Pyaarasa Rishta -Savitri Devi -epi 48

Good Morning Lovely Readers,
Thanks dear Amnaa, anee, ishku, riya, ruch, ashnita, dharani, dhruti
thanks alot dears
yes am better now
love u all

Recap-Sanchi gives her exam n performs well in interview, because she imagines Kabir taking her interview
kanchi have kulfi together

Kabir is driving
He remembers how Sanchi hugged him after exam
N made him eat kulfi

Kabir smiles

Sanchi is also thinking about Kabir

She looks at him
He is smiling n driving
She is mesmerized by him n his adorable smile

Wind is blowing
Climate is romantic
N love is in air

Kabir switches on radio n

”Aaj phir tumphe pyaar ayaa hain”


Car stops at singal

Kanchi r having intense eyecontact

A small boy comes to sell roses

Bright red roses

Kabir purchases it all

Kabir romantically gives it to Sanchi

Sanchi accepts

They r lost

Horns r heard Kabir realizes signal has turned green
He starts driving

At Malhotra Mansion
Jaya, Savitri, Anmol, Anand r waiting for them

Kanchi enter

Anmol rushes to them

They have family hug

Kabir-how r u beta, u had medicine beta u have any pain

Anmol-am perfect papa u chuppp please mumma how was ur exam n interview

Sanchi looks at Kabir-amazing

Savitri n jaya hug her
Anand-proud of u Sanchi

Sanchi is in her room
She is putting roses Kabir gave her in vase

She takes its fragnance n smiles remembering Kabir
She is actually blushing

Kabir is talking on phone to Abhi
Kabir (excitedly)-she hugged me abhi she hugged me n she said she remembered me me me me while answering her interview
she considers me to be imp spl person in her life

Abhi smiles-so Kabir u shd also tell her how u feel for her
Kabir-No Abhi now is not the right time I still don’t know how she exactly feels I don’t want to endanger our friendship

Abhi smiles-I hope right time comes very soon
Kabir-I hope the same

In Ward

Kabir is giving some medicine to Anmol

Sweeper sweeps floor n leaves
Floor is wet
Jaya comes she slips as floor is wet
Kabir rushes to her
He supports her n makes her sit on sofa
Sanchi also comes
Kabir(worried) Ma r u fine
jaya-yes yes am fine
Kabir takes her feet in his hand
Jaya-kabir don’t please mujhe paap lagegaa please don’t
Kabir-Am ur son n as a son I have all rights
He calls for ointment
N applies it he massages jaya’s feet
Sanchi is looking at him
Kabir-u call me beta na then please treat me that way don’t treat me like son in law
Jaya smiles
Anmol kisses jaya n asks her if she got more hurt
Jaya-No no am fine raja ur papa made me fine
Kabir-but now u please rest here chup chaap no going anywhere rest here
Jaya-ok Dr
All laugh
N sanchi looks at kabir with respect

Precap-kabir-Tom is Mom Dad’s 50th wedding anniversary we need to plan something very very SPL
Sanchi n Ammol keep hand on kabirs hand

My 50th epi ohhh wooww
Its going to be celebration time as anand n savitri celebrate 50 years of their marriage n kanchi c develop strong bond please be there to witness this maha celebration I hope u all r excited for same
Love u All

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  1. Awesome cute bond of a family really a very pyaara sa rishta u nailed it again due to exams I was not commenting and congratulations for completing ur 50 epi

  2. Nice….. Awesome

  3. Dhruti

    superb ff and nice bonding between family members……………….congress for completing 50th episode………… you a lot………… next one soon……………………….see you soon…………..

  4. Amazing dear awesome super fabulous fantastic

  5. RuCh23

    Awesome Rushi ??? it was so lovely ???

  6. Anee

    Wow Rushi Awesome

  7. Anu88

    Kabir is so so caring……… family scene is awesome yaar……….love u dear……

  8. Riyarocks

    Rushi dear…this is not fair…hamesha aise hi karti how tum…itna amazing likhti ho ki words hi khatam hojate hain tumhare tareef mein & yaar I can’t tell you how desperately I’m waiting for ur 50th episode…luv u a lot sweetie…bye…tc

  9. Abhilasha

    Wowwww!!!! Superb dear!!! Loved it!!! It was really magical!!

  10. Ashnita456

    Wowwww rushi sweetie awesome bonding. It’s outstanding and mindblowing

  11. Niyaaa

    Amaz Epi rushi.. nd i m extremely excited for 50 Epi.. yasr kasam se ur ff always made my day.. plzzzzz post nxt maha Epi.. bye tc gud ni8

  12. Prakruti

    This was outstanding Rushii.. And congratulations for the 50th epi in advance… Keep writing such beautiful ff’s.. Love you lots

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