PyaaraSa Rishta-Savitri Devi-epi 34

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Recap-Savitri asks Kabir to marry Sanchi n support Sanchi n Anmol Anand who has returned to india is shocked to know about veer’s death

Anand n Savitri r hugging eachother n crying Kabir leaves her ward teareyed He passes through Anmol’s ward n notices Anmol is sleeping Sanchi is not in ward Kabir enters He sees Anmol hugging veer’s pic n sleeping
Savitri’s words asking him to marry Sanchi echoes
Kabir’s pov-Anmy I know u love Veer alot I willnot take his place never not in ur life, not in Sanchi’s life I willnot do this

His eyes r welled up with tears
Kabir kisses Anmol on forehead
Sanchi comes she keeps hand on Kabir’s shoulder
Kabir looks in her eyes
Sanchi (moist eyes)-Tdy everybody is missing veer alot he might be so happy na to see his popularity he always wanted to be attention seeker

she tries to smile
but instead tears drop

Kabir-Sanchi Sanchi Sanchi be strong be strong please

They both have emotional eye contact

Sanchi-Kabir Anmol misses veer alot He has never spend time with him he was too small still he loves his papa n misses him

Kabir pacifies Sanchi

Morning time
Savitri is sleeping
Malhotra is holding her hand
Anmol comes there
He kisses Savitri
Anmol (sweetly whispers)-Good morning Dadi
Savitri is glad to see him she wakes up n hugs him
Savitri-u came so early tdy
Anmol-mumma was sleeping I was missing u so came here to my pyaari pyaari dadi

Anmol pulls her cheeks

Anmol notices Anand
Anmol hugs him
Anmol-Good morning Dada jii

Anand remembers veer hugging him
Tears well up in his eyes
He excuses himself n leaves
Anmol looks on being upset
Savitri-Beta dadajii went to get fresh he will talk to u afterwards now u talk to me
Anmol-yes dadi
Savitri-Anmol u told me a secret u remember?
Anmol recollects talking to Savitri about his desire to make Kabir is father
Anmol (worried)-oeeeeeeeee u remember?
u didnot tell Kabir uncle na
Savitri-I didn’t tell anyone par beta ur wish can get fulfilled no problem if Kabir is ur chachu still he can become ur papa my marrying ur mumma
Anmol (with glittery eyes)-Really? ?
Savitri-Beta infact if this happens u will remain in our family itself n Kabir loves u alot so no problem na but there is one challenge
Savitri-Sanchi n Kabir willnot agree easily we need to convince them
Anmol-Dadi Kabir uncle n mumma will listen to me they both love me

Anand is overhearing their talks
He gets angry
Anand (Anger)-Anmol go to ur ward now I want to talk to Savitri

Anmol gets scared n leaves

Anand-Savitri have u gone mad how can Kabir marry Sanchi. we will help them by giving money Anmol’s treatment is being done free y should we get that middle class girl in our family

Savitri (angry)-Enough Dr Malhotra Enough Because of ur this cheap thinking I lost my son not again I cannot lose his last symbol I cannot lose Anmol
Anand-God knows what magic that Sanchi has done on u n Kabir

Anand leaves in anger Savitri is worried
Sanchi is making Anmol eat
Anand comes
Sanchi is shocked
Anand (yells)-What do u want 7 years ago u broke my family n now again

kabir, Abhi n Savitri come to ward hearing his voice Anmol is shivering with fear

Anand-There might be some fault in ur stars that veer left us forever n now u targeting Kabir how much money u want take it n get lost spare my family spare them

Kabir (yells)-Dad not a word against Sanchi otherwise I will forget our relationship

Sanchi is crying
Anmol is shivering
Abhi notices Anmol
Abhi rushes
Anmol faints in Abhi’s arms
All r shocked

ICU is shown
Abhi n panel of Drs r shown checking him
Abhi comes out-Anmol has got panic attack n his platelets have reduced we get to urgently do something

Sanchi breakdown
Savitri pacifies her
Kabir (teareyed )-Dad if anything happens to Anmol I I I .
…..never forgive u what was his fault in all this? our family broke because of u n not Sanchi we lost him because of u not Sanchi

Anand is teareyed n makes guilty face

Precap-Anand is shown donating blood He folds hands n asks Sanchi to forgive him
Sanchi-ur sorry willnot cure my son

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  1. Riru

    awesome like always . bye now i have to go to school so bye tc luv u

  2. So so emotional episode

  3. Awsome mindblowing rushi dear so finally dr malhotra realised his mistake.. Hope anmy will cure soon.. Post nxt asap dear..bye tc

  4. Amazing epi ND I really hope anmy gets well soon

  5. Dhruti

    so emotional ff and why anmol suffer so much?but it’s ok you make everything fine so i am not worried post next one so soon…….

  6. Such a heart touching story. U make it from beginning. I really liked the concept and the way u charactersize each one is fab. It’s such a memorable journey for me which happened a few months back to read such a amazing writer like u ND so on. Keep it up.

  7. Amazing……. ??

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    Rushi dear……..such an emotional update……finally Anand would be convinced……..really happy for that…….& I even can’t say to cure Anmy fast coz, if he won’t have any more health issues, how the kanchi’s bonding is gonna be more & more strong(but can expect it to be less)……..luv u loads dear……

  10. Amazing

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