PyaaraSa Rishta-Savitri Devi-epi 31

Good Morning My Lovely Readers,
Prayers for Ashnita as she is going to undergo a surgery Get well soon sister ♥
Thanks a lot dear Riru,divya,Riya,dhruvi, dharani,amnaa,niya, anu, ishi, sanu, ruch,alia, dhruti for ur kind words

Recap-Anmol tells Savitri that he wishes to make Kabir his father since Kabir is his uncle, He cannot be is father n so he is avoiding n ignoring him
Abhi overhears their talks

Savitri Devi Hospital is shown decorated
In its lobby a big lakshmi mata idol is kept

In Anmol’s ward Sanchi shows him his diwali dress n asks him to get ready

Anmol’s pov-I shd not go in pooja Kabir uncle will also be there n he will definitely try to talk to me I cannot ignore n hurt him more

Anmol keeps his hand on head-Mumma my head is aching alot I want to rest

Sanchi’s pov-I promised Kabir, I cannot allow Anmol to rest I have to take him there anyhow atleast I can do this much for Kabir

Ruhi comes (she is looking doll in ethnic wear)

Ruhi-Anmy u cannot rest here its diwali n lakshmi mata will get angry with u she is calling u na, u hold my hand u be with me kuch nai hoga we will come back soon then u rest

Anmol is thinking
Ruhi-prince get ready na I want to take selfie with u
Anmol nods
Sanchi smiles
she hugs ruhi n thanks her

In lobby
Abhita r lighting diyas
other docs n staff have gathered
Ruhi n Anmol come hand in hand followed by Sanchi jaya
kabir brings savitri on wheelchair
(Kabir is looking ravishing in traditional attire)

Arti of lakshmi mata is done
Kabir (praying)-Mata Rani please please clear Anmol’s misunderstanding n anger I want him to talk to me
Anmol-Mata Rani forgive me for my bad behavior with Kabir uncle please keep him happy always
Sanchi-mata rani please make Kabir n Anmol together again

All three r praying n in bg Tera mujhse Pyaara sa Rishta kohi plays
Sanchi is doing Arti
Suddenly she trembles a little Kabir is next to her he holds the Arti plate n supports (Leading them both doing arti together)
Jaya Abhita smile
suddenly Sanchi’s dupata has got caught up in diya it has caught fire
Ishita notices
Kabir turns back n notices
He tightly hugs her n takes off her dupata
The fire causes Kabir’s hand to burn
Anmol (yells) -Kabir uncle
Kabir is in pain
Savitri is moving on wheel chair
Anmol rushes to Kabir
He holds his hand
Anmol looks at burn mark
It brings tears in his eyes
Anmol-nurse didi please get ice
Kabir smiles teareyed looking at Anmol’s concern
Savitri’s hands r moving
Her lips r moving
Savitri-k k k k k a b ir kabir

She gets up but faints
Abhi notices n holds Savitri
Kabir rushes to Savitri

All r outside a ward
Kabir’s hand is band aid

Abhi n a Dr come from inside
Dr-Congratulations Kabir tdy a real miracle has happened, Savitri ma’am has come out of coma she is currently unconscious but very soon would come in senses

Kabir thanks dr n hugs Abhi
Anmol is extremely happy
he hugs Kabir
Anmol-Dadi is fine she will talk to me
Kabir (teareyed)-yes bachaa yes

Anmol realizes he is hugging Kabir he excuses himself n leaves with ruhi

Kabir looks at Sanchi in excitement he hugs her-Sanchi ma is fine n Anmol he cares for me so much am so so so happy

Sanchi smiles-I told u everything would be fine

Abhita r talking
Abhi(angry)-Ishita I didn’t expect this from u, I saw u purposely kept diya near Sanchi’s dupata before I could do anything it already caught fire how cd u what if somebody would have got injured
Ishita-I knew Kabir would save Sanchi, n see even Savitri aunty got fine
Abhi-Ishita that was really bad n kiddish shame on u

Abhi leaves in anger
Ishita is teareyed
Ruhi looks on being upset

Ruhi is in Anmol’s ward
Anmol-Ru please tell me kya hua y u crying please
Ruhi-mummy, papa were fighting papa is katti with mummy n she was crying

Anmol hugs her-Dnt wry we will sort their fight please dnt cry princess

Kabir goes in Savitri’s ward she opens her arms Kabir rushes to her teareyed n hugs her
Its extremely emotional moment

Precap-Savitri hugs Sanchi
Savitri-Beta dnt be sorry its not ur fault u have faced alot alone after veer I understand but now u r not alone we all r with u n Anmol will recover soon

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  1. marvolus awesome fab whatever i say is less to praise u

  2. Awesome episode ?

  3. Awesome episode ? ?

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  5. Dhruti

    superb ff finali kabir and anmy talk……..i have no words to praise you………….post next one soon …….i also pray for ashu….

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    Awsome mindblowing rushi dear nd yaar tumne to lakh time better show se savitri ko coma se bahar udhaya sereil walon ne to pata nahi kya khichdi paros dali nd no now of savitri now in sdch but i know savitri play a big role in ur ff.. Waie bhi tum har kisi character ko equally space nd value deti ho chahe abhita ho anhi yaa phir kanchi.. Nd yahi quality to best h tumhari.. Post nxt one asap… Tc bye

  7. Loved it…. Update soon

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    Soo cute and emotional Rushi ??? loved it!!!

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    Rushi dear, ek dum emotional kardiya tumne at the end………..too good dear………finally, Savitri is fine, but what’s this….abbhita’s tashanbaazi!!!!!….is it some sort of a planning by them????pata nahi….I felt this coz they’re an ideal couple who r way far from any sort of misunderstandings……..dear, u nailed it once again……..luv u a lot sweetieeeeeeeee………

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