Pyar Bhari Nigahein – RAGLAK FF – Chapter 2


hi guysss… Athira back again with the chapter 2…sorry for the delay.. guys I thought you’d think about the hint in chapter 1 but no.. I mean, in the pov of ragini she’d said that the reason to live iss. but it was interrupted.. I thought you’d guess.. but it’s okay and thanks you so much for you all..

Scene 1,
Ragini finished her work and came out of the shop… she was heading down on the road.. she was listening music in the phone via a headphones.. suddenly she stopped walking and looked beside.. there was a big mall.. she stared at the mall for a long time.. there were people shopping around.. with no hesitation or any other kind of expression, she got in.. she walked straight and got into a gift shop

Scene 2,
laksh was driving his car and stopped abruptly at the Same mall where Ragini got in… he looked and thinked…
Laksh :(thinking)tomorrow is mom’s birthday, why don’t we get a gift for her?
without thinking more of it, he get out of the car.. he locked the car and get into the same mall… he was looking for a gift shop anywhere.. at last, he found it… he head to the same gift shop where Ragini goes..
Laksh :(thinking)there it is..
he walks in and saw some gift over there.. he goes beside it and stare at one by one.. on the other side, ragini was looking at a beautiful flower that made of glasses.. she was smiling at it… laksh was looking at a glass doll..
after a while, looking at the gifts they both decide to buy the gifts they chose.. they came out of the section.. laksh turned beside and looked at the person who was standing infront of him..a girl was was Ragini.. ragini looked down and saw a pair of shoes with legs.. she looked up and saw laksh.. laksh shocked to see her… ragini didn’t know him..
Ragini :(staring at him)sorry, sir..
she walked away… ragini passes him and walks.. laksh was still lost in shocks and thought.. but he manages to see her going.. he realized that she can see him.. she can see the world.. anything..
Laksh :(murmurs)she can see me?
he was smiling in happy as she can see him now.. suddenly, his smile faded into sadness..
Laksh :(murmuring)but she cannot remember me..
a small tears escaped from his eyes to cheek.. he came into his sense and wiped it away and controlled him.. he takes the gift and walks to the counter to just see her again. but it was too late… ragini was passing out of the mall.. he looked sad as he cannot see her.. the cashier looked at him..
cashier :sir, can I?
Laksh looked at her.. she was showing het hand and signing to give the gift to pay..
Laksh :(nodding)huh, yes..
he gives it to her.. she takes it and make Bill payment.. she looked at him..
cashier :sir, do you want to wrap it in a gift wrapper?

laksh (nodding):yes..
he said.. the girl wraps it and gave it to him.. he settled the bill payment.. he then leaves from there..

Scene 2,
Sanskar’s period finshed and he make out his way.. there was so silent till he dissappeared into the stairs.. after he gone, the whole class to make sounds and played happily.. swara looked relieved, as he gone and she’s free.. she looked at the friend..
swara :(happily)hey,let’s go out..
friend :(looking shocked)no, if Sanskar sir spot us out while class on, he’ll get us to principal. so no to out.
friend said and turned away.. swara got disgusts by sanskar behaviours towards her and the class..
swara :(mimicking)Sanskar sir..
she said.. she hitted the table in anger..
swara :(angrily)angry bird..
she said and still sat down.. the next period starts, another man in middle age came and start his own period of English.. swara listens to it and takes notes..

scene 3,
Sanskar came to his own table and say down… a sir was opposite to him stares at him..
man :(smiling)how’s your first class?
Sanskar looked at him.. he reads his face..
Sanskar :(smiling) it’s nice.. the students are good..
the man nodded and does his own work.. Sanskar looked down and take his water bottle… he opened it and drank it.. he then closes it and pro pro prepares for next class..

Scene 4,
Ragini came to house and sat on sofa… she then suddenly remember the gift and searched it on her bag.. shomi came there..
shomi :(smiling)you came.. (now looking at her deep search on het bag)what are you looking?
she asked.. watching took out the glass flower.. shomi stared at it..
Ragini :(smiling)it’s for you, my dear mom..
she did and got up.. shomi looked at her..
shomi :(confused)but why?
Ragini :(smiling)few days back, your birthday.. but I didn’t have you any gifts.. so here..
she smiles cleverly.. shomi smiles and starred art her..
shomi :you.
shomi posted ragini’s head and takes the gift away.. Ragini smiles and rests her head on the sofa…

Scene 5,
it was night, Ragini amd swara and shomi was sitting in dining table and eating the food.. while, Ragini phone beeped.. Ragini stopped eating and hoes to check.. the was a message from her ma’am.. she opened the message and reads..

message _
Ragini, from tomorrow you won’t come up work.. because I dismissed you.. I’ve already taken a girl for this girl.. I’ll banking you your salary.. tq..

Ragini looked shocked and puts the phone down.. shomi reads her face and came to her.. swara looked shocked also.. she starred at her..
shomi :(w worried) what happened?
Ragini :(lost)she dismissed me from work..
shomi shocked.. swara also shocked and came to get… because, Ragini is the breadwinner for her family.. shomi makes her sit..
swara :(angrily)how does she can?
Ragini :(grabbing swara hand)it’s necessary.. she didn’t like me from the beginning.. now she got a person and dismissed me..
Ragini said.. she was confuse over family. she tought deeply..

To Be Continued…

Precap : Ragini was in a office for interview. swara slips from stairs in the college..

so, guys.. i hope you’ll like it.. tq.. bye..

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