Pyar Bhari Nigahein – RagLak FF – Chapter 1


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the episode starts with ragini was coming to her house with her walking stick.. she slips while walking to her room.. in frustration, she throws the stick away and walks to her even tough she gets hurt.. she starts to cry and reminisces her happy moment with Laksh… she starts to throw the things around and sobs… she then remembered her father Shekar… about his debts and all…

“god, plz show me a way” she said while sobbing..



in this 5 years, everything changed.. the house, my mom, my sister even the beds, clothes and all the things… but, I’m never… I can’t move on.. even though I got eye side back. I’m the same girl before I’m getting my eyesight.. thanks to the doctor…


Ragini poured some water on her face.. then opened her eyes… she looked at the mirror, herself and put a small bindi on her forehead…

she then takes a bag and came out of the room.. “mom, I’ll leave for work.. bye” Ragini said.. “okay, bye. be careful” shomi said.. “yes, okay” ragini smiled and walks out of the house…

shomi was sitting down and peeling off the skin of potatoes.. “what on earth does swara doing?” shomi thinks and got up… she goes swara’s room…

shomi opened the door… swara is doing her make up….she is looking stunning.. swara saw shomi standing… “hi, how I am?” swara turned and shows herself… “looking gorgeous… but get ready fast for college” shomi said… “okay, okay” swara said… she packed her makeup things up…

“you’re doing things like this… see one day the college will going to give your transferring certificate” shomi said and walks away… swara hears it and rolled down her eyes… she took her bag and came out of room…

she goes to shomi and back hugs her… “uffo, mom..they’ll not give that things… because today my classes are late..” swara said… “you’re saying something… but I don’t get it” shomi said….swara looked at watch… “okay, mom… it’s getting late.. so i’ll leave..” swara kissed shomi’s cheek and walk away… shomi looks at her going..

ragini is shown, walking at the roadside… she then reaches a shop, where she works as a cashier… she gets in and goes to the counters and operated it… the customers came and ragini does the payment…


there is none one who’s slow…all are in hurry like poured hot water on their feet.. it’s the real world… I remembered what Laksh would say “ragu, your world is different and others world is different… yours as peaceful as the heaven. but here the real world is a hell for so many..”

butt, I said “my world is always you.. as beautiful as you’re… I’ll live with you.” but now, there is no world with him… even don’t know how hel looks.. but I want to live with him… even though, he is not around me… I’ve a reason to live… the reason is… a woman called me.. and also my my memory distracted..


a woman is standing there… “yes madam… what should I help you?” ragini looked at her… “yes, how much cost is this?” the woman asked with having a ballerina doll… “it costs Rs.150(i don’t know how the dolls costs in india) ma’am” ragini said.. “oh, then wrap it in a gift wrapper” the woman said… ragini does the wrap up…then, the woman gives the money and walks away with the ballerina doll…

on the other side, a house is shown… Ap is waking to kitchen to make a coffee for herself.. suddenly someone stops her… it’s laksh… he looked dull. Ap looked at him.. “I said to don’t work? tell me, what do you want?” Laksh said.. ‘a cup of coffee” Ap said.. laksh goes ans takes a cup of tea… he handed it to AP…

‘thanks’ Ap thanks him… she sits on a sofa… laksh came there and pus his laptop on the cover and takes it.. “when will you accept to marry… I want a grandchildren soon” AP said… “I know how you feel… but now I’m not in mood for marriage” Laksh said… “you’ve been saying this for the past 4 years.. now you’re 26, don’t you?” AP looked at him… “I know, mom… but plz understand” Laksh looked at her..

“okay, but I don’t know… I want you to accept and I want a grandchildren” AP said… laksh thinks it and walks away… Ap stared at him…

Laksh came out and put the laptop in and ger on the car… he closes the door in frustration… he starts the car and drove away.

swara came to her college.. she looked at the watch and worries. “uffo, I’m dead… I’m late” swara runs to her class… when she reached the class, there already a professor in taking lessons.. she looked on.. “who is he?” swara thinks.. she knock the door ..

it’s Sanskar who’s a professor.. he has spectacle and looked all shaved and clean
he looked handsome but a angry one… he stares at swara… “yes?” he asked… “may I come in?” swara asked.. Sanskar looked at the watch… “it’s 10.45…you should be here on sharp at 10.30…why so late?” Sanskar asked..

“sorry sir, bus is late so I’m also late” swara said…”where you coming from…?” Sanskar asked.. swara said her place.. Sanskar does some calculations and glance at her.. “there is a bus 9.30 ..why don’t you take it?” Sanskar asked… “sir, I thought it would correct to get on 10.00 clock bus” Sanskar said… “okay, now what should I do?” Sanskar looked at her… swara looked on..

Sanskar looked at class.. “what should I do? can make her come in or make her leave?” Sanskar looked around for Any but no one answers.. he then looked at swara… swara looked at him….”plz sir” swara said.. Sanskar looked on and nodded… “come in” he said… swara came in and sit down… “don’t be late next time.. if you then you’ll be out” Sanskar said… swara nodded… Sanskar turned away..swara shoots a glare at him…


so, guys… I hope you’ll like… I tried my best in giving you the best ff.. tq…. plz let me know and bye to all….

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