PyaaraSa Rishta-Savitri Devi-epi 45

Good Morning Lovely Readers,
Thanks alot dear prakruti, mahi, anu, dhruti, niyaa, ashnita, amnaa, divya, dharani, khamoshi(dear I will definitely read ur ff n let u know), riya
thanks alot darlings

Recap-Kabir arranges a virtual class for Anmol so he continues his studies Sanchi tells Kabir that they r very lucky to have him in their life Anmol is discharged n has to go to hospital in evenings for treatment

Kabir’s room is shown
Anmol is sleeping on Kabir’s lap n Kabir has some file in his hand Kabir is engrossed
He yawns
Sanchi comes with coffee
Sanchi-Kabir make him lie on bed he is fast asleep
Kabir- no no he will wake up he had pain he has slept with lots of difficulty cannot disturb him
Sanchi (concerned)-since past 2 hrs u r sitting like this u might be tired na chalo keep that file aside have coffee
Kabir-Sanchi this is very imp case patient has a rare type 3 anaemia n I want study her case properly from tom we will start her treatment

Sanchi-ok wait open ur mouth I will make u have coffee

Sanchi makes him drink coffee
Kabir looks admiringly
Sanchi-kya hua
Kabir (senti)-Actually am not used to so much concern in my initial days of internship veer used to show all concern after mom went to coma I n dad became work alcoholic, we became machines I was most emotionless person in hospital

Sanchi keeps hand on his hand
Sanchi-Kabir difficult times do come but dnt last longer

Kabir tries to smile

Sanchi gently makes Anmol lie on bed Kabir is still looking at her
Her hair r coming on her face as she is making Anmol wear quilt
Kabir is lost looking at Sanchi

Joh tu mera humdaard hain plays
Sanchi looks at Kabir
Sanchi-u always wanted to be a doc?
Kabir-yes from my childhood days I was inspired by Dad being doc is such a noble thing u save lives
Sanchi-esply if a doc is as dedicated as Dr Kabir

Kabir smiles shyly

Kabir-Sanchi what career aspirations u had
Sanchi (with glittery eyes)-I always wanted to be a banker n work in bank I was a management student n banking fascinated me but preparing for exams required lot of effort I got married n then Anmol came
It was difficult for me to study with small kid veer supported alot but I was more dedicated towards taking care of Anmol
After veer I had to work to finance our needs so joined this small company as they offered flexibility n I could take holiday easily to look after Anmol
Kabir-so study now n give exams
Sanchi (laughs)-now?? Kabir those days have gone now I just have one thing to do cure that is take care of my Anmol

Kabir’s pov-No Sanchi no days have not gone u will study I will fulfill ur dream

Kabir searches on Google
bank job exams
He notes down details
Kabir is shown filling online form for Sanchi he makes payment n smiles

Kabir-Fulfilling ur every dream is aim of my life

Kanchi, Anand, Savitri n Anmy r in living room
Kabir-I have surprise for u sanchi

He keeps form in her hands
Sanchi is shocked
Sanchi-kabir I cannot give this exam it needs lot of preparation

Kabir shows her books
Sanchi-Kabir Anmol needs me
savitri(softly)-Beta we all r there to look after Anmol u study
Anand-yes beta atleast try
Anmol-please mumma papa did so many efforts please agree na n u study I will also study n not trouble u

Sanchi hugs Anmol-ok I will give exam

All smile

Sanchi looks lovingly at Kabir

precap-Kabir is making something in kitchen Sanchi is studing there Kabir is admiring her his finger burns Sanchi takes it in his mouth n romantic eyelock

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  1. awesome
    sry for not commenting yesterday
    iam facing network issues
    loved it

  2. RuCh23

    Amazing Rushi loved it so much. Never ever read such a heart touching story like “Pyarasa Rishta” it’s that much lovely ??????

  3. Riyarocks

    aww Rushi, such a cute episode….just loved it to the core of my heart…….kanchi bonding is growing day by day……& kabir is so supportive towards sanchi, so cute….btw dear, I’ve posted my next OS…..time mile toh ek baar padh lena…..anyways, luv u a lot sweetieeee………have a nice day……….bye………tc………

  4. Osm. Ek Aisa pasta sa rishta ban gaya hai hamaare between ki Dil chhahta hai yeh rishta Kabhi Khayyam na ho. I luved it and daily waited for it. ?

  5. Dharani


  6. Niyaaa

    As ur ff title… ur ff is so pyara weet cute nd adorable… nd ek rista aisa jdd gya h ki hmesha isse padhte rahe kabhi khatam naa hoo.. totally loved it enjiy every single line.. post nxt asap rushi dear… bye tc ????

  7. Dhruti

    amazing, superb ff rishi……………….and the way kabir support sanchi was you know i have no words for that part and for your ff too…………….
    and i’m so happy for anmy………………………
    i’m always waiting for your ff because when i read your ff i feel i’m relax and fresh……………….
    love you………….tc……………… next one soon…………………and see you soon……………………

  8. Your Comment
    sorry for not commenting yesterday…
    I am having exams…but will try to read ur ff and if possible so will leave a comment too… it is so heart touching…this is the first ff on which I am commenting otherwise I am a silent reader….
    love ur ff….
    thank you for writing such a beautiful story….
    again sorry from now on I can’t comment regular…
    Tc ??????

  9. Your Comment
    sorry for not commenting yesterday…
    actually my exams have started… I will try my best to read and try to comment if possible…
    such a beautiful and heart touching story…
    first time I am commenting in any of the ff otherwise I am silent reader only… bcoz it is really different from other…I loved it…
    sorry from tomorrow I can’t able to comment…
    thank you for writing such a beautiful story..

  10. Ashnita456

    Uff too much heart touching ff. I loved it from my core of heart.Itna pyara rishta. I have never saw it and read it. U r too good. It’s awesome superb fantastic and many and beyond beyond beyond everything.Grand salute to u. Lots of huggs and kisses to u and luv loads.accept it waiting for next part

  11. Aww…….sanchi is attracting towards kabir and he is also doing a lot for our Sanchi…… he will help sanchi in achieving her dream………awesome sooooooooooooooo cute di …..I just loved it to the core of my heart………luv u alot di….

  12. Shining

    Just Loved it

  13. Amazing….. Loved it

  14. Prakruti

    Rushi your every single epi is full of love emotions and you describe every detail so perfectly. You are amazing. Loved the epi. Outstanding.

  15. So so beautiful and amazing and superb and outstanding and mind blowing and sweet episode yaar……..I love it so so much…….the family scene is awesome yaar…… u dear…………….☺☺☺☺

  16. Khamoshi

    Plz write long uodates yaar.. i lost in ur story but gets uoset as it ends so early ..hehe its a compliment dear. I love ur ff.. and yeah whenever u get tym..u read my ff. I will be happy ☺

  17. Awesome super fabulous fantastic mind blowing

  18. Abhilasha

    Wowww rushi dear……..loved it from core of my heart!!! Sancho’s study part is brilliant!!! Ur story deserves to my favourite!!!

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