me..
swara’s was to class… she reached it and peeped her head in first to see if Sanskar there… but he didn’t, she thanks god and relieved… she got in and sat on her seat…
Sanskar gets inside of the class.. he’s looking strict and handsome..
Sanskar :good morning, class..
all :(chorusly) good morning, sir..
Sanskar nods and signed them to sit… all sit but swara stands soil with a shine on her face… sanskar looked on…
Sanskar :(glaring) what? are you didn’t heard? sit down..
he ordered… swara brighten her smile…
swara :one question, sir…
Sanskar :(calmed)say…
swara :(making her voice to not shiver) sir, ystrday you said don’t be late…amd now today I’m here in time but you’re late..
swara laughs… the class laughs… sanskar slapped his book on table..
Sanskar :(glare)silence..
swara stared at him for answer… Sanskar glares at her…
Sanskar :(putting at her)you, come ..
swara happily walks to him as in proud because she shoots a question at him…
Sanskar came to her..
sanskar :(smiling)I’m late in getting in class, swara..but you’re late for college… you’ve to be here before the first period starts but you came after the bell rang…
swara smile faded… the others face laugh spread… swara looked agitated… she looked angry…
Sanskar :first you’ve to be on time then shoot me with this question… okay? so now go and sit on your diary m seat..
swara makes her way to her seat and say down…girl beside her laughs..
girl :you should be silent.
swara beats her and sat straight… sanskar shoots a glare and turned to start his own work..

scene 3,
Ragini was walking in the road to the opposite auto park.. while she crossing, a lane cruiser car came to hit her… Ragini scared and jumped behind.. the car stopped… Ragini was in angry… the driver get out..
driver :(asking forgiveness) sorry, ma’am…
Ragini :(yelling)what,sorry? a sorry can g get a thing normal? if anything happened then?
driver : sorry, ma’am.. please don’t make it a big problem otherwise my work will gone..
Ragini :(stopped yelling) okay, but what if anything happens ? I’m okay and safe.. what if any child crossed?
driver folded his hands to stop her.. the man came out.. it’s the boss of the Driver…Ragini looked at him… driver turned away…it’s Laksh… Laksh was surprised to look at her again.. he took out his glasses and looked…
Ragini :(yelling)hello, mister… next time, be careful in drive careful…and check him all the while driving… and over more, don’t dismiss him…
Ragini warned Laksh and walks away from there.. Laksh smiles in happy..
Laksh :(thinking) she’s never changed..
he shakes his head… the driver came to him…
driver :sorry, sir..
Laksh :shhh.. it’s okay.. I won’t dismiss you…
driver smiles and get in… they both them drive away….

scene 4,
sumi was in house infront of a photo…she was smiling…
sumi :(praying)thank you, shekar for given such daughter… even I’m not her biological mother, she cares… she thinks me as her own mom.. she thinks swara as her own sister and caring for her..
she looked at Shekar photo and cried while smiling..
sumi : thank for janki also as she’s the one who gave her to me.. but I’m feeling sorry for her.. she stopped studies to take care us… I promise I’ll let her live her life at anyhowe…I’ll let her marry the person she love..
she prayed while tears streaming down.. she then wiped it and walks away …

To Be continued…

Precap: the same….

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