PyaaraSa Rishta Savitri Devi epi 37

Good Afternoon My Lovely Readers,
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Am sorry very very sorry
Thanks a tonne for all ur appreciation
Dear ashnita sister please get well soon n get discharged soon my prayers with u n lots of love

Ruch, Abhilasha, anonymousa my dear darling sisters I hope u r reading this ff am missing u all alot

Recap-Savitri convinces Sanchi to marry Kabir n Anand convinces Kabir All r extremely worried for Anmol n think kanchi marriage as only option to cure Anmol

Sanchi is hugging veer’s photo
Sanchi (weeping)-Sorry veer I love u lots but have to do this for Anmol very sorry

Kabir overhears her

Kabir-Sanchi Sanchi
Kabir (hesitates)-Sanchi I wish to be Anmol’s papa will u u

Tears flow down from his eyes as he remembers Sanchi hugging veer’s pic n crying Fb of kanchi moments r shown

Savitri keeps her hand on Kabir’s shoulder
Kabir-Sanchi will u please marry me
Kabir offers ring
Sanchi hesitantly gives her hand
Kabir makes her wear ring
Jaya gives ring to Sanchi n ask her to give it to Kabir
Sanchi makes Kabir wear ring
They have very emotional eyelock

Tu mera humdard plays in bg
n Kanchi moments r shown in fb their first meet, Sanchi hugging Kabir n breaking down, Sanchi supporting a weak Kabir, they eating food, They going to Pune, they walking on grass

Abhi is monitoring Anmol
Anmol’s hands r slowly moving
Abhi is smiling with moist eyes

Savitri makes Kabir hold sanchi’s hand she takes them to Anmol
savitri (emotionally)-bachaa see mumma made Kabir wear ring n Kabir too gave her ring see beta see, Kabir is now ur papa beta get up get up bachaa u want to see their marriage na bachaa

Anmol is reacting his lips r moving
He gently opens his eyes
He looks at kanchi’s hands
Abhi comes rushing
Abhi-u all please wait outside please please

Abhi quickly gives some injections to Anmol n is doing some procedure

Abhi comes outside-It worked it worked his platelets have improved His condition much better we just need to constantly monitor

Kabir smiles n in happiness hugs Sanchi-anmy is fine anmy is fine

All emotionally smile

Abhi-Kabir come in soon Anmol wants to meet u

Kabir is holding Anmol’s hand
Kabir-bachaa u r fine na
Anmol-sorry very sorry I made u cry alot na sorry
Kabir hugs him n kisses him
Kabir-I cannot stay away from u u r my jaan
Anmol-I I wanted u to be my papa I too always want to stay with u

They hug

Sanchi looks on

Anmol calls her
He makes Kabir hold her hand
Anmol-mumma papa
He kisses their hand n then holds it
Anmol-my complete family

All three r emotionally holding hands

Pyaarasa Rishta plays

Anmol-when will u both take round round (get married)
Kanchi feel awkward
Savitri comes-very soon bachaa first u get fine completely fine

Savitri hugs him

Sanchi is looking outside window
Kabir comes-Sanchi u can remove this ring anytime u want let Anmol get fine we will tell him all this was just drama dnt wry nobody will force this marriage on u I dnt want to take veer’s place

Kabir goes
Sanchi looks on

In Kabir’s cabin
Kabir is emotionally looking at ring
Abhi comes-Kabir y r u doing this u love Sanchi, I can see it dnt deny then y drama n all
Kabir-Abhi she loves veer Abhi I care for her she is spl to me I cannot see her in pain This marriage is painful to Sanchi she is doing this not by her wish I dnt want to keep her in forced relationship

Jaya overhears n get teareyed

Precap-Jaya-Sanchi I want u to really get married to Kabir
Sanchi-ma I cannot force this marriage on him maybe he has somebody in his life
Jaya-no beta he considers u to be spl

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    ye anmy is fine yuppie i’m so happy for anmy…………….but feeling little sad for kanchi………….update soon………..and i love this ff……………… you…………….bye……………tc…………….

  3. So so beautiful and emotional episode

  4. Amazing episode dear post next part asap

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  6. Awsome mindblowing epi dear… Nd the way both kanchi cared for each other indirectly and can’t forced marriage on others is create a special awwww moment… Totally loved it how u present all scene is outstanding… Precap is interesting… Post nxt asap

  7. Awesome super fabulous fantastic mind blowing episode lovely update soon can’t wait

  8. Awesome….. Loved it

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    Yaar koi words hi baki nahi rahe tumhe kehne ke liye.. i just love ur ff ..i always wait for ur ff. And i am saying this from core of my heart

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    Rushi dear there are no words to describe this…its amazing just like you cutie pie…..just lobe the way you portray all the characters…amazing… …post next one soon…and yippe Anmy is fine….love you loads and loads ❤❤??

  11. Hey dear how can I miss this …..I love this sooo muchhh!!! And today’s episode was wonderful and so emotional!!!!! U nailed it!!

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