PyaaraSa Rishta-Savitri Devi-epi 33

Good Morning Lovely Readers Thanks dear Riru,ishi, alia, Niyaa, dhruti, Amnaa, sanu, riya, kajal, dharani for ur lovely comments
Dear Readers if u feel am unnecessarily prolonging ff or if its boring please let me know I will end it
actually this my longest ff n am going slow because many of u had commented u like this ff n want me to continue
so now also please let me if u all r enjoying current track n speed any changes? any suggestions?

Recap-Savitri has come to senses her bonding with kabir, Sanchi n Anmol is shown
kanchi make abhita patch up

Savitri is looking at veer’s cute photo teareyed
Anmol enters with Sanchi
Anmol wipes Savitri’s tears lovingly
Anmol-dadi papa gets upset when we cry please dnt cry please
Savitri tries to smile
Anmol-Dadi its late u shd sleep now

Savitri-I was sleeping from past 7 years am tired of sleeping I dnt want to sleep I want to talk u will talk to me? tell me about ur friends school

Anmol is excitedly describing something n Savitri is patiently listening
Sanchi notices Kabir standing out n observing
she goes to him
Sanchi-y r u standing here?
u should have come inside na
Kabir-Sanchi Anmy n Ma r happily talking I dnt want that because of me Anmy gets uncomfortable n leaves
Sanchi-Amnot able to understand Anmol has accepted mummy jii as dadi then y is he behaving like this with u
Kabir-may be he feels I knew truth but I didn’t care for u all see ma was in coma so he has forgiven her but cannot forgive me because I left u all alone n actually he is right, I deserve this
I deserve it am such a fool I cdnt help my veer

Sanchi nods no-Kabir thinking about past n regretting is a worst thing to do. u r with us now in this difficult situation n this really is what matters most now so let past be kept aside

Sanchi looks in Kabir’s eyes
They r lost in eachother’s eyes
Savitri while talking to Anmol notices all this from inside

In morning
Kabir is making Savitri eat breakfast
Savitri-Kabir I wanted to talk something with u if u have little time
Kabir-ma am always free for u say na
savitri-Kabir dnt u feel we have done wrong with Sanchi n Anmol After veer they have faced so much alone
Kabir-yes ma, this thing bothers me lot I feel extremely hurt that I could not understand veer, I want to help Sanchi but dnt know how?
Savitri-Sanchi n Anmol both need a constant support will u give it Kabir?
Kabir-Ofcourse ma am with them
Savitri-not this way Kabir I want u to bring my Sanchi n Anmol in Malhotra house
Kabir-yes ma I would help Sanchi get respect n place she deserves in our house
Savitri-Then marry Sanchi

kabir is dumbstruck
Anand is standing on door with bouquet
Savitri-kabir Anmol needs a father n Sanchi a husband
Kabir-ma this isn’t possible I cannot take veer’s place I will support as a friend n uncle
Savitri-Kabir Anmol needs father not uncle u love him u can shave ur head for him but cannot marry Sanchi y y?

Bouquet falls from Anand’s hand
Anand (yells)-Savitri have u gone mad will somebody tell me whats happening here Where is veer? n Kabir y did u hide from me that Anmol is Sanchi mishra n veer’s son
tell me

Kabir is telling something
Dr Malhotra gets teareyed he cannot stand he losses balance Kabir supports him
Anand(breaksdown)-veer our veer
Savitri hugs him both cry
kabir looks on teareyed

Precap-Savitri-Anmol u wanted Kabir to be ur papa na? Anmol beta no problem if he is ur chachu he can still become ur papa but only thing u have to convince both ur mummy n Kabir for this marriage
Anmol smiles
Anand-Savitri this is wrong we cannot let that middleclass girl enter our family
Savitri (yells)-Enough Dr Malhotra enough

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  1. Riyarocks

    amazing episode Rushi…….I just love the way u portray any kind of situation……hope Anand accepts Sanchi soon…, mission shaadi ke liye, kanchi ko pataao shuru ;)…….haha….luv u a lot sweetieeeeee

  2. Khamoshi

    Rushi…amazing eoisode..savitri’s come back was amazing.. sorry i was not abled to read ur previous articles due to work..but i read all missed one articles in one commenting here..amazing ff yaar..don’t end it so sokn.. just 1 suggestion..plz post long is so interesting to read ends so soon..?? thoda or likha karo plz

  3. Dharani


  4. It was a amazing episode savitri’s nd anmy talks ndnether way savitri told anbir to marry sanchi nd precap hope anand accepts sanchi

  5. Amazing one

  6. Niyaaa

    Hey rushi dear amaz yaar so ab kanchi ko patao mission shuru hope anmol get succeed nd malhotra also accept sanchi…. And yes as khamoshi said plzz yaar thoda or lengthy likha karo aisa lagta h ab shuru kiya or abhi khatam bhi ho gaya tum itni sweetly her situation ko handle karti ho ki mann karta rahta h bas isse padhti rahun.. Loved it post nxt one asap…. lovv u dherr sara tc.. Bye

    1. Niyaaa

      Nd last don’t think to end it dear we really loved it.. Plzz contiue it

  7. Dhruti

    superb ff but thoda long ff likho na aaj muje esa laga ki abhi padh or finish bhi ho gaya!!!! so kanchi patao suru haa!!! anmol all the best for that…………i love the way you describe all the scenes…………and don’t end this ff i love this ff………..continue this ff……………love you……..bye…………tc……………….

  8. in sdch savitri couldn’t do anything after coming out from coma
    but in this she is peacemaker
    uniting kanchi
    loved this dear
    you can absolutely continue this one
    thoda sa busy hun tho prevoius epi mein comment nahi ki
    this ff is one of heart touching one dear

  9. So so beautiful episode yaar

  10. Awesome super fabulous fantastic mind blowing episode lovely update soon can’t wait

  11. awesome…..amazing….loved it

  12. Riru

    well i m late bt epi was awesome like always and gajab like always

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