Pyaari sibilings…Episode 2

The episode starts with Aashish getting ready in Red n black coat suit
Ishitha in Yellow n Red combo saree..

Ishu was standing in balcony..
Aashish came there and met Ishu..
Aashish: Are you OK with this Marriage?
Ishu: Definitely no..
Aashish: Is that the reason..? Our silly fights..

She smiled..
Ishu: Not that.. I can’t imagine you as my husband.. Don’t know why?
Aashish: Same here..
He smiled..

Ishu: Can we say this now?
Aashish: They ll ask for reason na..
Ishu: I think they can understand..
Aashish: Lets think..
Ishu: Can we ask help from Raman..?
Aashish: Definitely no..
Ishu: Ok… Now we can say that we are in love.
Aashish: What if they asked to show them?
Ishu: Lets say we had break up.. Not now.. After three or four weeks..

Aashish: Break up without love..
They laughed

They executed the same..
Ishu’s mom: Why you didn’t informed me that day?
Raman: May be today only she got the idea..
Ishu: Ahh mumma..
Aashish hit her leg.. Then
Ishu: No no mumma.. I got scared that’s y…
They started thinking..

Raman: So what can I move now? Lots of work I m having..
Aashish: Even busy doctor staying here just shut n stand..

Ishu’s mom.: OK.. Call him tomorrow..
Ishu stared at Aashish..
Raman: Wow OK bye..
Mrithula thought : Can i help Ishitha??
Everyone left.. They asked sorry with Aashish parents..

Aashish and Ishu shook their hands.

Next day Mrithula’s bday..
Time is 3,.
She is still awake.. But she switched off the mobile..

In her childhood on her bday only her mom n dad separated..
So she won’t celebrate..
She slept with tears..

Next day morning She was wearing a pink chudi with doctor coat in her hand..

Her mom saw her.. She got blessings and went..
Saindhavi: Happy birthday Mrithu..
Mrithu hugged her..

She was driving…
From her childhood she hadn’t celebrated her bday..

Once in her childhood she was in temple and prayed louder..

Mrithu: I don’t love that Raman.. But don’t know I m feeling happy seeing him.. Please make him stay with on my bday alone..

That was listened by her dad.. He left Raman with her on bday..

So after grown up. Raman followed the same..

Flashback ends..

She saw Raman standing in road with his phone..
She continued driving.. Raman shouted..
She stopped..

Raman got in..
Mrithu: No need.. U continue ur work I have my work..
Raman was not listening.. He was speaking in phone about some case..

She found her speech to be useless and drove..
They didn’t speak a word..
She reached her hospital..
Raman got out..

Raman: Ya Mr. Sharma I m in that hospital.. I ll check with the details of the guy.. Whether he visited the hospital on that day or not..

Mrithu: Came for case issue.. Idiot..
He casually entered her cabin and sat in her room where she ll take rest
She started attending patients..

Raman was seeing that that room.. Marking some details..

Mrithu found its lunch time..
She shouted.. ” What about lunch?”
No reply..
She saw he was eating Munch.. And seeing the file..

Munch.. Mrithu’s fav..
She thought how to ask him..
He saw her.. ” No I don’t need”..
Mrithu thought ” But I need”
She went and attended patients..

Ishu came as patient..
Ishu: Hey Mrithu..
Mrithu: Hi Ishitha… What happen?
Ishu: I got cut in my hand while morning cookery.
Mrithu smilingly saw that..
Mrithu: OK.. Wait Ishitha. I ll inject u a TT..
Ishitha: OK.. She went and sat in the bed..
Mrithu came with TT and injected her..

While Ishitha was about to leave. Aashish entered..
Raman came out..
Mrithu: How u got injured?
Aashish and Raman remembered their morning fight!!
Mrithu saw them and hit her head..
Ishu smiled.. And about to leave..

Mrithu: Ok.. Have a injection..
Raman done a victory sigh..
Aashish: No..
Ishu turned to see him and laughed..

Aashish: No Mrithu.. Only Tablets..
Mrithu: No. No.. Injection..
Raman danced behind her..
Aashish: No..
Mrithu: Ok see somewhere and distract yourself..

He saw her eyes suddenly and lost in it..
Ishu noted this..
Ishu: ACP sir.. Can you come out??
Raman: Why?
Ishu: I need to discuss a case with you.. Please come out..

Raman went out..
Mrithu: Its over..
Aashish came into senses.. And said Thanks
He went out smilingly..

Raman noted this.. ” why he is smiling? Something wrong?”

Raman: Ok ishitha we ll discuss later..
Ishu: What are you doing here?
Raman: For case only..
Ishu: I thought you came to see ur sis..
Raman: No nothing..
Ishu: You are such a idiot brother.. Not caring abt ur sis..
Raman: Thank u
Ishu: How can you be..?
Raman: I think the way is behind you..

She stated and went..

He went to her room..
Mrithu stared.. He went to her room..
Came back..
Kept Munch and left.

She was waiting.. After he went in..
She took it n ate it..

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  1. Sry guys I meant to say Ishu ll tell her mom that she is loving someone…. but meaning changed,, Many typos and confusions sry for that.. Definitely won’t repeat it again

  2. Reshma Pradeep

    Its Really gng interesting day by day…………………Eagerly waiting for ur next update…………………

  3. He is such a sadist yaar ha ha ha

  4. so cute bro and sis…………….

  5. Nice one this raman na always playing pranks naughty and mrithu ashish pairing also nice as usual a very good ff keep rocking!!!

  6. Pls start season 2 of shaadi ff I miss it soo much it was amazing pleaseeeee _/\_

    1. LL do it no worries ilyana

  7. Shaadi was way better it’s confusin yar hardly understanding anything 🙁 :'(

  8. good it is going interesting …
    bro – sis relation is really cute………
    waiting for next….

  9. Yeah nivedha please start shaddhi ff 2 please I have already posted this comments on your dosthi f2f but I am requesting again your shadhi was fantastic and we all loved it, the chemistry between ishra guru arthi was awesome even I loved guru raman relationship it was too cute funny yet emotional please continue shadhi ff and we want the same characters with different story please….. it’s not that we didn’t like this ff this one is also nice but it didn’t attract us like your shadhi… sorry if I hurt you but it is the fact ,I am a great fan of both dosthi and shadhi ff

  10. I LL get u clear in my next part

    1. Yes pls shaadi ff we miss alot pls it was sooo amazing I use to check every hour so that I don’t miss any part pls Niv maam pls ?????

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