PyaaraSa Rishta-Savitri Devi-epi 49

Good Morning Lovely Readers
Thanks Niyaa, ashnita, abhilasha, riya, anu, anee, ruch, divya, dhruti, amnaa, sanu thanks alot for ur lovely words
Recap-Kabir gives respect to jaya just like a son Sanchi feels happy seeing it
Kabir is happy to know that Sanchi considers him to be most imp person in her life
Sanchi too is slowly developing feelings for Kabir

Its early morning
Sanchi is hugging Anmy n sleeping
Kabir wakes up
He looks at Anmol n Sanchi with love

In fb kanchi moments r shown
n aaj phir tumphe pyaar aya hain plays in bg

Kabir is adoring Sanchi
he kisses Anmol on forehead
He goes close to Sanchi
n looks at her
He is lost
It seems as though he is going to kiss her
He is going closer
His phone beeps
Kabir awkwardly moves away
Kabir blushes
His pov-patience Dr Kabir patience this will happen but not like this it will happen in most spl way n with lots of love

Kabir leaves room smiling

At breakfast table
Anand n Savitri r seated Anmol comes n hugs them both
Kabir also comes n greets them
Sanchi serves breakfast
Kabir is eating
His phone rings
Kabir-yes Dr mehra lopsided treatment will be best suited

Kabir starts coughing, Sanchi comes rushing she pats his back She snatches phone n makes him drink water

Kabir looks at her
Sanchi-Dr Kabir u r A Dr n u dnt know this basic thing also that u shdnot speak while eating I know work is imp but is it more imp than ur health

Kabir keeps at her

All r smiling seeing her concern

Kabir-Relax madam Relax am fine

Anmol-papa is dr mumma is teacher hahaha
Anand-Right beta, even ur dadi is teacher all wives r teachers

All laugh
Sanchi feels awkward

Kabir is checking patients he is again n again looking at watch
Abhi comes (teasingly)-Just 2 hrs Sanchi will come dnt miss her so much do work properly Dr Kabir

Kabir smiles n beats him

Abhi-btw wat is plan for tom
Abhi (surprised)-I didn’t expect this from u Kabir how can u forget what is tom even Sanchi remembers n she told me to plan something espl n keep n we will discuss tdy in ward

Kabir tries to remember

Kabir-mom dad’s 50th wedding anniversary how could I forget thank you thanks for reminding me

Abhi-my dear boy Sanchi reminded us

Kabir-Sanchi is best

In Anmol’s ward

Kanchi, Abhita, n Anmol r discussing something

There is happiness there is excitement

Kabir-n we will have awesome celebration tom

Anmol n Sanchi keep hand over Kabir’s hand n so do Abhita n they say hurrah

Sanchi is making list of guest
Sanchi-Kabir we have planned party but I feel we shd also keep a small pooja for them

Kabir looks in her eyes-Sanchi really am so lucky to have u in my life u think about every one of us so much
Sanchi-just like u

N there is intense eyelock

Abhi calls Anand
Kanchi gesture him good luck
Abhi-uncle this charity event is for small children uncle please please attend it n please get aunty along

kanchi shake hands

abhi-yes yes uncle thanks thanks alot uncle I will tell them u agreed

kanchi n Anmol have family hug
n Abhi joins them too

Precap-Anmol n ruhi dress like savitri n Anand n dance on raat bakii, kanchi dance romantically on”aaoo na gale lagoo na”
Savitri blushes

Please Do come tom to witness maha celebration

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