PyaaraSa Rishta – Savitri Devi-epi 42

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Recap-Sanchi n Anmol r welcomed in Malhotra mansion n Kabir spends good time with them kanchi spend their first night with Anmol n have a good family time

Epi starts with kanchi making Anmol eat food in ward
Anmol-u make mumma also eat na as it is my tummy is full

Kabir hesitantly makes Sanchi eat Sanchi too feels awkward to eat from Kabir’s hand
Abhi n Ishita look on
Abhi-jaan they r married still they r two different individuals we have to make them one
Ishita (smiles)-jaanu Anmol got them married so this also Anmol will do
Abhi (puzzled)-How but

Ishita is talking to Anmol
Ishita (lovingly)-Anmy beta u want mumma papa to be happy together na just like they r happy with u

Anmol nods

Ishita-Beta u have make them spend some time together alone u understand na

Anmol nods n hugs Ishita

Sanchi is reading magazine
Anmol n ruhi r playing
Anmol-mumma papa is on rounds he must be busy na he must have not had lunch also na u have also not eaten lunch so go na with him to canteen
Sanchi-I will call Kabir u tell him to have lunch I will have lunch here ok
Anmol (making upset face)-mumma u please go na I n ru want to play some secret game we want to be alone please na promise no masti please na

Sanchi-ok ok ok dnt do drama but be careful n no masti

Sanchi leaves giving kiss to both Anmol n ruhi they happily give
hi- fi to eachother
Kabir is checking some patients
Sanchi looks on
Sanchi’s pov-God knows what Kabir will think about me I left Anmol alone n came here to have lunch with him what if…

Kabir notices Sanchi-Sanchi u here Anmol is fine na
Sanchi-yes actually its lunch time I mean actually Anmol wanted us to have lunch together he send me here forcefully
Kabir (smiles)-y u dnt want to have lunch with me
Sanchi (feeling silly)-No no nothing like that I meant…
Kabir (interrupts)-Sanchi I guess we r friend. Right? cannot friends have lunch together?

Sanchi smiles n looks at Kabir with respect

kanchi r having lunch together
Kabir-it feels good to have lunch with somebody actually I have got used to having alone or at times skipping also
Sanchi-Actually Drs take care of everybody but forget to takecare of themselves
Kabir (smiles)-Now u … I mean Anmol is there na
Sanchi-Friends can take care also Am also there

Intense eyecontact n Pyaara sa rishta plays in bg

Ruhi comes rushing-uncle aunty please come with me Anmol n I were playing hide n seek n he fainted in ward no 21

Kanchi panic n rush
They enter ward ruhi locks them
Kanchi r confused
Anmol comes outside door n laughs-mumma papa u dnt spend time so now be locked up here n enjoy with eachother
Anmol leaves
Kanchi have awkward eyelock
Kabir-Anmol anmy beta
Sanchi-he is very naughty he went away This all is influence of movies

kanchi get inside ward n switch on light they r shocked to see rose petals on hospital bed

Both laugh uncontrollably
Kabir (laughing)-influence of movies

kanchi r shown talking n laughing suddenly Sanchi sees a cockroach she screams n climbs on bed Kabir doesn’t understand n he too climbs
Kabir-kya hua
Sanchi hugs him tight
Kabir is lost
Kabir- kya hua?

Kabir laughs he losses balance n falls on bed Sanchi falls over him

A deep very deep eyecontact
Suddenly Sanchi’s hand touches switch n fan gets switched on n rose petals get showered over kanchi as Kabir is on bed n Sanchi over him

Both get up n laugh n together-Influence of movies

Precap-kanchi r talking to Anmol’s principal
princi-Sorry sir we cannot allow Anmol in our school we cannot risk other students life
Sanchi breaks down in Kabir’s arms-will anmol never live a normal life?

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  1. Niyaaa

    Awsome mindblowing superb Epi… influence of movies…hahaha.. totally loved it.. kanchi scene r outstanding.. precap is??? .. i hope anmy leave a normal life… post nxt asap by tc..

  2. So so beautiful and wonderful episode yaar…….I love it so so much

  3. Thanks di. U r awesome. And the episode was fantastic. Luv kanch scenes. Kas anmol jaldi sa thik ho jay phir ek happy family dekhna ko milagi kabir sanchi and of course our cute anmol.

  4. Riyarocks

    awww……..kanchi scenes….so cute……..influence of movies…..haha……I enjoyed each & every scene dear…….too good….but precap is a bit shocking…….how can anyone(princi) say like this? heartless people…..just hope kanchi could sort out this situation together…..luv u sweetieeeee…….

  5. Abhilasha

    Even on you its influence of movies…lol……well its not because its ur creative mind which brings the best story for us!!! Dear u would be surprised(maybe?) that in my tough times ur story was really soothing to my heart… really I love this lots ……and didnt skipped any part ……..really yr this story will always be immortal in my heart!!!

  6. Dharani


  7. Nice… Amazing

  8. Your Comment
    awesome episode…
    kanchi scenes were fab…anmy was too cute???…..

  9. Prakruti

    Aww so sweet dear… I just love your ff.. I am reading this ff from the epi 1.. Just love it.. Awesome..

  10. Khamoshi

    Rushi…amazing yaar.. no words..loved it

  11. Anonymousaa

    Awww……so sweet yaar.Mein toh Kanchmol ki deewani hogayi hoon.
    Influence of movies????Yeah woh toh hai hum logon pe ki humein tumhari ff ek movie jese lagti hai….completely visualized…
    Post next epi asap(Tomorrow???)

  12. RuCh23

    Superb Rushi ??? and I loved that “influence of movies” part a lot ???

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