Pyaarasa Rishta-Savitri Devi-epi 44

Good Morning My Lovely Readers,
Thanks all my dear readers for such beautiful comments
spl thanks to abhilasha dear its big thing to know my story cd be soothing to u ty ty
Ashnita sister good to know u r discharged take care take rest get well soon ♥♥♥

Recap-Due to low attendance n disease Anmol is restigated from school Kabir cannot bear his pain

Kabir is shown talking something
He is instructing some workers
They r putting a screen Kabir is shown paying them

In morning Anmol has gone for test
Kabir is quickly getting some things done through some ppl
Kabir comes to Anmol
Kabir-Anmy I have surprise for u
Anmol tries to make cheerful face
Kabir blindfolds him n gets him to ward
Sanchi is confused
Kabir opens blindfold
A screen is shown
A teacher a some students r sitting
A classroom is dr on screen
Teacher-welcome Anmol Malhotra Am ur new teacher
Sakshi n these r ur new friends
All students say hello to Anmol
Sakshi-Anmol welcome to ur new school Redbricks
From today u will attend all classes sitting on ur bed itself
I will also give u home work ok?
Anmol (excitedly)-yes yes please teacher I want home wrk
Sakshi-ok so good boy now u get ready wear ur uniform get fresh n sit on bed with book we will study

Anmol hugs Kabir-papa this is best gift I thought I would never be able to study again ty ty ty ty ty

Kabir hugs him-Anything for ur smile my bachaa

Sanchi thanks him in gestures

Sanchi makes Anmol ready
He is so happy to wear new uniform
Kabir clicks his pic
Anmol-one family pic in my new uniform please
Anmol makes Sanchi n Kabir to stand together
Kanchi’s heads meet
N they eyelock
While Anmol clicks selfie
Anmol-such a cute pic my mumma papa looking at eachother

Kanchi feel awkward
Kabir-chalo now naughty ur teacher will come get ready study nicely make new friend love u bachaa

Anmol sits on bed with book
His class starts n he is extremely happy
kanchi smile seeing Anmol so thrilled n happy
Sanchi-Thanks Kabir I know all this might have required lots of efforts n money

Kabir looks in her eyes-Sanchi neither efforts nor money nothing matters more than Anmy’s smile
Sanchi (teareyed)-I never thought anybody cd love my bachaa more than me

She hugs Kabir
Sanchi-Thanks Kabir for being a most spl part of our life

Kabir smiles

so now Anmol is happy n cheerful he is doing his homework with Ruhi’s help

Abhi-Kabir I think u should now take anmy home he will be more comfortable there n in evenings he can come for treatments I guess he needs change from hospital environment
Kabir-Do u really think so I mean if any…..
Abhi-dnt wry Savitri aunty n Sanchi wd take good care of him n u n Anand uncle r there na
Abhi (mischievously)-Actually u wd miss Sanchi na n also having lunch with her so go home na during lunch, n in evening she would be here
Kabir (shyly)-kuch bhi Abhi but frankly speaking I cannot imagine my life without Anmol n Sanchi

Anmol is taken home Savitri hugs him

Precap-Kabir-Sanchi what u wanted to do like in ur career
Sanchi-I always had dream to work in bank
Kabir’s pov-I will fulfill it Sanchi

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  1. Riyarocks

    nice one Rushi…….yeah Anmy is back home……….yippee………now I think kanchi’s bonding will day by day become more strong………I mean luv bond ;)……..haha……….luv u a lot dear……..have a fun filled sunday……..

  2. Khamoshi

    Just a perfect masterpiece dear.. ur story always cheers me and brings a emotional sense to me.. enjoyed it. Hope one day u will also read my articles..i am not that good like u..but i m also trying to built this quality in me. ☺ good luck dear. Hope one day u will be a writer

  3. Dharani


  4. Awesome super fabulous fantastic mind blowing episode lovely update soon can’t wait

  5. Awesome super fabulous fantastic mind blowing episode lovely update soon can’t wait plsss plsss and its soo cute

  6. Lovely…… Amazing

  7. Ashnita456

    Wowwww it’s so amazing outstanding superb mindblowing ravishing lovely historic unlimited package khidki tod darvaza tod and beyond beyond beyond everything. Lots of huggs and kisses to u and luv u loads

  8. Niyaaa

    Mindblowing perfect family ff yaar… totally loved it… kabir uske liye to nd obviously tere liye…. ????… totally loved it precap is mindblowing post nxt asap bye tc

  9. Dhruti

    PERFECT (In madhuri dixit style)
    Superb ff I have no words to describe my happiness when I read your ff
    Finally anmy come home yuppie….
    Now I think kanchi bonding will be strong day by day because of our anmy
    Post next one soon……..
    Love you khub saraaaaa (prinku’s style)

  10. So so beautiful and awesome episode yaar………kabir and anmol bonding is superb………..kabir and sanchi ka dost vi superb………..we miss our prankster veer……..but I want kanchi’s pair because I am a die heart fan of kanchi……….love u a lots yaar

  11. Wow amazing di kabir and anmy bonding is just awesome…………now anmy will not get bored as he is going home……… kanchi are also coming closer……..fantastic. Luv u alot and sorry for not commenting on previous one.

  12. Prakruti

    Sorry dear for not commenting on the previous one.. But this was amazing… Anmy is so cute.. And the only one who can bring his parents close… Loved it..

  13. RuCh23

    Rushi, sorry for the late comment dear ??? as always today’s epi was wonderful!!! So sweet ???

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