PyaaraSa Rishta Savitri Devi epi 38

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Spl Promo-Epi 40
Kanchi climb steps of temple hand in hand
Family members follow them
Anmol does gatbandhan n kisses both of them

This marriage is marriage of two hearts n pyaarasa Rishta do witness this SUBH VIVAAH of kanchi in 40th epi
R u guys excited? That will most spl epi n I wish everybody who reads to drop one small comment 😉

Recap-Kabir proposes Sanchi for marriage in ICU Anmol reacts as kanchi exchange rings Anbir bond after Anmy’s recovery
Kabir tells Sanchi they will tell Anmol all this was drama once he recovers Kabir tells Abhi though he likes Sanchi he cannot force this marriage on her

Sanchi is sitting she is deeply engrossed in thoughts Jaya comes
Jaya-Sanchi beta I thought u will really marry Kabir beta u should I mean I always wanted u to remarry but I wasnt sure if u would get good guy who would accept Anmol but Sanchi here toh Anmol is Kabir’s jaan y cannot this marriage really happen
Sanchi-Ma Kabir has his own life He loves Anmol but this doesn’t mean he is forced to marry

Sanchi leaves
Tears drop from jaya’s eyes
jaya’s pov-Sanchi Kabir likes u beta u have a spl place in his life I dnt know what kismaat has planned for u both

Savitri comes
Savitri (lovingly)-Kya hua jaya
Jaya (teareyed)-Savitri every mother has a dream to see her daughter happily married I got to see that but for very short while Sanchi got best husband in form of veer but my heart is greedy I want to see her settled again with Kabir am sorry for being selfish
Savitri-no jaya no Sanchi n Kabir r made for eachother thats y till today Kabir didn’t get married Jaya together they can overcome everything, They both care for eachother, this relationship is of hearts Its uniting of two souls Jaya they will get married am sure

Savitri hugs her

Sanchi is trying to remove ring its stuck up
Kabir also is trying to do same
Both r teareyed
Ring doesn’t come out
Abhi-Kabir its god’s decision that u both should become one dnt go against it

Joh tu mera humdard plays in bg

Kabir is shown making Anmol eat food Sanchi is adoring them
Anmol-tell me na when u will take rounds with mumma

kabir is unable to ans
Sanchi’s face turns upset

Savitri comes-Tommorow they will get married

Anmol’s eyes glitter-Sachiii

kanchi r shocked

Savitri hugs Anmol-yes beta I spoke to panditji n he said tom is very good muharaat so in temple tom Kabir n Sanchi will take rounds

Anmol excitedly hugs Kabir
Anmol-Thanks Kabir uncle opps pa pa
Tears flow from Kabir’s eyes
Kabir-Anmol say it again
Kabir kisses him
Sanchi leaves from there
Kabir notices n feels bad

Kabir n Savitri r talking
Kabir-ma y did u say all this to Anmol I told u na Sanchi n my engagement was drama to get Anmol out of that state We r not getting married really then y all this muhraat n all

Precap-Sanchi-Kabir how cd u decide this marriage is being forced upon me did I tell u any such thing I was just hesitating because I felt u had prob with this marriage
Kabir (smiles)-u have no problem with this marriage
Sanchi-no Anmol n also I need u in this journey

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  1. Riru

    awesome amazing fantastic fabulous

  2. It was amazing…. But too short…. Update soon

  3. I am eagerly waiting for 40 episode………today episode is superb and sweet…..kabir and anmol ‘s bonding is so si beautiful……….thanks a lot yaar

  4. awesome
    day by day getting interesting

  5. Amazing episode
    Good to see Anmy fine ND happy ?

  6. Riyarocks

    Rushi………not fair……..tumne hame laalach dene ki koshish ki……ab dekho, 40th episode ke liye wait nahi kia jaa raha hai mujhse……ab 39th….then uske baad 40th……itna lamba intezaar mujhse nahi hone waala…..(kaash tum 39th ko skip karke 40th waala post kar paati……haha…..just kidding)………luv u a lot sweetieeeeeee………..keep writing such amazing updates for us…….gud nt…………..

    1. Dhruti

      same priyanka how can we wait for 40th episode
      it’s too long for me to waiting that ff
      superb ff i just loved it…………….
      update 39th very soon so we can reach on 40th one fast
      love you ………………keep writing…………….tc…………….bye…………………………..

  7. Hey rushi ye kya kiya ab ye intzar ki lambi ghadiyaan kaise gujrengi… Today epi is super duper.. And precap is outstanding super excited and i m on cloud9 after reading today epi.. Matlab kasam se yyaar hum to hawa me udd rahe h kis baat ki khushi manaye nxt epi ki ya kanchi marrige..haha.. Lovv u bas itna kahenge jaldi se nxt post karo tabhi toh 40 epi ka no. Aayega.. Bye tc gud ni8

  8. RuCh23

    Hey Rushi!!! Sorry dear for not commenting on your previous epis ??? past few days were hectic!!! But don’t worry, I read all of them and they were so lovely ??? as well as today’s epi.

  9. Awesomeee???????super fabulous fantastic mind blowing episode lovely update soon can’t wait

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