PyaaraSa Rishta Savitri Devi epi 36

Good Morning Lovely Readers
Thanks dear Dharani, Dhruti(dear no problem at all, all the best for ur exams n I will miss u) khamoshi, missgolgappa(thanks dear silent reader gud to hear from u), riya, amnaa, sanu, ishi, riru, niyaa

Ruch, Anu, Abhilasha, ashnita sisters am missing u all I hope u all r reading this ff

Recap-Anand is extremely guilty He apologizes Sanchi n also donates blood but Anmol’s condition isn’t improving no response

Abhi is monitoring something
Abhi (tensed)-I dnt know what to do Platelets r not increasing

Tears flow down from Kabir’s eyes
Sanchi enters ICU
Sanchi (moist eyes)-Bhai can I please please be here with my baby for sometime please

Abhi nods

Sanchi sits besides Anmol she holds his hand n starts saying mantras

Kabir sits on other side of bed

They look emotionally at eachother

Anmol’s hand moves a little

Savitri’s words that he needs to convince Kabir n Sanchi for marriage echoes
Kabir notices
He calls Abhi
Anmol tries to look at Kabir
Kabir holds his hand
Anmol (with lots of difficulty as mask is there)-P p p papa
Kabir is confused
Anmol makes Sanchi n Kabir’s hand meet n
Anmol-mummy papa
Kanchi r shocked

Abhi comes he checks Anmol Anmol again closes his eyes
Abhi-Sanchi u please wait outside please

Abhi n panel of drs r doing something Kabir looks on nervously

Abhi comes out
Abhi-we have tried everything Anmol’s platelets r just dropping now we just have one option left we have to do something that makes him extremely happy n maybe his counts improve just like when he got scared it dripped
Kabir-Am ready to do anything n everything
Abhi-I feel that Anmol wishes that Sanchi n Kabir should get married

Everybody r shocked kanchi r dumbstruck
Kabir-what rubbish he was angry with me n he loves veer alot
Savitri-Kabir, Abhi is saying right Anmol wasnot angry with u he was maintaining distance as he felt since u r his chachu u cannot become his father He told me himself

Tears flow from Sanchi’s eyes
she goes away
Kabir notices

Sanchi is sitting with veer’s photo in hospital temple Savitri comes there
Savitri-Beta u have tolerated everything alone but beta Anmol is too small I know u love veer alot but beta he is never going to come back n beta he loves u alot He cannot see u n Anmol like this Beta please accept Kabir n come in my house as my bahu please beta

Savitri folds hands n weeps Sanchi holds her hand emotionally

Kabir looks on

Kabir is lost in thoughts
Anbir, kabir-veer moments r shown, veer’s love for Sanchi is shown

Kabir looks through glass of icu
Anand comes there
Anand-I know u r very angry with me par Kabir Anmol loves u alot beta please please fulfill his wish he needs u please Kabir maybe this marriage can return our ve veer our chotu veer

Anand breaksdown
Kabir hugs him

Kabir is thinking Abhi comes
Abhi-I spoke to our senior dr Kabir he too feels Anmol has to respond to something Kabir we have no option please lets try this

Precap-In ICU
Kabir-Sanchi will u please marry me
He offers her ring
Sanchi hesitantly forwards her hand

Anmol’s hand moves Abhi smiles looking at screen

Kabir-Sanchi let Anmol get fine n completely alright we will tell him all this was just drama, I willnot take veer’s place
Sanchi looks on teareyed

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  1. Khamoshi

    Rushi it was best till now. Amazing way of expressing emotions..kudos 4 that

  2. As rightly said that Children are a gift from the Lord, they are a reward from him and anmy proved it. Destiny whatever in his mind for him or my beloved writer Rush but I wish that all is well in the end. The heart touching story and as always I have no words to express how fabulous writer u r. ?

  3. Riyarocks

    Rushi dear…….too good……….but precap was a bit shocking……..kabir saying, its all a drama……really shocking……but anyways….u nailed it again dear……osm…….luv u dear…….

  4. Amazing i am just spechless how u have described full emotions and everything it is just perfect

  5. Awsome mindblowing epi dear… Best epi till now..but precap is shocking…Sorry for short commnt actually i m travelling now so…. Hope u understand bye tc…lovv u sisy.. Post nxt asap

  6. Awesome episode yaar…….I like it yaar so so much ………… keep it up yaar

  7. Awesome episode dear…..

  8. NeonNinga

    Hi rushi dear im Ashnita. Wat u eat .It was really really amazing yaar too good grand salute to u and precap is shocking . In advance I’m sorry I couldn’t comments nowards actually I’m still admitted and dnt know when will I be discharged. Anyways keep writing. Bye I will miss u. Love you loads.

  9. Hey dear Rushi such a amazing episode…..sorry for not commenting in last episodes….do update soon & lots of love to u.

  10. Amazing…. Loved it

  11. Sorry for the late reply episode was awesome super mind blowing fantastic update soon can’t wait

  12. Moonlight25

    Rushi dear….it was an amazing episode…just loved it to re core of my heart….post Asap and love you loads

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