PyaaraSa Rishta – Savitri Devi-epi 41

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Recap-Veer tells both Sanchi n Kabir that he is extremely happy with this marriage In most beautiful manner kanchi get married

Kabir is holding one hand of Anmol n Sanchi holds his another hand together they stand at Malhotra Mansion’s door
Savitri Happily does their arti n showers flowers on them
Anmol-Dadi first I will enter the house even I want to do mumma papa’s arti n they should enter house together
Savitri-As u say my raja

Anmol leaves kanchi’s hand n makes them hold hand
kanchi have intense eyelock
Anmol cutely does their arti
Sanchi n Kabir hand in hand together enter house Sanchi steps in kumkum water n drops kalash
Ruhi n Anmol clap in excitement
Anand n Savitri, blesses them
Anand-Ghar ki lakshmi I welcome u in this house
Sanchi smiles
Anand-Am sorry beta for
Anand folds his hands
Sanchi holds it
Sanchi-please no sorry n all papaji u r elder please dnt do this just bless us
Anand hugs Sanchi Kabir smiles
Veer smiles at kanchi n Anmol n gestures good luck He disappears

Kabir brings Sanchi n Anmol to his room It is beautifully decorated Welcome Sanchi n Anmol is written
Cute pics of Anmol n Sanchi r put everywhere, Room has balloons n toys
Sanchi n Anmol r pleasantly shocked
Savitri-Kabir has done all this by himself

Anmol hugs him n thanks him
Sanchi gestures thanks
Kabir smiles-now my room n life r complete welcome anmy n n n Sanchi

Sanchi looks respectfully at kabir

Savitri-ok so now u rest tom we have to again take Anmol to hospital takecare
Anmol makes upset face
Kabir looks at Sanchi-tdy’s night is very spl we will celebrate it n make it most memorable

Sanchi feels nervous
Kabir-Anmy go……go to dadi

Sanchi’s pov-omg Kabir is sending Anmol whats in his mind

Kabir-Anmol go n get fresh n come back mumma will get fresh here I will also get fresh then
Anmy three of us will have lots n lots of fun today n make this night mst memorable

Sanchi feels relived Anmol gets excited

Kabir brings a tray in room Sanchi n Anmol r looking around in room
Kabir-Hot chocolate
Anmol gets excited Sanchi smiles
All three play games talk eat chips n r shown having lots of fun Pyaarasa Rishta plays in bg
As kanchi n Anmol giggle
Kabir-come with me I will show u veer’s room

Sanchi n Anmol enter veer’s room it has his pictures there r few pictures of Sanchi
Both get lil sad
kabir-u know this was pillow with which we did pillow fight n this car veer used to keep it on somebody’s way if he wanted that person to fall

Sanchi n Anmol laugh

Kabir tells them stories about veer

Anmol hugs veer’s photo-I love u papa I hope u r not angry with me
Veer comes-No bachaa am proud of u always keep smiling papa loves u n Kabir papa also loves u

Sanchi n Anmol r sleeping
Kabir admires them
He gets tea
He kisses Anmol-goodmorning
Sanchi also wakes up
kabir smiles-good morning
Anmol-give kissei to mumma also
Kabir is embarrassed Sanchi feels awkward
Anmol-if u love me u will give
Kabir takes Sanchi’s hand n gently kisses
Anmol gets happy

Kanchi, Anmol n Savi,anand, r having breakfast
Abhi comes n greets everyone
Kabir-ma I think we should leave for hospital now
Anmol-no no I dnt want to go
He hides behind Savitri
Anand (lovingly)-u want to get completely fine na beta lets go chalo we all r there chalo gud boy

Precap-Anmol locks Kanchi in ward n laughs kanchi talk n giggle Sanchi hugs Kabir tightly

sorry wasnt able to put this scene tdy sorry I have to study please forgive me love u all

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  1. Dharani

    Awesome dear…. Sorry couldn’t comment in previous part dear

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    Hey Rushi dear…….Jzt Splendid….you rocked again….Luvv uuuu Jaana.

  3. It was fab. Waiting for the next. Really u r a great writer and the ff was outstanding.
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  4. RuCh23

    Awesome ??? Rushi!!! This is such a cute family ??? loved it a lot!!!

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    Superb Epi again u nailed it rocked it… sorry for not commenting in last Epi. Actually yesterday was my practical… i just read both in once so commnted here.. bye post nxt asap.. tc lovv u

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    U rocked it dear. Nd yaa u definitely deserve our love. Luv u loads. It’s ok. …I was expecting the precap scene but pls post soon. Take care.

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    superb ff and little comedy too because of anmy……………..
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    update soon……………..
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  8. NeonNinga

    Hi rushi I’m Ashnita. Firstly sorry for not commenting on ur special part. This was outstanding superb mindblowing awesome lovely khidki tod ravishing outstanding awesome and many more. In advance sorry for not able to comment on ur next parts. Still in hospital. Pliz dnt end it soon. Miss u and love you loads

  9. Moonlight25

    Rushi dear….sorry for not commenting in your 40th part…Actually just read them both together….just loved the epi …and Anmol is too cute…whatever you write it is always outstanding…… are such a talented author…I am amazed dear….keep writing……love you loads…?❤

  10. Riyarocks

    Rushi………yaar too good……..& the way sanchi somehow got nervous when kabir said anmy to go…….haha…….so hilarious………& moreover anmy saying to give kissy to sanchi……..really very cute…….luv u a lot dear…….& a big teddy hug for u………

  11. Your Comment
    awesome rushi dear
    u are a great writer….
    mind blowing ,superb ?????? dear..
    u rocked it…..
    I like this ff sooooo much…

  12. This episode is totally amazing and awesome episode yaar

  13. A pyaar ki jhappi To u dear. Osm as usual.

  14. Awesome….. Amazing

  15. Super……. Waiting for next update

  16. Abhilasha

    Superrrr se uparrrr……..lovely yaar!!! It was so amazing!!!! Love kanchimol moments!!! So sweet an light!!

  17. Awesome super fabulous fantastic mind blowing episode lovely and sorry for not commenting previous episode dear. And I know studies are most important than this soo noo sorry dear.

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