Pyaari sibilings…Episode 1

As per your suggestions Ishitha Bhalla changed as Ishitha Scindiya

The episode starts with a guy talking in phone with some guy in phone..
He is Aashish..
Aashish : I don’t want any reasons Mr. Kumar.. I want you guys to complete the project within this week..
He is driving and talking in phone with speakers in his ear..
He stood in signal..
He turned aside..
He saw a police jeep.. Inside Raman Kumar Bhalla..
Raman too noticed Aashish.. (Removing his coolers)..
Both were staring at each other..

The signal changed from red to green,..
Aashish left….
Flashback showing Raman and Aashish who are neighbours fighting…
In school days………
In College student age…….
Now in grown up state too…….
Flashback ends……

Raman reached his home.. His dad Amrish..
Amrish : Raman.. Today we need to go Prakash(Raman’s mom’s bro).. home..
Raman : Why Papa?
Amrish : Today… They are going to talk about Ishitha’s marriage…
Raman: For talk and all no need to go dad..
Amrish : He is my friend Raman.. Apart from my relation..
Raman : OK OK.. Holding his dad’s chin.. I am coming.. Only for you..

In Saindavi’s house..
Same style as Raman sitting.. a girl is sitting there.. With newspaper..
Saindhavi : Mrithu..
Mrithula : Mom…
Saindhavi : Today do you have any appointments..
Mrithula : If any emergence I will run away..
Saindhavi : Today we need to go to Ishu’s house.. You know na..

Mrithula and Ishitha not enemies… But won’t talk with each other..
Mrithula : Ok..
Saindhavi : Mrithu. Promise me you should not fight with him..
Mrithu stared at her..

Raman staring his dad for the same words..
Raman : Ll try Papa..
Mrithu : Will try my level best..

In Aashish’s house…
Aashish : I don’t want this marriage..
His mom : You have to agree…
He argued…She cried…He agreed..
His mom : See this photo yaar..
Aashish : No need..

In Ishitha’s house..
Her mom making her ready.. She is getting ready with smiling face..
By then Raman and Amrish reached..

Raman : Hi aunty..
Ishu’s mom : Hey Raman…
Ishu turned and stared at him.. Raman too stared…
Amrish went with Prakash..
Her mom too went..

Raman and Ishitha there,,

Raman : So… Lawyer Madam.. Finally getting married,,’
Ishu : Ofcourse ACP sir..
Raman : I wish you a very very very happy life..
Ishu : Thank you so much…
He left…

Ishra clash is due to Mrithula..She hates his behaviour towards Mrithula though she won’t talk with her..
Raman went out..

Aashish came to girl’s house with his parents..
Ishu’s house.
Mrithula came in with Saindhavi..
She just smiled at Aashish.
He too smiled…

They came in.. Ishu peeped out..
She saw Aashish.. Aashish found Ishitha…

Both were stunned..
They too had fights.. Road side fights.. During accidents..
Raman saw them many times and used to laugh at their fights,, As he can mock at both…

Raman first saw Mrithula… Both were staring.. He saw his mom and get calm..
He saw Aashish.. Then Ishitha..

Ishitha heard echo : Wish u a very very very happy married life…
Raman trying to control himself..
Aashish stared at him…
The parents had a talk.. They fixed the engagement date..

Aashish(to himself) : Save me God.. This is not fair..
Ishitha( to herself) : Oh no. How can I stop this?
Raman (to himself) : Its interesting…

Mrithula got a call. Same time Raman got a call.
Both rang simultaneously.. Same ringtone of their Fav song.. Both had same taste.. same mannerism.. Same anger.. Same love…
They stared.
Aashish : What a coincidence.. Lovely..
He saw Raman with smirk..
Mrithula and Raman changed their ringtones at once..

Ishu just staring at Aashish..
After their talk.. they went..

Raman was about to turn and hit with Mrithula..
Amrish and Saindhavi not there in the hall..

Raman : I don’t know who gave license to this blind once for becoming doctor..
Mrithula : Even some physically unfit(pointing his height with her hands).. guys are becoming ACP.. Why shouldn’t I?
Raman : Wow.. What a counter,,
Mrithula : Don’t mess with me.. else Encounter… Acted as if holding a gun..
Raman : What a comedy creature you are!
Mrithula : What a rough monkey you are!
They both started their arguments.. Seeing Saindhavi.. Raman went.
She had tears…

Someone came to Saindhavi..
Aunty: Why Raman always misbehaving with Mrithula?
Saindhavi went..
Mrithula called the guy,,
Mrithula : Actually aunty.. Don’t try to talk anything about Raman.. Else a poison injection is ready for you..
She stared in shock..

Mrithu went.. Raman came..
Raman: Aunty..
Aunty : See Raman this Mrithula is not giving respect.. How she can be so arrogant?
Raman : Aunty..Keep this as first and last.. Don’t talk about Mrithula in front of me.. Else……..
He went..

Prakash smiled.. at their words.. Paagal Sibilings..

Precap :
Aashish and Ishu talk in balcony..
Engagement breaks..
Aashish Ishu screaming in joy..
Mrithula’s bday..
Unique wishes …

See our Raman and Mrithula in cover pic.. Hope you like this..
Post your comments for my new one

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