PyaaraSa Rishta-Savitri Devi-epi 30 Diwali spl

Good Morning Lovely Readers,
Very Very Happy Diwali to each one of u,
May this Diwali bring lots of brightness n happiness

Thanks alot dear Dhruvi, Riya, Divya, niyaa, sanu, dharani, ishi, alia

Riya I will read ur ff surely, n thanks for telling me about it

Recap-Anmol is Avoiding Kabir, He is hurt, Ruhi tells Anmol to share his secret with His Dadi

Sanchi, Jaya n Anmol r shown praying to lakshmi’s idol in ward
Anmol (upset)-This diwali is so boring I have to be in this hospital no sweets, no crackers, no rangolis, diyas nothing I hate it
Ruhi comes (sweetly)-Anmy will u celebrate Diwali with me
Anmol [email protected] her
she hugs him n greets him
Anmol smiles shyly n wishes her
Ishita n Abhi come n greet Sanchi n Jaya
Ruhi makes Anmol eat sweet
Anmol-Finally Ru ur the best I got something swt to eat thank u nahi toh Abhi uncle just keeps me giving bitter medicines

Abhi hugs Anmol n wishes him Ishita too hugs him

Ruhi shows diyas, rangoli powder to Anmol, She shows him crackers n say they will burst it in evening
Anmol gets excited-tysm ru u r really best
Ruhi-Anmy Kabir uncle has send these sweets, rangoli n crackers for u so he is the best na? chalo lets make rangoli

Anmol notices Kabir near door
Anmol-Am having headache Ru we will make latter

Kabir gets teareyed he leaves
Sanchi goes to Kabir’s cabin
she knocks
Kabir wipes his tears n asks her to come in
Sanchi-Happy Diwali Kabir
Kabir (in bad mood)-happy diwali
Sanchi offers him sweets
Kabir refuses
Sanchi-Kabir its Prasad I know u r upset with Anmol’s behavior but Kabir tdy also he smiled because of u so I guess being his mom I have right to make u eat sweet as u made my son smile

she makes him eat
Kabir faintly smiles
Sanchi-Kabir u know what please dnt mind but u n Anmol both r very stubborn n both of u act like kid
Kabir-what did I do
Sanchi (smiles)-when upset both of u quit food, make same upset face like a monkey
Kabir laughs
Sanchi smiles
Kabir-thanks Sanchi
Sanchi-thanks for what if u can bring smiles on our face always cannot I make u smile once

she looks deep in Kabir’s eyes
Tera mujhse Pyaara sa rishta plays

Anmol hugs Savitri
He wishes her-Happy Diwali Dadi
Anmol sees her smiling
Anmol holds her hand-Dadi Ru says u listen to us u can hear everything, but u cannot say so u willnot tell anybody
Dadi I wanted to share one secret with u
Dadi kabir uncle is my favorite but Dadi I I I I just cannot come more close to him I wanted to make him my papa par he is my chachu Am sorry Dadi am hurting him alot

Abhi is overhearing him from outside
he smiles

Abhi’s pov-Now ur dadi will only make ur chachu, ur papa savitri aunty u have to recover soon

Ishita n Abhi r Talking
Abhi-Jaan I spoke to senior Dr in london he said in cases like that of savitri aunty medicines cannot do anything as since 7 years she is in coma so now Its all left to God, Her recovery is in hands of God
Ishita-Abh lakshmi mata ko hi kuch chamatkaar karna padega

Sanchi is lighting diyas in ward kabir comes he notices Anmol sleeping He goes n kisses him Kabir then sits besides sanchi

Sanchi-Kabir,dnt wry tdy is diwali n in evening Anmol will come in pooja so u try to talk to him there I hope everything will sort out

Kabir makes hopeful face He too lights diya with Sanchi

Precap-All r doing pooja, Sanchi’s duppata catches fire by getting caught in diya Kabir hugs her Kabir’s hand burns Anmol shouts”Kabir uncle”Savitri gets up from wheel chair

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  1. RuCh23

    Great epi ??? but sad for Kabir ??? interesting precap!!! Now savitri will do something ???

  2. Hey happy Diwali rushi…
    Good episode ND precap is awesome Chalo finally ab savitri aunty will get up ND anmol ND kabir will get close good Going dear…

  3. Dhruti

    superb ff but i don’t like anmy avoid kabir i miss bonding between them but i know you make this very soon…………………….precap is giving a little shock…………….the way you discribe all scenes is superb and ruhi and anmol’s bonding is just superb……………..update next one soon……………HAPPY NEW YEAR dear………lots of hugs and kisses for you……………enjoy your day…………….

  4. ??Happy Diwali??so so beautiful episode

  5. Awesome love the increasing bond between saanchi and kabir anmol and kabir stubborn nes too good and superb Cupid role played by Ishita and abhi a faboulous epi happy Diwali to u and happy new year

  6. Niyaaa

    Wowwwwwwww such an interesting precap rushi dear.. Sorry for late commnt… M eagerly waitting for nxt one.. Post nxt asap… Bye tc and happy diwali

  7. So sweet …… Update soon

  8. Dharani


  9. Nyc n excited 4 next one

  10. Riyarocks

    Rushi dear…….u r an amazing writer………ur every lines….I feel as if I’m visualizing it right in front of me………too good dear……..I hope now our cupids abhita could unite kanchi wd the support of savitri……..luv u a lot sweetieeeeee……..

  11. Awesome super fabulous fantastic mind blowing episode lovely update soon don’t get bored by my fabulous fantastic mind blowing episode lovely because whatever u write will be awesome so can tell this only

  12. Riru

    Ummm i won’t say any thing as whatever i will say to praise u is less dear . Kabhi kabhi lagta hai jaise i m being adicted to ur ff.

  13. Awesome…….

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