PyaaraSa Rishta-Savitri Devi-epi 32

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Recap-Savitri has come out of coma.Anbir’s lil bonding over Savitri is shown.Abhi is angry with Ishita as she kept diya near Sanchi’s dupata to bring Anmol n Kabir close

Kabir is hugging Savitri both r weeping
Kabir-ma ma ma ma I missed u so much
Savitri (lump in throat)-Kabir u have changed alot in these in 7 years mera bachaa itna bada hogaya U have become such a responsible Dr Am so proud of u

Kabir is still hugging her n crying
Sanchi looks on teareyed
Savitri is kissing Kabir
Savitri notices Sanchi
Savitri (lovingly)-Sanchi beta y r u standing there come to me

kabir n Sanchi r shocked
Sanchi comes
Kabir wipes his tears
Savitri n Sanchi have emotional hug
Savitri-Kabir I remember everything u all have spoken to me during past 7 years, Sanchi mera veer

Savitri breaksdown
Savitri-He would have hugged me more tightly today I know chota tha na

Sanchi-Am am am sorry mummy jii

Savitri-Beta dnt say sorry y r u saying sorry? whats ur fault? I can understand life might have been so difficult for u after after veer

Savitri is crying
Kabir tries to pacify her
just then Anmol comes with Abhi
Anmol-Dadi please dnt cry am there na ur chotu veer
Savitri hugs him
What a hug it is
Anmol kisses her
Savitri-Veer ki carbon copy natkat lord shree Krishna

Anmol-Dadi I love u
Savitri-I love u too Anmol

Abhi too hugs Savitri
Abhi-Anmol beta lets go to ur ward dadi needs to rest chalo

Savitri kisses him, he leaves
Savitri keeps her hand on Sanchi’s hand-Dnt wry beta now ur not alone we all r with u n nothing will happen to Anmol he will be absolutely fine

Kabir is making Savitri eat food
suddenly tears fall from her eyes
Savitri-veer yaah hota toh our family would have been complete family, Kabir how can god be so unjust to us he took our veer n now Anmol this little boy has same disease
kabir (teareyed)-Ma nothing will happen to Anmol I will let nothing happen to him

Anmol n Ruhi r sitting upset in ward
kabir comes
Kabir to Sanchi-kya hua hain
Sanchi-very big problem jaanu n jaan have fought n they r katti with eachother so we dnt know what to do
Kabir-Abhi n Ishita fought omg yeh toh badiwali problem ho gayi
Ruhi(upset)-uncle please do something na

kabir gets thinking
Kabir-lets do some craft
Kabir-lets make sorry card n ruhi one u give to mummy say papa gave it n another to papa say mummy gave it

Anmol n Ruhi give hi fi n so do kanchi

All four r together making card
It has heart on one heart
Ishita’ s photo n on other Abhi’s photo
Kabir writes”sorry jaan for breaking ur heart it breaks my heart but u r on broken pieces of my heart Love u Hamesha, sorry”

Sanchi reads
Sanchi-kabir such romantic words I never thought u could be so romantic
kabir-u have changed me
kanchi have intense eye contact
Kabir-I meant 7 years ago I developed hatred for love but after meeting u after knowing about u n veer I realized real meaning of love

Pyaarasa Rishta plays in bg

Ishita looks at card teareyed n Abhi is also teareyed
he goes to Ishita n apologies n hugs her
Ishita-Am sorry jaanu I love u lots

Ruhi smiles seeing them hugging

Precap-Savitri-kabir u want to help Sanchi u want to lessen her pain na, the only way u can do this is by marrying her
Anand (yells)-Savitri

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  1. It was really a sweet ND good episode the way savitri talked to Sanchi ND then card making ND finally abhi ishita patch up precap is good (as I’m a sanveer fan so nt much excited) but ya will be waiting for next episode

  2. Niyaaa

    Awsome epi rushi but precap omg anand came back what happened nxt after anand’s entry.. Eagerly waittinf for nxt one… Post nxt one asap..bye t c

  3. Dhruti

    ff was sweet and superb……………but precap OMG anand came now what he will do?………….waiting for next one…….so update soon…….tc…..bye…………..

  4. Riru

    Precap was the best dear and even the epi was no less . luv u bye and tc

  5. So amazing…. Loved the precap…. Update soon

  6. Amazing bond between kabir and anmol u returned.that bond but anmol had misunderstanding regarding kabir and the card making craft was so cuteeee nice epi

  7. Riyarocks

    awww…….the card idea was fab…….finally abhita’s patch-up took place………but yaar, ye anand kyun amrish puri banke, kanchi ke beech aa raha hai???….haha……..anyways, I’m hopeful ki savitri anand ko convince kar sake, kanchi ko unite karne mein………….luv u a lot sweetieeeeeeee………..

  8. What a patch up idea. I loved it. It is best ff which I eagerly waiting daily. Keep it up

  9. Dharani


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