PyaaraSa Rishta-Savitri Devi-epi 46

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Recap-Sanchi tells Kabir she aspired to be banker Kabir aims to fulfill her desire He fills her exam form n convinces her to him exam

Anmol is in hospital ward
His treatment is going on
Sanchi notices charts on ward’s wall
It contains her study material
Sanchi is looking
Abhi is giving medicine to Anmol
Abhi-Sanchi, Kabir made these yesterday night from ur bks so that u can easily memorize ur study points

Sanchi looks on
She is deeply thinking something
Abhi-kya hua Sanchi?
Sanchi-Bhai,am scared Kabir is taking so many efforts for me, what if I ……what if I cannot clear exams
Kabir comes-Sanchi thats impossible u willnot just clear but score good I have full confidence in ur dedication, hardwork n most imp in ur intelligence
Sanchi smiles
Kabir-Now madam stop smiling n start studing I will take ur test at night
Anmol laughs-what if mumma answers wrong

Anmol, Kabir, Abhi laugh Sanchi makes puppy face

Anmol is sleeping
Sanchi is going through charts
Kabir looks from outside
Kabir-sister please take coffee for Sanchi after sometime
Nurse-Dr madam is so lucky to have a supportive husband like u
Kabir-n sister am I not lucky to have her she changed me from a khadoos na

Nurse n Kabir laugh
Nurse-Dr Love has power to change everything

At night Anmol n Kabir r asking questions to Sanchi

Kabir-when did Rbi start opetating
Sanchi-1st may 1935
Kabir-wrong 1st April 1935 Sanchi kya yaar study properly na

Anmol-punishment punishment
Kabir-ok Anmol u give
Anmol-mumma sing song
Sanchi (nervously)-sorry sorry one last chance
Anmol-no mumma punishment is punishment

Sanchi closes her eyes-jo tu mera humdaard hain

She looks at Kabir
He is mesmerized
N kanchi moments r shown

Joh tu mera humdaard hain in female version is played

Sanchi is looking in Kabir’s eyes while singing
Kabir is lost in her eyes
N Anmol is enjoying moment

Sanchi is cooking in kitchen
Kabir comes-what r u doing? u shd be studing na its good to study in morning in fresh mind
Sanchi-making breakfast mummy jii has gone to temple I will quickly make breakfast then study
Kabir-no u study now I will make breakfast
Sanchi (laughs)-Am making parathas
Kabir with attitude-so what I make best parathas

Kabir gives book to Sanchi n asks her to sit n study

Kabir wears apron he starts making parathas
Kabir is looking at Sanchi
He keeps hand on hot tava
Sanchi comes rushing-Kabir what u did ohh my god show me u r silly where was ur attention

she grabs his finger n in panic puts in her mouth
while Kabir keeps looking at her she keeps scolding him

Pyaara sa Rishta plays in bg

Sanchi is solving some equations using calculator
Kabir comes n takes it away
Kabir-solve using ur brain not calculator its not allowed in exam

Kabir is making something in kitchen
Savitri comes-kya kar rahe ho
Kabir-Am making badam milk for Sanchi badam improves memory na

Savitri looks lovingly at Kabir-so happy to have u back my son

she hugs Kabir

Precap-Kabir hugs Sanchi n asks her to remain calm in exams
Sanchi in interview remembers Kabir n answers
she comes out n in excitement gives tight hug to Kabir

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  1. amazing
    how supportive kabir is..
    and i know how difficult to prepare bank exams

  2. RuCh23

    ??? how suppotiv is Kabir ??? AWESOME!!!

  3. Ashnita456

    Awwww wat to say I’m speeehless dear. It beyond beyond beyond everything. Lots of huggs and kisses to u and luv u loads

  4. Niyaaa

    Just one word fosr ue ff beautifulllllll… totally loved it post nxt asap bye tc

  5. Riyarocks

    aww…… cute episode Rushi……..yaar, Kanchi & Anmy ka question waala session part……..uff……..mind blowing & the cooking part……….awww……so cute………..all in all……..ek dum khidkitod osm, amazing update tha………..luv u a lot sweetieeeee……….bye…….tc…….

  6. I m speechless, wordless but only can I say that din b din mohabbat badti Jai gi (day by day love increases). Ur ff is superb Se by upper.

  7. Osum di………….sanchi sing song for kabir……… WO bhi romantic andaaz ma aur wo bhi mera favourite wala…….punishment agar aisi mila to galti karna ka to maza aa jayga……and of course di the episode was just superb I just loved it and u too di……waiting for the next part 🙂 🙂

  8. Dharani


  9. Loved kaanchi bonding….. Amazing episode

  10. Prakruti

    Wonderful one sweetie. Such a nice hubby is Kabir. Loved the part when Sanchi sang song for him. So cute ?❤

  11. So so beautiful and amazing episode yaar……..I love it so so much yaar

  12. Dhruti

    superb ff post next one soon……………… you……………tc…………………….see you soon…………………..

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